This is just a collection of various interesting OT processes. My opinion is that you will do best switching off between drills and case handling rather than specializing in one or the other.

There are many OT drills in the Scientology materials of 1952-4. A small percentage of them made it into the old OT 5 and 6, but those could be considered quickie levels compared to what could have been done. Note that old 5 and 6 were put together in the quickie era of Scientology and were never expanded.

A number of these processes are in the book "Creation of Human Ability". The drills given in route 1 were probably favorites of Ron's, but the book also contains the SOP 8C rundown which (except for the opening procedure) is loaded with OT processes. There are more processes in the tech volumes for this time period. Especially interesting are the processes given in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ACC tapes. The group processing sessions of the 3rd ACC are real eye openers.

I'm not going to repeat all of Ron's material here. You should study it in the original form if at all possible. Instead, I will limit myself (with a few exceptions) to additional things that I have come up with, or significant improvements on Ron's versions.