Dynamic 5 (life)


45. To grow (Genetic entity),

env=a southsea volcanic island. you are a GE & evolve a genetic line trying to have your forms overwhelm the forms evolved by other GEs in the chain of islands.
Inc 2 loc = Tahiti; Pyramid = Australia.
The price of growth is death
To survive is to depend on the sacrifices of others.

Time = cells/micro-organisms in the sea as day turns to night
Space = An island in the sea, bay, reefs, the sky above.
Energy = lightning bolt striking a forest and starting a fire
Matter = a vast rock cliff above the beach
Affinity = GE feeling tender for a mouse like creature
Reality = a volcano sheathed in clouds and its slopes teaming with life
Communication = one monkey points a snake out to another
Understanding = 2 sloths hang together looking at each other in the trees
Fate = Glacier
Help = Aneoba reaching towards another that is sinking
Decay = fungus on tree
Creation = strange glow from a cave in the slopes of a volcano
you = GE (golden cloud)
Fall = bird dropping a clamshell
Warmth = Green Sun in sky
Turbulence = surf
Competition = another GE, blue colored
Abandonment = shellfish on beach
Doom = volcano erupting

Details: You are a genetic entity growing lifeforms. You begin with simple ones on a lifeless volcanic island, and gradually get more complex. Then a rival GE starts up on the opposite side of the island. He sends birds against the clams, vines against the trees, so you grow monkeys to tear at the vines, so he grows tigers to eat the monkeys etc.

This one probably belong in a higher series. The GE is a cloud form and the scale is creation first followed by decay instead of a straight decay down to death.


46. To discover (centaurs),

env=ship sailing from bay to bay on a new continent, explorers who first try to find treasure, learn wisdom, and teach, but end up like conquistadors.
Inc 2 loc = New Zealand; Pyramid = Durban, South Africa
The price of discovery is blame (ruin?)
To survive is to depend on the gullibility of others

Time = sun swings over ship at sea with centaurs.
Space = Looking over the rail of a ship at the shores of a vast bay.
Energy=Rhinocerous charging.
Mass=Cliffs at shore, waves drive a ship towards them.

Details: At start you are on an explorers ship landing in natural harbors etc. along the shores of a new continent (large island). It is very exciting and you are filled with the thrill of finding and learning new things. The places have strange flora & fauna. You visit 7 bays (rabbit people + robots; cat people + bears; Elves + goat people; Magicians +arabs; Gnomes + giants; Frog people + insects; Greek gods + dog people). You visit each bay and are exhilarated by what you find, but you try to dominate the people. At first you help them and they welcome you. Eventually you exploit and enslave them. Also, you get drawn into their wars etc. You try to teach them about things and fail, you discover new ideas but they don't want to listen, so you begin to trap them for their own good and force them into schools & they rebel etc. The people pray for help against you and angels with fiery swords come and oppose you. Eventually they destroy your ship and capture you and god divides you against yourself etc.


47. To heal (Tree Man), env = forest, You heal the animals taking all the hurt away but when they disobey you, you push it all back in & they get sick.
Inc 2 loc = Prague; Pyramid = Uruguay.
The price of healing is pain.
To survive is to depend on the weakness of others.

Time = shifting slant of sunlight threw forest canopy.
Space = a path going off through the trees into the distance
Trouble= A Bore Person (pig man with tusks).

Details: You are in a forest with cat people, bull people, etc. At start you visit 7 races and perform great healing for each. They all build alters to you and worship and praise you. But you don't like them fighting each other etc. so you try to control them. You push injuries back in on the and they sicken and die. Another forest guardian sets up on the far side of the forest and your people and his people fight. Too many are killed and hurt for you o heal them all and so your people turn against you. Eventually your captured and taken before the mountain god (earth god) and divided against yourself etc.


48. To Adapt (Thread Man). You are a bundle of threads that can unravel and reweave into a new shape.
Inc 2 = N. Siberia; Pyramid = Syria

Time = A clock on a tower (silver ball with streamers)
Space = Gossamer city
Energy = wave shakes the city (Underwater?)
Mass = great rock crushes things.
You = A thread man (like many pieces of string
Trouble = Cyclops

Details: At start you adapt and teach others to adapt to 7 threats. There are crab people who chop you with pincers and cyclopses who burn you with beams from their eye and bull people who enforce rules. There are snowflakes, etc. You have a horror of solidifying and of burning.