From the earliest days of Scientology we have known that things are not one sided, but operate in both directions. The engrams of Dianetics, seen in 1950 only from the view of what has been done to the PC, were in 1952 found to have a balancing side in the PCs commission of overt acts against others.

In light of this, it would seem obvious that if the PC was suffering from being infested by others, then he must also be infesting others himself. If there were incidents which joined beings together, then there must also be incidents which caused the being to divide.

Ron only discusses this briefly, primarily in the HCL lectures of 1952, and the last mention of it that I'm aware of was around 1954 in the 3rd ACC. Unfortunately, he says very little that is useful concerning how to audit this, the only technique (as far as I know) being to run mockups of dividing.

This was the rock on which I floundered for many years. I tried all sorts of techniques. I researched implant platens where the being was forced to divide and found that they would not run out more than a few of these splits before I would start to get sick. I tried NOTS techniques and found them almost unworkable in this area. I experimented with trying to blow out ridges that were dividing me by means of energy flows. Everything failed or only worked briefly and marginally.

And then I found the key process which is easy and works consistently without problems. It is quite simple. If you spot or otherwise sense something that might be a part of yourself which is split off, isolated, or otherwise blocked from your awareness, you have it do the following command:


Something will seem to go somewhere. And you will feel better and unbothered.

Apparently there is an important factor in the order or pattern of division. Lets say that A0 divides into B1 and B2. Now B1 divides into C3 and C4 and B2 divides into D5 and D6. Here and now all there is is C3, C4, D5 and D6. If C3 is the conscious viewpoint and it finds D6, then when it runs the process on D6, D6 will point to D5 and rejoin it. If you try to handle the split any other way, you find yourself trying to force D6 to rejoin C3 which doesn't work.

This indicates why the other techniques I tried worked so sporadically. Occasionally I would be dealing with a split off piece that could rejoin directly, but usually I wasn't. And the attempt to get it to rejoin would create a sort of bypassed charge in terms of the missing piece that was in between, which is why it was so easy to get sick while fooling around with this.

Furthermore, the above process will work to some degree on BTs, so you don't have to worry too much about whether you've really got a split off piece of yourself or something else. If there is any remnant after running the above, use "Who Are you". Sometimes there is a whole crowd of BTs that become visible after blowing one of these splits, and usually you can just run the Who question immediately. You can also repeat the Point command given above. The pointing often undoes valences etc. because it gets back to the basic identity.

Occasionally blowing one of these splits will reveal some large very solid mental machinery built out of programmed machine entities (which I abbreviate to PME). If so, then use the key command on them for undoing the machine building implants. The command is "Spot being made into a machine".

If you run this point command on yourself, you should find that you can indeed point in some strange direction and you feel a bit better and more certain of yourself and who you are. But you will not takeoff and rejoin some other thetan or something like that. There apparently is a difference between truly separate individuals who split off of the same earlier being and unconsciously split off pieces of an individual. The latter will rejoin on being handled whereas the former will remain separate but know better who they are.

The "pointing" works even when it is done in a vague and sloppy manner, you don't have to be very precise about it. The pointing is not necessarily in a physical direction. Also, you are not necessarily pointing to where the other being is now. Usually the pointing is towards the original direction in which the split occurred.

Since this works on any BT, it might act as an undercut or at least as a repair on OT3 or NOTS, but this has yet to be determined in a practical sense.

I am nowhere near finished with running this level. Therefore, I can't guarantee that everything I say about it is correct. The best I can do is give you my notes and trust that the above process will carry you through any mistakes or restimulation.

To the best of my knowledge, there were only 10,000 individuals on the early track. My guess is that this is the number of separate pieces of theta that split off from the infinite static and went through the Jewel of Knowledge independently of each other. Their only connection is that each one is part of the underlying static and they all share the fact of having experienced the jewel.

Each of these basic individuals was capable of assuming many identities simultaneously and being in many places at once. This total level of skill and ability is still available to us despite the fact that we have been heavily implanted and otherwise abberated into being located in one place and doing only one thing at a time.

These individuals eventually divided many times and eventually became the trillions who inhabit this universe.

When an individual truly and completely divides, the result is two complete fully capable copies. There is no parceling out of spiritual resources or loss of horsepower. Both are identical, one is not senior to the other. Both copies have the full remembrance of being the original that divided. From that point on, they each evolve individually. If my analysis of the original purpose behind it all is correct (e.g. to balance the infinite nothingness with creation), then these two will never rejoin because there is no benefit to having fewer unique individuals.

A split off piece of an individual, on the other hand, is not a separate being. It is simply a part of themselves, often sent off somewhere or hidden or otherwise kept out of sight. These fragments can be aware in the sense of perceiving and recording and reacting to things, but they are not self aware. They can think, but they have no self perception of their own thinking.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you have some big conscious oversoul that you are a subordinate piece of. There is stuff at higher realities which you might call an oversoul because it generates much of the manifestations of space-time and arranges things for you, but it is not somebody else. It is you, and you are the conscious self-aware portion of that "oversoul". It is simply that you are completely unconscious in those higher realities. As you wake up, you will find that you are still you, except bigger. So this "oversoul" is simply part of your greater subconscious and works much like your heartbeat and all the other things that you do for (or to) yourself automatically.

