May 12 1990

There is light machinery which is simply mocked up and heavy machinery which is built out of beings.

Light machinery generally resolves easily with mockup processes and Nots techniques. By light, I mean machinery which is directly mocked up as itself. For example, you just mock up an electric generator in the kitchen and postulate that its running and feeding energy to the refrigerator. A BT can mock up a machine like this or get stuck in a machine that another is mocking up or infest a machine that you are mocking up. In all cases, the BTs can be blown easily with the Nots valence technique. As far as your case is concerned, you can just mock up and throw away lots of these machines and have a good time and gain plenty of havingness. This kind of machinery can be very complex and can even have a great deal of mass if you're up to making very solid postulates.

But there is another class of machinery. This machinery consists of a series of programmed postulates that mock something up or cause something to occur.

For example, you make the postulate "When the door opens, a bucket of water will appear and splash down on the person's head. If they scream at this, then a mouse will run out of the closet, otherwise a clown face will appear and say 'have a nice day'". You mock this up one day and leave it hanging there over the door until it triggers. Or you have it happening forever after until you turn it off or somebody else erases it.

These postulated programs can be very complex. They are just like computer programs except that they can range all the way upwards to tools which create and manage universes.

In their pure form, these programmed machines (or simply a programmed series of postulates) can be very useful and are only slightly abberative. Their big original liability was that one could set them to run forever, forget them, and loose control. Later on the track, they also get infested with BTs that copy them, gum up the works, etc. Again this can be handled by blowing off the beings with Nots techniques.

Usually one puts the programming on a sort of template for the machine. This will usually be off in some separate space that you mocked up. You reach back and put a little intention (or energy later on the track) onto one of these templates to trigger the machine.

Since people could erase each other's machinery rather easily, we started making copies of templates and running levels of alter-is to hide things so that someone might have to track back through 3 or 4 levels of finding the template behind the template to get to the basic template of a machine. Of course, if someone unmocked a machine of yours, you could simply mock it up again.

However, we were sliding downscale and by the time of the Symbols universe, we had very complex machinery and too many considerations of inability to keep it all mocked up in the face of opposition. And so a new idea was born to make machinery which would persist. The idea was to make beings into machines so that they would keep them mocked up.

This is the first period in which beings were built into programmed machines. But people were still fairly powerful and they didn't remain machines forever. It happened to everybody many times. You'd be capture and built into a machine and stay that way for a thousand or a trillion years and they you'd wake up and say "the hell with this" and take off. None of the current machine entities trace all the way back to the symbols universe.

The current batch of Programmed Machine Entities or PMEs (which is how I'll refer to these) mostly traces back to the magic universe. The magic universe was really machine crazy, building beings into magic wands and rings of power and all sorts of stuff. But there's also quite a few that were built in this universe and the occasional ones which trace back to the Theta-Mest wars.

The beings are made into machine cores which follow a programmed series of postulates laid out on a machine template. Note that the being's own postulates do not enter into the picture. He's just running off a program willy nilly. So use a gentle touch on these guys and don't get mad at them for what the machine is doing. These guys are slaves and have usually been stuck for a very long time.

In this universe, the implant dealers are the big manufacturers of PMEs. A mass implant will leave lots of broken pieces of beings lying around that are cleaned up by the dealers who sold the implant to the government. They take these back to their factories. Also, ordinary electronics implants frequently build up a pile of dregs in the implant chamber which consists of BTs etc. that were knocked off of the guys who got implanted. These are also taken to the factories. The implant dealers scare the government with stories that make them look at these dregs like radioactive waste so that they even pay the implanters to do this clean up.

Besides building PMEs into implant machines, the modern factories also tailor PMEs for other uses. One popular form is the Virus. Here I'm not using a symbolic name, I'm talking about the actual physical viruses that the doctors fight against. They're not quite life forms, but they make the body sick and they put little anchor points into the cells that happen to look like mini versions of the black cylinder machine cores that these guys have been made into.

