Dynamic 2 (sex/family)


57. To Reproduce (insect people)

You are one of the bug eyed winged people that reproduce by injecting eggs into paralyzed hosts. Walks on 2 legs and has 4 hands. Space traveling. Swoop down on planets (a bit like 5th invader).
Inc 2 loc = Calcutta?; Pyramid = Buenos Aires (?ural mts).
The price of expansion is detestation (starvation?)
To survive is to need the bodies of others

Time = Wristwatch on wrist of an insect body.
Space=insect invaders swooping down on a valley.
Energy=Gorrillas with laser cannon blast down a cliff (insect invaders are at top of cliff). Mass=spaceship sinking into mud.
God = a stone spider
Trouble = Gorilla People.

Details: At start you swoop down as part of an invader force against 7 planets where you inject eggs into the natives (various body types). You come down from orbit riding prone on a small torpedo shaped device with handlebars. Your wings can support you in the air briefly but tire rapidly. There is a tremendous 'high' about populating all of the universe with your own species. As a male, your sexual organs draw eggs out of the female & fertilize & hold them (where they build up pressure) until you can inject them into a host. Some of the peoples you attack are high tech. There are laser armed gorilla people who object to being egg victims. They give you much trouble & get you in the end. You begin to realize that your whole life is an overt but you can't stop. Eventually the gorillas burn off your wings & drop you in a volcano, etc.


58. To Satisfy (cavemen), env= stone age (see Hits of Man), much sex, rape, breaking women's legs to keep them from running away, infidelity, etc.
Inc 2 loc = Peking Pyramid = France (inc 2 scene: caveman jumping into a volcano)
The price of pleasure is to sin
To survive is to depend on others for pleasure (fulfillment ?)

Time = caveman by cave overlooking a valley with shadows creeping.
Space = looking down at valley from rocks.
Energy = caveman bashing head of mammoth with club.
Mass = a great rock.
Crush = arm sticking out from under body of a mammoth.
Trouble = elves.

Details: At start you are master of the land, hunt mammoths, kill bears, etc. There is much sex, all the women want you but each wants to keep you for themselves. At start there are 7 women who you mate with successfully and then things begin deteriorating. One woman drives off all the others. You want one from a different tribe who isn't interested in you & you break her leg to keep her & then regret it etc. There are also elves. You steal elf women & rape them, chase them through their caves. But elves strike you with magic bolts etc. Finally they catch you & take you before the statue of the mammoth god who divides you against yourself. Eventually no female wants you, you can't kill game, & the elf women throw stones at you. Finally they roll a bolder on you & you die & are buried in a cave where fire demons drag your soul deeper into the caves which leads into a volcano & down to hell.


59. To Join (cat people)

env = a neo-modern (cubist) city of flying (levitating) cat people crazy for sex. Have endless kids & throw them out or kill them until robots come & force you to feed them (kids eat your breasts which grow back, but its painful). You betray lovers turning them in to the robots etc.
Inc 2 loc = Orleans, France; Pyramid = Baghdad
The price of love is betrayal
To survive is to depend on the lusts of others

Time = sun swings over a cubist city with flying cat people.
Space = cat person floating in air over ocean.
Energy = cat person levitating.
Mass =a great iron chest which falls & crashes through the floor
Trouble = Robots
God = Earth Mother statue.

Details: You are a cat woman who is exhilarated about sex. You have 7 wonderful 2Ds. When you have kids you bash their heads in or throw them out to starve. Then robots come & explain that your supposed to let the kids feed on you & they enforce it as a law. Each litter bites you & scars you all over (the breasts are nubs to be eaten). You violate laws, kill kids, engage in sexual abuse, fight robots, etc. Also, you betray your lovers turning them over to the robots when they give you problems etc. The robots catch you & haul you before the earth mother god (giant human like statue with dozens of arms & breasts & endless kids of many types in its arms). It hits you with a beam that divides you against yourself. They release you and you grow old and ugly, no males will join with you etc. You jump off a building & find you can't levitate anymore & smash to the ground & die. The robots scrape up the body & put it in a drawer in a mausoleum & lock it electronically so that your soul can't get out. Then devils drag your soul out (you try to stay in) & haul you out to sea & throw you into a volcano sticking above the surface. Inside, the souls of all the children you killed torture you with painful degraded sexual sensations.


60. To care for (birdgirl)

you protect the forest & strangle trappers etc. env = a forest of giant trees.
Inc 2 loc =Alcopoco, Mexico; Pyramid = Niger/Chad Africa.
The price of caring is grief.
To survive is to depend on the suffering (?) of others

Time = Birdgirl on the porch of a tree house watching the sunset.
Space=birdgirl on giant tree branch looking at forested valley.
Energy=birdgirl flying hard up to the top of a cliff.
Mass=Rock promontory jutting out over valley (& starting to crack off).
Trouble=snake people (engineers).

Details: You are in a forest of ferns & trees with dinosaurs etc. & snake people who build things. You have 7 families of children including your own & other types of creatures who you care for with great pleasure & success. They spread through the forest. You also care for other children such as dinosaurs etc. but they all fight & hurt each other although they love you. You try to make everyone stop fighting but they resent this. The snakes enslave others & build vast structures & cut down trees & you interfere & they hunt you. You try to stop everyone from doing anything & begin killing anyone who moves (all for good reasons) & you wouldn't let anyone live their own lives & begin implanting people not to fight etc. Your like a god to the various children at first but then you become an oppressor. At one point, the snake people promise to stop the fighting (by enslavement) and so you help them, but they betray you. Eventually the children catch you & turn you over to the snakes who haul you before the snake god (a creature in a bottle) who divides you against yourself.