An individual cannot actually have an effect imposed on him by another. The only mechanism consists of an individual copying and mocking up for himself the proposed effects that another is attempting to project at him. But it is split of portions of the person operating at a sub-awareness level which do this copying and mocking up on an automatic basis so that you have the apparancy of one person hitting another when the only thing that can really happen is for one person to give a picture of getting hit to another and talk him into creating it.

This almost turns NOTS into a joke. All a BT can do is talk one of your own split pieces into mocking up a somatic for you. There is no way that they can impinge directly. Its just that you've got so much of yourself running on automatic and most of it is stupid enough to accept orders from anybody.

The assist where you put somatics or emotions or drug effects or whatever into the walls or room objects is actually a drill whereby you are redirecting your own split off machinery to aim at another target than the place where its normally directed.

Most of the determination of agreed upon reality is coming from PMEs (Programmed Machine Entities) of which you may be a few of them but most of them are part of other individuals. However, the copying of the results computed by this machinery and projecting it into your own reality is done exclusively by split off pieces of yourself because there is nothing else that could affect you.

An interesting process at this level is "From where might you be mocking up ..." and when you find a spot that seems right, have it point to the being it divided from.

Note that the pointing is done mentally and must not be limited to three dimensional physical universe directions. Most of this stuff is not within the current 3 dimensional reality. Some of it is sideways of reality in a sort of 4th or 5th dimensional direction. Other stuff is in other universes and the "pointing" is sort of a pointing out the location of something in a completely disrelated space and time.

There is some natural splitting. You put bits of yourself onto people and places and things that you want to keep track of or influence. Since these are not enforced, they can pretty much be brought back under control by simple exercise. You can master dissolving these things and putting them back at will. There's actually nothing that stops you from dissolving these or controlling these pieces except your own worry that you wouldn't be able to put them back or that you will loose track of things. So all you have to do is drill projecting and dissolving split pieces because you'll let go of the ones you don't need as soon as you're certain that you can put them back as needed. This is actually your natural mechanism for staying in the game and remaining connected to other people.

Putting out split pieces is not the actual abberation. The abberation is splitting without control or awareness and losing control and awareness over pieces that are already split. This often happens under the impact of implants.

One point that is still under research is whether or not we have multiple self aware operating centers. In other words, we might each be a number of different people and making a point of not knowing about our other selves from any of the individual viewpoints. This might be like a computer running multiple programs and shifting memory banks as it timesliced between the different programs. Or imagine setting up a 4 player card game and playing each of the 4 roles. You might mock up a personality for each one (maybe one is greedy and one is skillful and one is having fun and one is trying not to make a fool of himself) and then intentionally pretend to not know what the other 3 are thinking as you play each role.

If this is the case, then it is different location, information, resources, and goals which differentiate your handling of the individual operating centers. And don't make the mistake of thinking that you're everybody else. You'd only be a small percentage. Maybe one in a billion. But the galaxy is large and even that ratio might mean that you are millions of different people. We used to operate this way on the early track, but we were aware of doing it.

I will guarantee that there are complete splits which make other individuals and that there are sub-aware split off pieces of each individual but I cannot guarantee that this third area of split self-aware portions of the same being is real. In the presence of heavy charge, it is possible either to dub-in something that isn't there or to suppress knowledge of something that is there and I'm not yet far enough along on this area to avoid those pitfalls.

The entire subject of beings splitting has been heavily abberated by implants. These include:

a) Simply smashing the person apart by force

b) Making someone be in two places and implanting the two locations with different mutually antagonistic goals so that from each viewpoint, he will fight back against the other one.

c) Nasty tricks like showing you a fake mirror reflection of yourself which shows you dividing (when you're not) and telling you that you are splitting and can't resist doing it (and eventually you resist too hard or go into apathy and then you do split).

d) The big mass implants made you put pieces of yourself onto others to control them and keep them human.

e) In a similar vein, there were police implants which made you split off and place "control entities" onto "criminals". Some societies made everyone do a bit of this on a regular basis as part of their civic duty.

f) Some of the early track military organizations had officers splitting off and pushing control entities onto their underlings etc. going all the way down the chain of command so that an invasion force would operate as a single unit managed by a thetan at the top.

g) Sometimes you were made to split to provide servants or laborers for various reasons. Thetans are the coin of this universe. One of the reasons people can be infested with BTs so easily is that they have early postulates about acquiring entities for use as servants and slaves.

h) It was common, especially in the symbols universe, to put pieces of yourself into thought pools to copy emotions and sensations. Some of this was of your own free will (you liked having sensations etc.) but some of it was enforced or later hidden and removed from your control so that you could be made to feel pain etc.

i) You intentionally set up machinery (which can be found in various non-physical directions) to create reality etc. for yourself and put pieces of yourself into it. But again this was heavily implanted and put out of your control so that you could be enslaved.

j) Even the penalty universes used items like "To eat is to be the tiger in back and hide from myself forever" (there is a whole series of these "tiger in back" items).

If anything got stirred up by reading this, have it point to the being that it divided from.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that we're all one. There are other people out there. But we are fewer than we think.


Since I've barely started on this area myself, I don't have a lot to say about it. So instead, I'll round this document out with some related topics.