Dynamic 1 (body)


61. To Feel (To experience the feeling of being alive, also could be translated as To Live) (bears)

env = snow covered forest & mountains, these are pretty much real bears, not bear people, you offend the spirit guardian of the forest by making mess, also hunters chase you (fox people with rifles)
Inc 2 loc = Canton, China Pyramid = Green Bay, Wisc.
The price of sensation is pain
To survive is to depend on others for sensation

Time = sun swings over snow covered forest.
Space = snowy mountain slope.
God = statue of forest god (treelike man).
Difficult = Bear trying to catch fish.
Pain = tree falls on bear.|
Trouble = Hunters (fox people)

At start you are the master of all you survey, experiencing 7 incidents of wonderful feelings including climbing trees, scaring other animals, sex, catching fish, eating honey, etc. But you mess up things etc. & think its a lot of fun. It gets cold & you hibernate, bees sting you, etc. You offend the guardian of the forest by making so much mess, and hunters (fox people with rifles) chase you. There are tree people (trees with faces) & you torture them with fire, you also burn down part of the forest. The tree god catches you (in his spirit form) and takes you to his alter & divides you against yourself. Now everything is terrible & you age etc. Then the hunters kill & skin & eat you & bury the bones. You can't get out of the grave because they build a magic cairn over it to keep you in. Plant devils come & drag your soul off to hell.

The goal here might be to experience instead of to feel.


62. To replenish (looks sort of like an old Arab),

env = desert & mts. Lots of stealing from Arab camp & from robots, much need to rest.
Inc 2 loc = Jerusalem; Pyramid = Shanghai, China
The price of motion is tiredness (strength is exhaustion?)
To survive is to depend on the creations of others

Time = sunset in the desert.
Space = sitting on rocks looking at sand.
Energy = hurling a spear.
Mass = the mountains.
Trouble = spider people

Details: You are sly and crafty and ride around with great exhilaration and take what you want. There is treasure in the mountains and you find it and steal it. You do 7 great thefts to replenish the tribe's coffers. Then, sinking downscale, you develop considerations on taking others things and using others energy and get tired etc. You stumble on a robot base in the mountains and steal from them and get in trouble. Eventually the spider people (invader's who own the robots) catch you and take you before their computer god who divides you against yourself. Then you age rapidly and totter about as the old man of the mountains & die etc.

There might be some errors in this. Its possible that the goal is To Survive, and that it comes between to eat and to endure.


63. To Eat (tiger),

env = jungle, eating monkeys, chased by natives, sacrificed to the monkey gods (stone statues)
Inc 2 loc = Kenya; Pyramid = S. India
The price of energy is guilt
To survive is to depend on the energy of others

Time = sun swings over tiger eating monkey on hill above jungle
Space = Tiger looking over plane.
Energy = tiger leaping between rocks.
Mass = tiger watching natives struggling to lift a waterbuck.
God = giant statue of a monkey.
Trouble = natives. (see Tiger symbols platen for full list).

Details: You're the tiger in the jungle. You eat 7 monkeys with great gain in strength and aliveness. Gradually you deteriorate, having trouble with natives, elephants, rhinos, etc. Finally the natives capture and cage you and haul you before the monkey gods who divide you against yourself and then you age and starve, struggling in the jungle. You die and the natives dance on your grave so that you can't get out. Then devil birds come and carry your soul off to hell in a volcano.


64. To Endure (pyramid)

env = desert. You are a stationary pyramid (3 sides with 1 eye in each, one eye for sex & sensation, 1 for blasting things with energy, & 1 for hypnosis/control), you're a god similar to the statue in to create but immobile & need people to care for the pyramid, There is a space opera city in the distance & you hypnotize the people in it to serve you until they destroy you.

Inc 2 loc = Egypt; Pyramid = New York
(inc 2 scene - the ground cracks open beneath the pyramid and it falls into the fires of the Earth).
The price of endurance (or persistence or havingness?) is to be weighted down.
To survive is to depend on the care of others

Time = sun swings over pyramid (with eye).
Space = desert (city in distance)
Energy = beam coming out from pyramid.
Matter = bricks of pyramid.
Danger (fear) = spaceship approaching pyramid.
Trouble = an old man with a staff.
Hurt = sandstorm abrading the pyramid.
Pain = beam from ship knocks off bricks from pyramid.
Control = eye of pyramid shoots beam into a one eyed man.
Excitement = a space opera type city.
Influence = a beam from the pyramid embraces the city.

Details: You are a sort of God (like the statue in To Create), but you are immobile. You permeate the nearby city and the people (Egyptian like but the headdresses are part of their heads) come to worship you. You hypnotize rulers etc. and play games with the people, using them like toys. At first you help the city (do 7 wondrous things, resolving conflicts etc.), but eventually you're just an evil influence. There are other pyramids. You can intertwine your sensation beam with them for sex but its very shallow. All feeling is slightly numb & heavy except for pain which is very worrisome. As parts of the pyramid crumble, you hypnotize people to rebuild & fix it. You come into competition with another pyramid on the far side of the city & the 2 of you start a civil war hypnotizing the people against each other. Eventually you get the people to destroy the other pyramid and you know it is possible to die. A prophet comes who is immune to your hypnosis (blind) and he calls down the sky gods (giant man shaped spirits) who come down & divide you against yourself. The people cease to worship you and you decay & die & are buried by sand & eventually you're thrown into hell in a volcano.

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