Viruses are generally sold for use against enemy populations. However, they are also released on prison planets to keep the inhabitants suppressed. Specifically, a huge load of them was dumped here over the last ten thousand years to keep the planet in check after the current space empire decided to use this as a prison planet.

Running back some Virus PMEs, they all seemed to come from recent mass implants either around 18,000 or 7,000 years ago, sat up on the shelf for a long time, and then were released on Earth at various times, mostly during the dark ages.

PME programming often includes a splitter mechanism. The being is made to divide in two (i.e., what I'm calling the split viewpoint or SV mechanism). This is in the programming.

When you run a Virus, you will find thousands of PMEs in the body. If you run one, it blows but then is "replaced" by the original splitting again and reappearing in the location. You can run it again and get the same dates and everything and have it blow again only to reappear. What you do is reach back to the original and run that one instead. You'll find that that will blow thousands of its later copies out of the body. But sometimes even that one will be "replaced". So you reach back another level. You find that your going off into some strange space somewhere to find these basic underlying originals. Just keep working back until you blow one that doesn't get replaced.

When handling a virus, always check for a replacement after it blows. After blowing out the basic one, check back through the series of templates and into the body to see if any of its split viewpoints didn't blow. Sometimes they need a little nudge to leave (blow by inspection or with "who are you").

If you get sick with a virus or your handling someone else who's sick with a virus, you usually have to blow off a few Virus PMEs before the body recovers. I.E., there may be 3 or 4 different basic individuals each with their own dates etc. underlying the sickness. Also, there's a strong tendency for the virus to reappear again. So check for more each day during the following week. It seems like there's yet another mechanism even further back of all this that keeps trying to put a new virus in to replace the old one (but its not a true "replacement" as described above because it will have its own dates etc. rather than being another copy of the old one). With this technique, you should be able to get an instant resurgence with a small amount of auditing. I.E., sickness gone rather than the usual "maybe now I'll start getting better" that happens in many assists. Then each time the body starts to relapse, just blow another virus out until your completely over it.

Many forms of PMEs have this replacement quality and you have to work back through a few layers of templates to get to the original. You will also find an occasional BT or Cluster who'se doing this sort of thing too, but its rare. If you blow something on a fairly specific answer and then get the same thing again a bit later, and its not that somebody is copying the one who blew, then check for replacement and trace back to the original. There were a number of times on Nots when I kept getting the same valence answer from endless beings in the same location over the course of weeks (in between running other things). It can invalidate your ability to blow things and make Nots seem endless.

Part of the handling is to get them to spot the first time they were made into a machine in the symbols universe. The machine building process seemed to use a cylinder which was covered with pictures of all of the penalty universe terminals. The being would have a non-confront on at least some of these images so he would be unable to move through the wall of the cylinder even though he could pass through ordinary mest easily. It was his flinch at these mockups. The non-confront was so bad that he would be unwilling to touch the wall of the cylinder and would scrunch down inside. A whole pile of beings would be put into one of these and then the cylinder would be made to shrink. The victims would squeeze tighter and tighter together inside. This is a high pressure cluster forming incident. Then they were implanted and programmed. The incident is much more complex but all that's needed is to spot the cylinder at the beginning.

Prior to this you will find them being captured by one kind of trap or another. A common trap used a pyramid with penalty universe symbols on layers of walls. The being would wander in, the door would close, and he'd be stuck. Other kinds of traps used penalty universe symbols like a giant tiger or mermaid or whatever and he'd be drawn in by the aesthetic of the mockup and then held by a keyin on the later part of the penalty universe. There were also symbol traps based on the valence masses such as the Scientist or the Girl or whatever. Since the valence masses were originally implanted by use of penalty universe terminals, it seems that all the traps in the symbols universe depended either directly or indirectly on his flinching at the original penalty universe terminals. So you can have him spot being captured and then shift his attention earlier to the penalty universes and undercut his being entrapped.

