March 31, 1990

I continued long past EP on Solo Nots.   I probably audited as many hours after the EP as I did before it occurred.   During this auditing, I ran into quite a few areas that did resolve using Nots techniques.   I also ran into a number of areas that did not resolve. For these other areas such as actual GPMs and implant universes, Nots is not the why.  These need to be handled with their own rundowns.

Since the areas that did resolve with Nots techniques might be prerequisites to running the new levels, this write-up will describe these so that they can be handled if needed.


The EP of S/NOTS is cause over life.   This is simply ceasing to be the effect of BT (Body Thetan) think and being able to do what you want to with BTs.   I.E., your just so much bigger than they are and no longer mis-owning pictures, thoughts, etc. and know it with certainty.   This includes the ability to blow anything by inspection (not that you don't do this before, but at this point it became THE technique).   Also, at this moment, BTs ceased to be the why on the case.

After experiencing this, I went along for about a week knocking out everything still lying around using blow by inspection.   This lead to a second much bigger EP.   I realized with reality that location was a lie (of course we've all read the axiom, but this is really knowing and seeing it with reality).   I went exterior to this universe - like being exterior to the body and reaching in but instead I was out of this (and any other universe) and reaching in to play the game.   I don't know if this happens standardly at the end of solo Nots or if it is a wild variable like the way that some people hit theta clear while running Power processing.

This location cog has a strange effect on BT handling.   You see, they aren't really located anywhere.   Its only that they think they are and it can vary depending on how much they think they're in one place Vs another.   They can be in your body or on Acturas or in the space and time of INC 1 depending on what they think, and although they are not cause over this, they move around depending on restimulation.   All you have to do is decide that a bunch are in your body and they can be there.   Or you can mock up a slight agreement with the middle of Jupiter, and find a whole bunch there.

Once you've had the location cog, it is generally enough to just touch one and he realizes that he's not located, nor was he ever located in the first place and he frees up.   One thing that messes this up is to run NOTS processes "locating" BTs.   You can still spot where one happens to think he is, but if you push it, or search for one somewhere, you frequently find yourself forcing a BT to occupy that location.

Let's say that one is in a table.   You touch him and he realizes he's not there (and never was except by a foolish consideration) and ceases to be there.   This happens so fast that you keep trying to locate him.   Since you can reach anywhere in space or time in any universe, you can still reach him and the effect is to put him back.   This not only lays in a false location but it also invalidates a big cog for the BT.   It only takes about 5 minutes of S/NOTS review after the location EP to get you into this mess.   With this data, it should only take you a moment to spot enforcing a location and to dust the BT off and send him on his way.   Without this data, you could have trouble for years.

Since they do shift around based on consideration, its very easy to shift BTs into the body to have something to run if you continue past EP.  This can get really awful if you get run on an audited Nots rundown (e.g. audited on you by someone else) after completing.  Between the auditor's intention to find something and your intention to obey his commands and the basic wrong indication of doing more after EP, you end up dragging them into the body from all over the universe.  And because this is slightly invalidative, your ability to blow them by inspection gradually deteriorates.  The appropriate correction list item would be "Putting them there to run?".

Another thing that happens on continuing past EP is that you can start mocking up BTs that aren't there.  You get into doing this by blaming things on them when it is not the correct reason.  Then you think there really should be something there when there isn't, so you mock up something.  Then, because you are saying that this mockup of yours is somebody else, you have one hell of a time blowing it.  So you also need "Mocking up BTs that aren't there?" on the correction lists.

One very interesting effect which might occur is that some BTs copy the cause over life cog and start evangelistically going around freeing others out of trees and flowers and old theta traps etc.   This is fine.   Sometimes they come back for advice.   Unfortunately, if you go long past EP, you begin to invalidate the state yourself. Occasionally, these guys pick that up and also cave in on the inval and frequently collapse back into you in a state of misery that's impossible to resolve unless you spot that this is what happened and rehab their EP.

After EP, there are two other things that fool you and make you think you're not done.   The first of these is hidden standards.   It is true that the BT cross copy is one of the reasons you can't walk through walls, but it is not the only reason.   You also have your own whys for not doing this.   Once your no longer the effect of BT considerations, it is foolish to blame your inability in some area on BTs.   It is your own responsibility and considerations. To say that the stop is due to a BT is a wrong why.   After EP, if you could walk through walls, you would even if a BT is saying no you can't.   After all, you can open a door over a BTs protest without a second thought about the matter.

