Dynamic 4 (race & society)


49. To Establish (giant), env = three eyed giants dominating flatlands linked by a hyperspace grid
Inc 2 loc = Philadelphia; Pyramid = Dublin, Ire.
The price of order is invalidation
To survive is to depend on the obedience of others

(note, originally had this as one eyed giants - i.e. Cyclops, but some confusion between this & To Judge; also was missing the next goal upwards, so items got crossed up)

Time =

Details: There is an electronic grid (looks like graphics) ultra dimensional grid linking 7 firmaments / planes / flatlands. You establish the 7 flatlands & setup a race of beings on each one (Chinese peasant children, fox people, etc.) in a rigid cast system. Each race has a trade / task / skill & you establish a civilization co-ordinating all these & expanding the space grid. You hypnotize (implant) any dissenters for the greater good. At start you have wonderful goals of a glorious civilization etc. Sliding down, people revolt, get implanted, you do many overts, & finally give up & let civilization fall & are captured by mobs etc.


50. To Share (dolphins), the dolphins have no hands, but can levitate things by group postulation. They launch wooden spaceships and build a very low orbit space station. You create too much dissension and the station falls.
Inc 2 loc = near Hawaii. Pyramid = Azors
(inc 2 scene: dolphin in a glider spiraling into volcano)
The price of sharing is enforced agreement
To survive is to depend on the agreement of others.

Time = sun over ocean with dolphins
space = dolphin in glider high above world
energy = beam from sky boiling ocean.
mass = dolphins in ocean levitating vast glob of water.
god = giant statue of Poseidon with trident.
Trouble=aliens (like giraffe people?, or insect people?)

Details: You do 7 great cooperative efforts including uprooting trees from the islands and launching the space platform and shaking the aliens' (insect people with energy weapons) ship until they will trade peacefully. Gliders and platforms are wood frames with plastic film holding water. Sex is group orgies at sea; You have no hands and can only operate in a group. Agreements are forced by projecting thought bubbles at each other; You commit overts as ordered by the group including casting out a friend (thrown off platform) & then rebel & obsessively individuate. Poseidon divides you against yourself etc.


51. To Unite (dog soldiers),

env=a Nazi Germany like war for racial purity. In the end you turn traitor & both sides do you in.
Inc 2 loc = Frankfort,Germany; Pyramid = Perth, Australia.
The price of loyalty is dishonor
To survive is to depend on the honor of others.

Time = sun swings over a battlefield.
Space = a harbor with ships & planes & troops massed on shore.
Energy = a large bomb blows up a city (mushroom cloud).
Mass = giant steel doors of a bunker like fortress. (huge).
God = Statue of a giant bird on a pedestal.
Trouble = cat people

Details: You are an officer engaged in 7 glorious campaigns, defeating the enemy & uniting countries & purifying the race. At first you agree heavily with this & see the sense of it & are happy to have an opponent, but gradually you begin to question. The army installs control devices in your teeth. You have sex with an enemy spy & sympathize with the enemy & begin helping them. Your discovered & flee to the enemy who implant more control devices & send you back as a counter spy & you're caught again & implanted further etc. Your divided against yourself & sent again as a spy with hidden portions of yourself taking over when you are asleep & reporting in etc. Eventually you blow everyone up by disabling the shields during an attack. Your comrades from both sides drag your soul out of the grave & toss you in a volcano for betraying them. This is high tech with laser cannons, laser rifles with bayonets, etc., the women have 4 breasts.


52. To Control (frog people),

env= pond with houses on stilts, much politics
Inc 2 loc= Caspian Sea; Pyramid = Lake Nayassa, Africa.
(inc 2 scene: Frog person dumped into a volcano by a crowd)
The price of civilization is oppression
To survive is to depend on the meekness of others.

?? maybe some error on this one, possibly slime monsters should be saucer people? maybe something else wrong, (turned on headache).

Time = a water clock (a series of trays of water)
Space = a village of floating cushions w/ sunshades + houseboats
Energy = a tidal wave.
Mass = a vast cliff overhanging the lake.
Trouble = slime monsters.

Details: You are a frog person (manlike, has hands, wears clothes, etc.). The frog people mostly live in & on the water although they have buildings on the shore too (need to breed underwater, etc.). You control the pond by leading & manipulating the people & try to control other ponds as well. You perform 7 great deeds of control to get the people to work together to fight slime monsters, stop crime, build a dam, etc. The people wouldn't obey rules so you put thought control helmets on them (supposedly on criminals but really on anyone who protests). The helmets give headaches when they disobey orders or break laws or thing bad thoughts about the state etc. Eventually you covertly aid the slime monsters to give you more excuses for more control etc. You misdeeds are eventually found out & the people rebel & your chased & caught & divided against yourself etc.

------ Following, to judge, probably belongs with the 9th dynamic (same as arbitrate), kept here temporarily as a safety measure., see 9th dynamic.

??. To Judge (giants - a Judge),
env = courtroom, you make others divide against themselves for their crimes. You travel to villages of underpeople such as elves & fairies & hold court. Twist cases for your own gain.
Inc 2 loc = Philadelphia; Pyramid= Dublin, Ire.
The price of law is injustice
To survive is to depend on the law abidence of others

Time = courtroom clock.