As far as the actual routine for handling PMEs, there is a short form and a long form. Its difficult for these guys to wake up and blow, they've been mest for so long. So the long form addresses the entire cycle of their entrapment in detail and pulls them up out of it on an easy gradient. But its a lot of time and work to run it. Using the short form depends on your having enough horsepower and granting enough beingness to get them to spot a couple key things without bothering to handle all the other stuff that's on the long form.

You'll need to know the long form and probably need to run it a few times to get your causativeness up. Then you can start simplifying steps until your down to the short form version. Really it would be nice to get up to the point where you can free these guys purely by inspection and granting of beingness, but its like raising the dead.

Sometimes you can find a PME directly. But usually you've just got a machine to handle. The machine includes the PME and template and all sorts of mockups and usually lots of BTs and Clusters being part of the machine. You can just run the whole machine on the following rundown and most of it will blow early on leaving the machine core which you handle by finishing the rundown. With Nots techniques or simple date/locate on the machine building incident, the machine appears to blow and you might think that its all gone. But a few days later, the machine core gets the thing mocked up again and some new BTs get entrapped in it and the whole thing is there again. So if a machine appears to blow, check for a remnant machine core and continue if it reads.


1. Locate the PME or the machine containing the PME (if a machine, check PME for read since there are also simple machines which only need BT handling). If its obvious that there's a more basic original behind it (somewhere else), then shift to that one.

2. Handle out-int. Machines almost always have out-int, but check int first and skip if no read.


Note that the last 2 are my additions. On small reads, indicate that it is "correct for some" and continue assessing. When you get a good read, indicate it as the primary charge. The charge can also be on the "ON" variation of these (i.e. Pulled On, Pushed On, etc.) but I only found this in rare cases where the machine was built up in layers (such as a layered blanket of confusion).

You could actually do a whole int rundown here, but the real int charge is generally on the machine chain for these guys and the incident where they were made into a machine is the basic on their being forced in or whatever. So just go on with machine handling which takes you to basic faster.

3. Optional: Date when they went into the body. This is useful on a virus or other mobile PME that went in recently. For ordinary machinery that was built, installed in you, and has remained there ever since, this step is not very useful except for producing research data. On a virus, you can even date when they were first sent to Earth.

4. Have them spot being made into a machine. If necessary, date and locate it. Easiest is to first check which universe (this one, magic universe, or an earlier universe). You can do the locate by having them point. I have gone so far as to assess star maps for the location of a machine building factory (on recently built viruses - its no good on old dates because the stars move relative to each other) but this doesn't seem worth the bother.

Recent machines were generally in a mass implant before the machine building process. You can have them spot this and again do a date locate and also spot the prior moment of capture or whatever is the beginning of the incident.

Only do this step until the machine comes apart. Eventually, you get so that you can grant them enough beingness and have them spot being made into a machine with enough theta to just have the machine come apart at that point.

If the machine goes on this step, check for a residual machine core and only continue if it is present.

You can go on to the next step without the machine fully coming apart as long as it loosens up significantly. But if its staying very solid and not reading well, check for overts on making others into machines.

5. Have them spot the first time they were made into a machine. I have always found this to be in the symbols universe (but maybe there will be an exception someday or maybe some will need to spot intermediate incidents before getting basic). If necessary, have them spot the machine building cylinder. I'm reluctant to date/locate on this step because you may still be dealing with a composite and different individuals might have different specific dates etc. for this.

If this seems impossible for them to do, have them spot making others into machines in the symbols universe.

6. Have them spot being captured before being built into a machine. I used to check for pyramid trap, symbol trap, etc. and try to identify it, but its more unnecessary work that is difficult to do. Instead, simply swing their attention earlier to the penalty universes and indicate that these underlie all the symbols universe entrapment techniques.