Any inability, physical problem, aberration, or out point can be made worse by BTs.   But there is nothing for which the why is always BTs.   Anything can also be due to your own postulates and considerations etc.   There are other OT levels.

The other thing that fools you is that BTs can be masked by your own aberrations.   Lets say you have horrible overts with carving knives (or these knives play a big part in an actual GPM that you can't confront).   You might not spot a BT being a carving knife or hiding in a carving knife.   It is not that the BT keeps you from perceiving him or is creating a non confront on carving knives. It is your own non-confront.   So as you do things that raise your confront, BTs do show up and blow.   After EP, they generally blow by inspection unless you have a why that is keeping you from inspecting.   After EP, you don't have any non-confront of BTs and can't be fooled by their attempts to hide, block, or obscure things.   However, you are still at liberty to non-confront something on your own that happens to contain a BT.

After EP, you can and should continue to handle BTs.  Because of the non-confront factor, you can find and blow considerable numbers of them while running other materials that address your own case.

If you have overrun the EP, the above discussion should help you rehab it.  You need to dust off your ability and certainty on handling BTs and get rid of any invalidation on it so that you can blow them easily by inspection when they show up on more advanced processing.  The blow by inspection ability deteriorates quickly on inval so don't let anything shake your confidence in this area.  Clean up the skill and use it and don't let anybody or anything put you into a Q & A about it.


There are a few NOTS phenomena that you should know about just in case you didn't hit these already.   For me they turned up on audited NOTs but I had heard about these kinds of things in the HCL lectures.   By the way, you should listen to these lectures (The Hubbard College Lectures of early 1952), especially the later ones (History of Man, Theta Bodies, How to audit a Theta line, etc.) for additional information.   They contain a great deal of data about entities and "idle spirits" and what they do and how to get them to blow.

During heavy overts, motivators, ARCXs, and other things which cause valence shifts, it often happens that a BT crosses over from one individual to another.   This is probably one of the big reasons for a valence shift.   The BT winds up connected both to you and to the other terminal and you may spot him in either body (or in the location of the incident or anywhere).

You can also have a BT who's going around influencing others against you.   This is one of the mechanisms of pulling things in (but there are others as well - its not all due to BTs).

Probably the phone call business in the Suppressed person rundown works because there is a mutual exchange of BTs during heavy suppression.


There are some things you can do to increase your horsepower in handling BTs.  These are beneficial even after EP.  These might even be runable by someone on OT3 once Incident 2 has cooled down but perhaps I'm being overly optimistic.

First, if you can run PDC mockup techniques successfully, try mocking up bodies and mocking up BTs in them and then mockup someone blowing them all out by inspection.

Second, run overts connected with the area.  This includes implanting and also simply using BTs (or other enslaved beings). for your own gain.  This is especially common in magic track.  You would throw a BT at someone to compel them to do something or talk to someone's BTs (as in hypnosis) to have a hidden effect on them.  Often the magic spells contained items out of implants said in older whole track languages that were no longer understood by the average person which were meant to wake up and command someone's BTs.  Real voodoo worked by getting some of the target person's BTs to move into the doll and create a cross-copy between the voodoo doll and the individual's body.  It's actually a mild version of bodies in pawn.

There are times when you thought of captive souls as wealth.  The old wizards had a motto.  It was "Beings are the coin of the universe".  It was a very deadly coin and you still bear the scars. Run out the overts and be free.


Implanting somebody with BTs was actually totally ineffective as a control mechanism.  They cannot actually create very much of an effect on the person.  In this regard, we're quite thick skinned.

Any time you see a really major gain occur from blowing a BT, realize that the BT was restimulating rather than creating the condition.  If you look deeper, you will find that the person himself mocked up the aberration or somatic originally and the BT was simply keeping it irritated.

You need to alternate BT handling with handling the PC's own case or else you will get a deterioration of responsibility because the PC will start mocking the BTs up as being cause.  In actual fact, the BTs are generally being heavily affected by the PC, he just doesn't realize how much he is kicking them around.

