Dynamic 3 (groups)


53. To Organize (clerk; human),

env = a bureaucracy (everything happens inside); planets are being taken over & you do the paperwork; eventually angry mobs storm the building & burn forms etc.
Inc 2 loc = London; Pyramid = Portugal
The price of order is frustration
To survive is to depend on the uniformity of others.

Time = beeping computer signal (red flashing light on console).
Space = looking down at a cafeteria from a mezzanine.
Energy = someone throws a basket of forms at the clerks head.
Mass = endless ceiling high piles of forms.
Trouble = bull people.

Details: The body type is a hermaphrodite (bi-sexual). Sex is used as an office hierarchy privilege, done to you by seniors & by you to juniors. There is a sort of 2D as well & the sex in the office is a source of upset. God is an administrative computer. The entire incident happens indoors. The exhilaration at the start is on putting order into everything & categorizing & airing it. Planets are being taken over & you handle all the paperwork. At start you organize 7 departments, creating new forms & procedures to introduce more order into the every growing piles of data. There are forms about forms. When you make a mistake, the penalty is to pay tax & the form for this are endless & horrible. You inflict forms & lines & procedures on others & sometimes they starve & die on line. There are bull people who wouldn't tolerate this and wreck things etc. Sinking downscale, you become horrified & guilty but can't stop. Eventually angry mobs storm through the building & burn forms etc. Eventually you are caught and divided for your sins by the god computer. In the end you fall down an elevator shaft which opens into a big cavern in the basement that contains a volcano which leads down to hell.


54. To Co-operate (robots),

env = warring space stations in orbit (blue Vs red robots) (squarish robot bodies, cube heads) Inc 2 loc = orbit; Pyramid = Detroit
(inc 2 scene - robot falling from sky into a volcano).
The price of agreement is obedience
To survive is to depend on the obedience of others.

Time = sunlight moving across a space station.
Space = 2 large space stations (wheels), a planet is high above. (about 8 big platforms + ships & robots moving around)
Energy = ship smashing into station & debris flying around.
Mass = large bundle of girders drifting into a bulkhead & crumpling it in a large loading dock (gravityless).
God = computer
Creator = octopus in tank of gas.
Dissolve = robots tossing others into a vat of boiling acid.

Details: you do 7 great projects working together with the other robots to build things & expand the station & fight the enemy robots etc. You're a sort of team leader who gets others to work together but they get in each others way & you sacrifice & harm them for the sake of the project without regard to fairness or impact on the individuals (i.e. purely practical). The individuals become upset so you have them reprogrammed (implanted) & also you pretend to be helping them but really (at first) are only working for the sake of the group. Later you become dis- illusioned & only work for yourself & your own gain. Finally you want to overthrow society but can't because the other robots will destroy everyone. Your evilness is found out & your dragged before the computer God etc.


55. To Participate (mermaid)

env = in ocean. Sex splits open the tail & causes you to develop legs which is considered degraded & confines you to land. You do it anyway for the sake of participation & become debased & cast out.
Inc 2 loc = Capetown, S.Africa; Pyramid = bay in N.E. Lemuria
The price of approval is self degradation
To survive is to depend on the sympathy of others

Time = moon swings (nighttime) above a mermaid on a rock at sea
Space = undersea castle with glow fish swimming around etc.
Energy=ship crashing on the rocks.
Mass=heavy chest sinking in water with mermaids struggling & failing to pull it up.
Trouble = Centaurs on the deck of a ship.
God = giant statue of Poseidon half out of the water w/ a trident

Details: You participate in 7 great group activities. These include singing which compels human sailors to come & crash on the rocks where their stuff can be looted. Your voice has magical powers & they are amplified by singing together with others. Sometimes a ship has centaurs instead of human sailors & they can resist your voice & have magic of their own & hunt you. Finally you have sex with a human & your legs split open & your cast out & you participate with the other cast out mermaids on shore to sink ships but the centaurs come & catch you & drag you before Poseidon (god statue) who divides you against yourself etc. (? maybe some errors in this). The mermaid's big button is showing others how they've ruined her.


56. To Expand (mouse people - railroad engineers), you engineer a vast railroad at the expense of everything else. You are in competition with others doing the same & you work your mice to death & are sentenced by the gods.
Inc 2 loc = Edinburgh; Pyramid = Philadelphia.
The price of expansion is confusion
To survive is to depend on the toil of others

Time = RR clock tower over station.
Space = Trainshed
Energy = Locomotive in motion
Mass = coaling tower dumping tons of coal
God = looks like USA's Uncle Sam.
Trouble=a hausefrau like dollbody, hypnotic beams shoot from eyes

Details: At start you organize 7 great projects. You get them building railroads (British looking, red engines & competition has green engines). Working to beat another company & be larger. Eventually you do too many overts and overexpand and it's all too complicated and everyone works too hard. Doll people object to your expansion etc. You work the mice to death. They revolt etc.