7. Assess for the penalty universe underlying their entrapment. Do this by assessing the dynamics. Then check the goals for the best reading dynamic. Sometimes you get multiple reads. Just take the best reading. Sometimes your still dealing with a composite and may need to run a couple goals (in the same or different dynamics) to blow everything.

8. As you find each penalty universe goal, have them run it as follows:

Spot "To (goal) is Native State" Spot being pushed into this And/or pushing another into this And/or others pushing others into this Spot "To (goal) is Native State" If needed, ask Who Are You (get a "Me" answer)

If needed, do another goal on them. Often some blow but there's some left. You can also just try to use the first goal, To Create. If another goal is really hot, it might not run, but usually it will run as the second goal after the heaviest charged one has come off.

9. If there still seems to be something left, run the agreements universe by having them do the following:

Spot rushing to get into agreement. Spot going through the triangle. Spot the first line "To Agree is Native State" Look earlier and spot when you decided to agree. If needed, ask Who Are You (get a "Me" answer)

If needed, you can also have them spot encouraging others to agree and others encouraging others to agree. Or have them spot working on the agreements universes (specifying the agreements or designing the universes or postulating them).

Each of the above steps can shortcut. You spot the goal and the being charged up on it blows. There's others left but its not their main area of charge so you go on to the next step.

Running a wrong goal is not much of a problem. To some degree, everyone has charge on all 64 of these goals. So it doesn't give you out list phenomena. But sometimes you will get someone objecting because he wants to run a different goal and your trying to run a being that blew already. If someone is spotting a goal, others usually ride along in an interested manner even if its not the one they want to run.

You do have to watch out for overrun. Handle by having them spot the moment of relief and acknowledge it (or use a full rehab procedure, but its rarely needed).

Sometimes you will suddenly find the whole mess blowing apart into a cloud of individuals. Simply sit there and acknowledge and handle partial blows if needed. Sometimes you simply need to take a break at a point like this and give them a chance to sort out and take off or whatever. Then check back in a while to see if some need more handling or whether there's still a remnant of the machine to be run.

Also watch for replacements as mentioned earlier. You can also have simple copying going on.

Ordinary Nots phenomena can also apply. You can have one machine trying to hold on to another or hiding another. Sometimes there is a repair machine that tries to keep the machine your running in place or copies it when it leaves.


Sometimes you get back to a big interconnected mess of PMEs. Blowing one out is hard because the others try to keep it there. Also, there can be so many that single handling just takes too long.

The following will blow off many (but not all). It tends to clean up an area. It is based on the fact that many will ride along with interest while a being is spotting a penalty universe. Given a large collection of PMEs, there will at least be a few who can run any particular goal.

So do a broad attention span and run the entire composite on the set of penalty universes. Generally you can start from create and go through the list of goals in order. You do this like step 8 above. The goal and each spotting step should read. Quite a few should blow on each goal. At some point, they will all get the pattern of the penalty universes, i.e. all the goals were screwed up the same way and you'll get a big release on the ones whose goals haven't been run. Don't continue running the goals past this point (if you do, you may have to clean up lots of overrun individuals). If a goal doesn't read, suspect that this release point has just happened.

Then do step 9 above (agreements universe) to handle anything remaining. Acknowledge individuals if needed and then take a break.

Although this will cause many to blow and tend to clean up a template, there will still be many who were not up to running on the mass clearing. Since they are generally halfway there, sometimes you can just blow them by inspection or with Who Are You (me). The usual technique would be to use the machine handling short version (below) on them (even if your still using the long version in general) because they've already been loosened up.


Here we are counting on your ability to grant them so much beingness and lifting them up to spotting the items with so much certainty that most of the steps can be bypassed. If necessary, you can use an action from the long version if it seems to indicate.

This is the preferred process and should be used whenever possible. Its short and easy enough that it can be used out of session once your perceptions are up to it. Early on, this is important for assists so that you can handle something even if you can't get to a meter right away. Further down the line, it gives you a trick for taking apart theta traps even if you don't have a body and E-meter handy.