On NOTS one finds out that there are a tremendous number of dormant BTs (in comparison with a very small quantity of active ones). The impression one gets is that there are so many dormant ones because they were overwhelmed by the implants.  This is wrong. These guys were overwhelmed by the thetan (e.g. the PC).  He keeps them dormant and knocked out.

The person wakes up in the morning and he feels a little sluggish because some BTs started waking up while he was off dreaming, and they are now having a field day messing up the body.  The PC just feels a little tired, but he projects some intention and pushes himself out of bed anyway.  This tiny push is enough to swamp out hundreds of BTs and knock them back into unconsciousness.  Its that easy.

If BTs seem to be making the body sick, you can just bet, dollars to donuts, that the PC has some postulate to be sick buried out of sight somewhere.  They just can't do it otherwise.

Most BTs are just fragments of beings.  And even when you do get a complete individual operating as a BT, they have zero havingness and almost no awareness.  They just can't stand up to the level of intention that a fully aware and alive thetan can project.

The only thing that you can do which can get you in real trouble with BTs is to postulate that they are cause and say that they are responsible for the condition that you are in.  Its like finding a moron and handing him a knife and then spending a few hours coaxing him into stabbing you with it.


You will find that there are BTs stuck back in the time and place of major implants.  These are not actually located in the body, they really stayed back there (which is different from BTs who came forward in the body and only have the old implant in restim). You will find that they have lines reaching out from the old implant down to the body.  Usually they will be stuck up near the top of the incident.  Generally they wound up that way because they hit a point in the implant where they were unwilling to continue on and tried to reverse time and go backwards.  That got them stuck.  They stayed located in that spot and refused to agree with any subsequent forward progress in time (i.e., not-is-ness) and kept the early part of the implant mocked up.  But they had earlier implants to stay attached to the Theta being who was going through the implant, so they still have a line attached to him.

I originally found these by tracing down lines connected to the body (there are many reasons for these lines).  However, its easier to run these simply by checking over an old implant and scanning it for BTs.  If you do it that way, you don't have the problem of tracing the line or figuring out which implant it is. Generally these will blow easily by having them spot the first item of the implant or the first moment of impact or by spotting being pushed into the implant.  Often they will simply leave on being spotted or acknowledged or on being granted a little beingness.

For implants done in this universe, Incident 1 is an undercut.  The platens of OT2 cover a large number of the heavy electronic implants of this universe.  You will find that the dates in the OT2 materials are also correct in addition to the combined use of all of these in Incident 2.  These implants are recorded on memory crystals and sold by Implant dealers for use on unruly populations.  Often you will find that the Implant dealers will first go around acting as third parties and agent provocateurs to create civil unrest and then will make a big profit on the sale of the devices to a paranoid king or emperor.  In the case of Incident 2, the Confederacy simply bought everything in the catalogue.  So you can find each implant individually at many different dates and in many different societies in addition to finding all of them in the R6 portion of Incident 2.  By the way, don't be afraid of memory crystals in general.  They are simply the space opera equivalent of computer chips and recording tape.

You can also find some stuck in the clearing course materials. These predate Incident 1 (they occur in an earlier universe).  If they don't blow on inspection, acknowledgment, or granting of beingness, have them spot the first item of the CC or have them spot being at the top of the spiral staircase immediately prior to the first run of CC (each spiral contained a run).

This technique applies in general when dealing with BTs stuck in implants of whatever sort.  Normally you  blow by inspection.  If that doesn't handle, then blow by having them spot the first moment of the incident.  Your knowledge of the anatomy of the track can help here, but if you don't know, just have them spot the beginning and earlier beginnings or the beginnings of an earlier similar incident.  The solo NOTs "what are you" technique also works but they are often being an item in the implant and this makes for difficult listing and should be avoided (wrong wording of an implant item can kick other things into restim).  You can use "Who are you" with good results if they have been loosened up enough to give a "Me" answer without listing valences.  Use your judgment on this.  Always use "Who are you" on partial blows.

