(I wrote this long before I found the "point to the being you divided from" process which makes handling split pieces easy. The techniques given here are the earlier ones which only worked sporadically.  The later write-up on "divide and conquer" takes precedence over this one.  This write-up is included here to provide more background information and as a record of research. - August 1996).

Aug 15, 1990

In earlier technology, we only addressed one side of the mechanism whereby a thetan infests and abberates another.   The concern has been completely aimed at clearing the thetan of the influences of other theta units such as the BTs and Clusters discovered on OT3 and the PMEs, CEs, and other entities covered in these writings.  But in truth, there are 2 sides to every coin and the thetan himself is actually fragmented and secretly running split off pieces of himself which are busily abberating other people.  In other words, he can find that he is being a BT on many other human beings walking around here on Earth and elsewhere.  We will call these fragments Split Viewpoints (SVs).

Before we talk further about SVs, let's take a look at the sane behavior underlying this phenomena.

There are 3 ways to endow something with life.  First, you can animate it with unaware thought, second, you can go over and animate it yourself, or third, you can divide into two individuals and have one of you animate it.

It is easy to place a thought in something.  You can actually build quite complex constructions of programmed thought which will do all sorts of interesting things even to the degree where someone else is fooled into believing that they are looking at a real thetan. A good example of this is a computer.  The programmer's labor long and hard postulating a complex pattern of thought which often appears to act in an intelligent and independent manner, but this thought is not aware of being aware and is not creative in the fullest sense of the word.  Look inside a computer sometime, there's lots of thought but no thetan unless someone has shoved in a BT to screw up the works.

You are also capable of being in two places at once.  Really, your not located anyway, so you could operate from all positions in this universe simultaneously.  You can put little bits of your intention/attention units in all sorts of places and do lots of things from these positions and have quite a good time doing this. Sometimes you do this and hide it from yourself to have interesting game conditions and surprises etc.  In its pure form, there's nothing very abberated about this.

A thetan can also divide into two individuals.  In this case, both have the same earlier track, but they each go their own way thereafter.  Ron mentions this very briefly in the HCL lectures and in the 5th ACC.  My own research finds that there were only a small number of individuals (10,000 or so) present at the beginning of the Home Universe era.  The trillions who are here now all trace back to those few early beings.

If this all begins with a "Static" which can duplicate itself, then it makes sense that the individuals later on the track can still do this trick.  I can imagine that one could postulate a "new soul" that had no track or experience, but such a being would be a full god without the basis for agreement to connect to this sequence of universes, so he simply wouldn't be here.  The only way you'd get someone in here would be to let him share the track which leads here, and that means that at the moment of division, you are both the same.  Then each of you hurry's up and gets different real fast.

Note that once divided, these true individuals do not merge together again.  There would be no purpose in it.  You wouldn't choose to terminate one of the two theta lines because each is interesting and adds to the game.  Also note that early on the track, this is not abberative.  Later on, we find mild aberrations because of considerations of havingness and limited ability to create, but generally you handled this is some sensible manner. Usually, when you divided you had some good reason and a sensible plan.  For example, you were very interested in continuing to operate where you were but also heard of something very interesting to do elsewhere and decided to become two so that both could be experienced to their fullest.

There might also be some sort of paired reproduction of thetans in a 2D like manner, but I have no awareness or data on this right now.  It would seem possible because there are a few vague comments by Ron about the basic thetan being two rather than one in the HCL lectures and in the 3rd ACC.  If so, then it is conceivable that two thetans could each produce a half which would merge together into an individual.  The resulting individual would obviously have to have a full track back to native state, but it might be a dual track.  I don't think that this will make any difference in processing (he can still spot and handle early track), so the question doesn't need to be settled at this time.

And so we have the 3 mechanisms in their sane form.  He can put some thought (which is not aware of being aware) over there, or he can operate from a viewpoint over there (except its not over there, its just one of many locations he owns and operates from), or he can divide and one of him goes over there.  This is the sanity that underlies a vast sphere of aberration.

The thetan can be made to divide, and hide from himself, and in each of these split fragments, he can be made to abberate himself and others.  These split pieces are not quite true individuals (you have to live your own track to become individual).  They are more like the result of putting out intention/attention units to operate from various places.  But the heavy unawareness and implanted goals that are generally present make these pieces more separated than you would expect so that they are almost individuals.  There are many variations of these and some come closer to one extreme or the other.

We will refer to this entire class of theta units as split viewpoints (SVs).  Generally, this is an abberated partial split that is not quite a totally separate individual.  The PC can discover that he is being each of his many fragments (SVs) but he makes a point of not-knowing about this from his primary theta line where he is maintaining himself as a unique individual.

Mostly he's 90 percent unconscious in each of his split viewpoints, but he does have a least a small amount of awareness and intelligence there.  Often you will find an SV where he has a great cheerful glee at abberating himself and others.

The PC generally has deep and strong considerations that memory is locational and will only use the memories in a particular operating location that were acquired in that location.  He doesn't let the data cross over.  He also will usually insist that responsibility is also location dependent.  Himself in position A is not responsible for what he did in position B.  He hangs onto this attitude because he's often committing overts and doesn't want the blame to cross over.


Although most SVs are setup by implants, he also does this himself on purpose.  He will push a sneaky little piece of himself into someone else to control them.  In this society, you see this often on the 2D.