This process is a developed skill and you have to work up to it on a gradient. You should get a read on each step and see things coming apart and blowing.

1. Locate the machine (it will read on machine or PME).

2. Have it Spot Being Made Into A Machine.

It should loosen up significantly on this step (maybe not quite as much as on step 4 of the long version). If necessary you can date this or even shift into anything on steps 2 to 4 of the long version. But really you can always do it with a simple spotting action if you endow enough life to barrel them past the out-int and past their flinch on the time and location of the incident.

3. Have them spot the first time they were made into a machine.

This is the same as step 5 of the long version. But in the long version, you can get away with a shabby step 5 and still carry them through with steps 6 onwards. In this case step 5 must be well done so they really blow the charge.

4. Have them spot making others into machines.

5. Have them spot being tricked into thinking that machines were necessary.

I didn't have steps 4 and 5 originally and that made it difficult to do step 6 below. Once I finally added these two steps, most of them began blowing on step 5 and the remainder generally left on a simple who are you. After that it never seemed necessary to go on to step 7, but I'm including it here in case it is necessary when you are first getting started.

6. Ask them Who Are You (getting the Me answer)

At first I was running the long form steps 7 and 8 here getting them to run the penalty universes. This requires assessment and is too long. You can still do it here if it seems necessary. I kept trying to simply have them run the agreements universe, but it didn't usually work until I hit on asking Who Are You first to restore some more life to them. This gets them up to doing it. Sometimes they even blow on this step, but not often (that changed when I added steps 4 and 5 above, now they blow easily on this step). Usually they are still a bit in shell shock from being a machine for so long and feel they need something to beef themselves up a bit (so they wouldn't get caught again) before taking off.

7. Run the agreements universe.

Spot rushing to get into agreement. Spot going through the inverted triangle (golden). Spot the first line "To Agree is Native State" Look earlier and spot when you decided to agree. If needed, ask Who Are You (get a "Me" answer)

This is the same as step 9 of the long version.

This short version runs very quickly. It can be done in a minute or two with spectacular results. As in all machine handling, watch for replacements and work back to the original if it occurs.


You can handle any type of machine on an assist basis. But you shouldn't get into a major project to handle other kinds of machinery until these troublesome ones are knocked out.

1. Viruses

Unlike most machinery, these are semi-mobile and only attach to the body on a temporary basis. They replicate themselves endlessly and you have to work hard to get back to the original. Unlike germs, these are not true living organisms. The scientists consider them to be a weird sort of half life. The pictures of viruses under electron microscopes look like little machine cores.

At this time I'm not certain if germs will run as easily (since they are real life forms with a cellular structure) but its worth a try.

A nice idea would be to eradicate a specific viral disease from the planet by completely unmocking its base template. But this may be wishful thinking. Once people are holding a disease to make themselves right or whatever, they're liable to simply copy it and reactivate it.

2. Wraiths

In folklore, a wraith is an energy draining spirit. I've borrowed the term to describe a PME that does this. As is the case with Viruses, quite a few of these were set loose on Earth in the last few thousand years or so. They are semi-mobile and do not permanently attach themselves to an individual. But normally once they get in a body, they stay with it until it dies.

The wraith is a sort of energy drain. They make one tired and weak. Possibly the fast aging that occurs on Earth is due to them. As you get older the body is gradually accumulating more of them. Eventually there are so many that there is no energy left to keep the body running properly. I think that you will find that you pick up a few of these each year. You can date the year when one went into the body quite easily. After the body dies I think they stay in long after the Thetan and GE leave and try to drain out the last dregs of energy. Then they exteriorize and go searching for another body to dive into.

If you are seeing BTs blow as little sparks of energy or dots of light occasionally (they don't always emit energy on blowing so you don't always see this even if you can), then an exterior wraith is very very visible. It looks like a single point source of energy (just like a BT) but it is very much brighter, almost dazzling. They may be shedding or otherwise expending the energy that they drained while they are searching for a new body. They always move in a zig-zag evasive pattern working in towards the body fairly rapidly (a few seconds to cross the room and dive in).