You can also find a pile of BTs and Clusters back at each point of "Spiral Death".  These are times when you "died" as a thetan. They are the bottoms of the "spirals" mentioned in History of Man. There will be some moment when you were in really bad shape and then you were really smashed badly by something and just plain gave up as a being.  The whole "theta body" (really an energy body) that you were using at the time collapses in on itself and "dies" and your consideration is that you have died as a being. Generally you leave a piece of yourself behind at this point along with a mass of energy and facsimiles and mental machinery.  Some of the BTs and clusters that were stuck to you at that time will stay there as well but will continue to keep a line connecting them to you.  You are also connected by the piece of yourself that you leave there and also by your own considerations (you will have some idea that you never left).  Generally you only have to blow off the BTs and Clusters.  The Nots techniques work well here or you can run them back to the joiner or cluster forming incident.  After these are gone, the split off portion of yourself generally rejoins naturally and you feel a bit bigger.  If this doesn't happen and if (and only if) you get a feeling of still being stuck there, then first try for BTs/Clusters.  If that's not it, run a little regret off of the death and look for overts prior to it.  These splits are easier to run than most splitter incidents because they were formed by simple force (which is easy to confront after Clear).  (if you do have any trouble, use "point to the being you divided from - Aug 1996).

Bodies in Pawn are more difficult to handle.  Again there will be lines running from the current body to the one in Pawn.  There will be a large number of BTs and Clusters holding these lines both in the current body holding the one in pawn and in the pawned body holding the current body.  Often they are mixed up as to exactly which body they are in.  After you've blown them all, you'll find that you also left a piece of yourself in the other body. Generally there will be an implant where you were made to divide yourself and be in 2 positions.  In each position (you are usually standing beside yourself) they implant you with opposing goals so that you detest yourself in the other position.  This keeps you from recombining the viewpoints even though your running both sides.  One side goes into the body in pawn and holds you connected.  Usually there is a phrase about leaving your real self behind when you are sent from there to Earth (or where ever). Try to blow this simply by spotting the lie.  Also, try spotting the earlier beginning (see Before Earth in History of Man) and try spotting earlier overts you did do and overts you were falsely accused of just prior to the incident.  Also check for the overt of doing this to somebody else.  If all else fails and if you are still troubled by the body in pawn, you can list out the opposing goals, but this can be difficult and should be avoided if possible.

Bodies in pawn are not limited to space opera track in this universe.  It was quite common to keep a piece of someone's body in a jar and give it orders on the magic track.  Earlier universes also had similar control techniques, not necessarily dependent on having a piece of someone's body since bodies were not as important early on.  The trick can be worked using anything that will get a being to leave a bit of his beingness in a spot where you can give it orders.

You will also find that there are monitor, suppresser, and control BTs focused down at you from a distance.  These may be in invader installations or whatever.  They also have lines running down into your space and they try to block OT abilities.  Often they get active when you try to do the drills in Creation of Human Ability Route 1 or the drills on the old OT 5 and 6.  If you've done these, you should check back and discover release points where you did gain an ability and had it immediately blocked by a suppresser BT.  Often these BTs are in some sort of implant station that has long since been destroyed.  For example, in the distant past there was a large orbital station around Venus.  Its long gone, but the BTs are still there going around in orbit and keeping a vague mockup of the station in place.  An unsuspecting being can wander in there and get hit with an implant right now in PT.  Implant machines are partially made of MEST (computer circuitry and energy waves etc.) and partially made of implanted beings who intend the items telepathically.  These unfortunate beings are "manufactured" into the machines by implant salesmen (after they have gotten a civilization to smash its citizens, the salesmen will kindly help clean up and take the ruined remnants of beings off to their factories).

You can go quite far with these techniques, but once you start getting into earlier universes, eventually you'll run into entire universes built as implants.  Although these same principles will continue to apply, the implant universes are much more complex. You shouldn't be afraid of bumping into them and you can knock a few BTs out of them without getting into trouble.  But don't fool with them too much until you get all the data.

The above information on handing bodies in pawn and suppresser BTs focused on you from a distance etc. explains the occasional big cave in that some people have following a manifestation of OT abilities.  They begin to wake up as a being and manipulate the universe and then they're sick and they feel that the space invaders or magicians or whatever are after them.  And to some degree, it's true.  It is beside the point whether or not the MEST of some old body in pawn or implant station or whatever is still around or not.  There is a theta remnant in these things that can activate in PT and give the guy trouble unless he knows enough to handle it.  Just blow the BTs and clean up any pieces of yourself that you left behind and the trouble will turn off.