June 28, 1990

Control Entities (CEs) are active, semi-aware intelligent beings implanted to keep one jailed or under control. They do not respond to machine (PME) type handling at all (they object to being considered machinery) and are very difficult to handle with ordinary Nots techniques (I was only rarely able to blow any of these before developing this rundown). They are usually set up as "Jailers" or blocking perceptions or keeping you from thinking or knowing about certain things etc. They answer up as being "Smart, honest, able individuals doing their duty for society".

They generally come from police implants. Here the "honest citizen doing his duty" is implanted with false data and made to split off a piece of himself which is then implanted into a "criminal" to keep him jailed and under control. The "Jail" is the body and these guys are supposed to keep you in the body. Usually you find them in one or another of the various levels of astral body (i.e., you have to shift up in vibration band and move a bit sideways in a non-physical 4th dimensional direction). This has apparently been in use for a long time and the practice goes as far back as the Thought universe. You will find them in the "thought" level body keeping you in the "spirit (conflicts universe) body and in the spirit body keeping you in the low level astral body (magic universe) and in the low level astral body keeping you in the physical body etc.

Usually they are implanted to keep you or themselves from questioning the state or police methods or from finding out about the real nature of reality or higher universes etc. Generally they did not seem interested in keeping one from doing criminal things. Apparently one was being sentenced to a lower universe (?) or lower plane of existence and the "police" didn't care if you acted as a criminal as long as you didn't escape and come back to plague them. The bit about being loyal to the state and not questioning police methods was probably aimed mainly at the CEs themselves so that they wouldn't cognite and blow.

They key point is that these CEs consider that they are blocking you for good reasons and will not generally blow or get out of your way until you get them to spot that they were implanted with false data. They are much more awake and active than the usual BT. They are not generally malicious. They act like mis-guided ethics officers acting on wrong data. Often the blows are very spectacular with visible clouds of blue fire and jumps in one's vision (your view of the physical universe will hop up and down for a moment without your eyes moving).

You will find these installed in earlier universes to keep one down in lower universes. You will also find them installed in higher planes of this universe to keep one down in lower planes etc. A very active source of these seems to be an astral plane organization known as "Control Central" which is very busy at making CEs and PMEs.

The usual instructions for these CEs are to make one obey the "physical universe laws" of the lower universe or plane to which the victim is being sentenced. Sometimes the victim has the connotation of being a criminal but other times it is somebody who has earned the privilege of going to a lower plane (i.e., he's being permitted to re-incarnate after being judged) and the CEs are being installed to make sure he follows the rules.

There is also an army/invader type variation on this. In this version, the members of a fighting team (platoon or whatever) are all split and cross implanted into each other to inspire "courage, loyalty, trustworthiness, and to make sure everyone obeys orders". Since each soldier depends on the others staying brave etc. during the fight, they are quite easily convinced that the implant is necessary and beneficial.

There are probably many other variations of group members being cross-implanted into each other. I suppose a big league sales team could even do this to make sure that everyone pushes the product hard. But these kind of CEs should blow very easily (and many probably went on Nots or whatever) because (unlike the police kind discussed above) they do not have a PT why for remaining in place. If necessary, this rundown should handle them as well since the keynote of this is always splitting for some purpose and being implanted with false data and/or a false purpose.

In some cases, you will find that the CE split was allowed in exchange for something. Someone might go to a wizard and trade a piece of his soul to pay for some favor. I.E., he splits off a CE which the wizard (or whatever) will then program up and use against someone.

Sometimes you might have to have the CE you're running spot the overt flow of making others into CEs or implanting others with false data.

You should also spot times when you did these overts as well.

Besides running out CEs that you find impinging on you, you should also run out splits of yourself where you are being a CE on someone else. You can spot where you were made to split and then spot the false data implanted into the split off piece of yourself (this false data pushes you into the split viewpoint out of agreement with you in your normal viewpoint and keeps you divided). But when you run one of these, you will generally find that there are a number of beings meshed together with the same false data implant etc. Your piece is only part of a small cluster with the false data implant being the cluster forming incident. The easiest way to run this is to spot yourself being part of a CE somewhere and then just do the full CE rundown (below) as if you were running somebody else. Your piece will come free and the others will blow. Often you feel freed on the first command or two but you carry on to completion to handle the others. This avoids the problems of cross-copying etc. that might otherwise develop.

I worked this out and ran it long before I found the "Point to" processes which I have added as step 5 below. Hopefully, this upgraded version will make the rundown much easier.



2. ask "MADE TO SPLIT TO SAVE SOCIETY?" if no read, then ask "Made to split to gain something?" if no read, then ask "Made to split to serve a higher purpose?"

3. SPOT BEING IMPLANTED WITH FALSE DATA. (if incorrect, then use "Spot being implanted with a false purpose". If still no joy (not reading etc.), then use flow 2, "spot implanting others with false data" or making others into CEs.).

4. SPOT THE FIRST TIME YOU WERE IMPLANTED WITH FALSE DATA. (if necessary, steer the CEs attention toward the false jewel of knowledge in the motions universe since this is usually the basic on false data).


6. WHO ARE YOU? (me).

7. If you were running a penalty universe when the CE turned up, and the CE is still around, have him spot the native state item at the top of the penalty universe.

8. If more handling is needed (i.e., the CE has freed up a bit but is waiting for something more to be done), then run the top of the agreements universe (rushing into agreement, triangle, To AGREE IS NATIVE STATE, spot your decision to agree before that).