Once in the body, they pull in energy instead of emitting it and stop being so easily visible. When you try to contact them to run them, they tend to jump around in the body rather than staying in one place. But they usually only move around in a small area. Just get the idea of putting out an attention unit that will stay attached to them as they jump around and start auditing them. Usually they settle down as soon as you get them to do a command. They blow quite easily.

3. Disheartening Machinery.

These are mobile machines which put out thoughts of being lazy, apathetic, tired, disheartened, etc. Also discouraging thoughts like its all hopeless etc.

These are mobile machines which drift in and hang around for awhile and then wander off. Sometimes they go in the head, other times they stay outside. Sometimes they get stuck to other machinery your carrying around and then they can stay with you for many lifetimes. Unlike the wraiths, they are slow and nebulous. The apathy they mock up affects them too. If you are up to seeing BTs as sparks, these often look like vague colored spheres.

This stuff is mostly used against enemy populations during wars to reduce opposition. You may have old ones stuck to you from old wars on other planets as well as the current batch drifting around here on Earth.

4. Monitors

Monitor machinery was installed and attached to people to keep an eye on them. You've probably been dragging some of these around for quite awhile (maybe even as far back as the magic universe).

They try to stay hidden and watch you (they read on Monitors or Watchers). Often they are over the head or behind the back. Their job is to tattle on you when you do something you shouldn't. Many report to old police forces that are long gone and therefore are not really troublesome.

But some of them are spotters for the control machinery back in old invader installations etc. If you levitate an object or do some other spectacular verboten thing, they call the attention of these other guys who will then focus on you and try to block your abilities or key you in with an implant from a distance. If this happens, blow the remote machinery and also blow the monitor (or else he'll just get another remote machine pointed at you).

5. Protective Machines

There is also machinery which tries to block your handling machinery or hides machinery or otherwise interferes with your auditing of machinery. There is also repair machinery which tries to put machines back when you blow them. Sometimes you handle a machine and it starts coming apart and then another machine stops them from blowing. These all handle fairly easily once you spot them.

There are also implants which tell you that you shouldn't blow machinery (especially machinery installed by the police) and stir up your own overts of installing machinery in others to control them. You should be able to blow this on inspection.

Going a step further, there are also the cases where you contributed a piece of yourself to a machine installed in someone else. This may have been forced by an implant or you may have been convinced that it was your civic duty or contributed it as the price of a spell you wanted to work as a magician or whatever. You can often blow this by inspection or assess for the penalty universe underlying the splitter implant and spot the native state item from the split viewpoint. General handling of split viewpoints is a separate rundown. But if you find a certain kind of machine very hard to handle, find where your doing it to someone else and blow that.


Assessing the penalty universes can be hard if you have charge on them. Its best to concentrate on running penalty universes before doing too much machine handling.

Also, the penalty universes are a more intimate portion of your real case than machinery added ontop of you. Probably you should just handle the troublesome machinery and then leave the rest until much later in auditing unless some part of it really draws your attention.

Machinery can blow without FNing. If your pulling something out of a big complex mass, that's enough to suppress an FN. Also, fooling around with lists of halfway run penalty universes etc. can suppress an FN. Also, its often not your personal case anyway. So don't make a big deal about FNing these as they blow.

But you should have clean reads and a reasonably clean needle.

If a lot of machinery is in restim, it can drive the TA up. If this is the case, the TA comes down into range very easily as you blow off a few (and the meter reads fairly well as you run them). If its not coming down, see if you've overrun a bunch of them (especially if you did mass clearing on a bunch in the previous session) or check other reasons for high TA.

There's lots and lots of machinery of various types. Some of it you even bought and paid for. Some of it is attached to you and some to the GE and some of it IS the body mockup.