This does not occur on a simple attempt to handle somebody or in making some postulates etc., it is a real attempt to compel someone by pushing a piece of yourself into their head.  I don't think that most people do this very often, but you should at least be able to find a few times where you did in this lifetime.  Usually the action is of short duration and you pull out again and dissolve the split, but occasionally you might leave a piece in there permanently.  These should all be cleaned up.  Also, chains of overts of trying to compel people should be run out.

I think that we will find that rape includes the rapist pushing an SV into the victim (the victim would find it as a BT).  We might also find that this generally occurs when an SP drives someone PTS which gives us another explanation for the phone calls on the suppressed person rundown.

You will also find that the pc has sometimes split off a helpful SV. He does this as a defense mechanism.  For example, he knows the thought police are going to catch him and so he sends a piece of himself off to hide and come back later to break him out of jail. He makes himself forget this so that the police wouldn't read his mind and find out about it.  Sometimes these are clouding his mind or abilities to keep the police from finding out.  Usually the need for these is long gone but he never noticed and is still keeping things from himself.


The thetan has frequently been implanted to split into pieces from which he is ordered to emit various compulsions at himself and others.  A significant version of this is the "compel" item derived off of each penalty universe (covered in another write-up).

In an early version of this, he simply puts pieces of himself into a big pool representing "Eternity" from where he sends compulsions at himself.  Later implants make him fragment and place him in various locations around himself and others emitting these compulsions.  His fragments appear like BTs to other people.

The compulsion SVs will be covered in more detail in a separate write-up.


This implant has him divide into 5 valences for each of these "Actual GPMs" and try to push himself, as each of these valences, into other people for the purpose of acting out the GPM in life. This is run out with its own platen.  See the write-up on the 5 way GPMs.


The PC  has often been made to put a piece of himself into a cross copy pool of one kind or another as described in the write-up on Pool Theory.  This includes emotion clouds and somatic pools and the big cross copy pools in the universe machinery through which he keeps the universe continually created.  He's in these pools along with everyone else.  This maintains the physical contact that everyone thinks is needed to maintain a consistent experience of reality and feelings and somatics etc.

One interesting thing that everyone does is to divide after dropping the body and say that only one copy has the earlier identity and memory.  This copy is fed into the universe machinery for preservation.  The remaining copy (by which we mean you) is supposedly a pure untainted new individual.  Of course this doesn't work, but it contributes significantly to forgetting the previous life and pretending that you're someone new.


There are numerous implants that make the individual divide. The usual physical universe technique is to force him to be in two places by use of force (energy waves etc.) and then implant mutually detestable goals into him in the two different locations so that he will keep them separated.  He might be implanted to be a policeman and hate crooks in one position and implanted to be a criminal and hate police in the other, so that from each viewpoint, he despises himself in the other valence.

Another common technique is simple trickery and treachery, giving him false data and convincing him to split for his own survival or for the sake of helping others.

Mass implants generally have people divide many ways and become BTs on each other.  This is true of incident 2.  He didn't simply get infested with BTs, he also became many BTs which were implanted into others.

Double body incidents include dividing and "leaving your real self behind" in the body that is held in pawn.


Sometimes you might have handled a split by running it as a BT, especially when you were running a BT on someone else's body. Sometimes someone else blows a BT which is one of your SVs and you just feel a bit better or have some cognition out of thin air.

The main technique is simply to blow by inspection.  You just spot the SV and the division dissolves or you spot the moment in the implant when you divided or you spot the item that did it.  Often, spotting the decision to divide will cure it (especially true for volitional splits that weren't forced by an implant).

When one of these dissolves, you don't generally abandon the location or whatever.  You just become bigger and can consciously operate from more viewpoints.  Note that you're not going to absorb or drain any other individuals.  If something is independent enough to go its own way, then it will.

One technique you can use is to simply reassume the viewpoint and responsibility.  You can get on the other side of the "valence wall" and run flows or mockups of the wall to dissolve it.

You can also use ordinary BT handling techniques.  One thing that works on difficult ones is to assess for the underlying penalty universe goal and either have the SV spot the top or spot the top of it yourself from the SV viewpoint.

Often an SV will also have BTs accumulated around it and copying it.  What frequently happens is that the split dissolves immediately on inspection and then a BT copies the split viewpoint and pretends to be you since this is a good way to control you or create an effect or simply because it is interesting.

Because of this, if you need to run something on the SV beyond simply blow by inspection, it is usually best to run it as if it were a BT.  This will dissolve splits and restore your ability to occupy the location as yourself while also blowing any copying BTs and allowing anything that has become a separate individual to free up and blow.

Sometimes you will find yourself waking up in a "senior" viewpoint.  These may be "oversouls" or whatever and often are in higher universes or in traps of various kinds.  Generally your are almost unconscious in these viewpoints but you have the idea that they were the "big" you and your earth existence is the lesser copy. Often, you got out of traps or whatever by leaving yourself behind and extending out a "lesser remote viewpoint".  The handling is to clean up machinery etc. (PMEs, CEs, etc.) that is surrounding you in the "higher" viewpoint.  Usually the perception of these turns on for a brief while and then fades.  Use the opportunity to clean up everything you can get your hands on.  You might have to pick up one of these areas a number of times before you get enough of the trap taken apart to free yourself from it completely.  Just persist in blowing things and don't Q and A too much about where you are or what's going on.  You'll just get dub in until you pull off enough of the surrounding weight.