Although I have referred to the prison planet implant as being Hellotrobian, I believe that the old Hellatrobus empire is long gone in this galaxy. I think that there are still Hellotroban fanatics around who sell their services as implanters (to make people good) and specialize in prison planets. Whoever set this place up simply hired them.

The Hellatoban symbology includes the staircase to heaven, pearly gates, trainsheds, trolley cars, small town banks, idyllic pastures, angels, devils, crosses, mortuaries, and peaceful small town and bucolic scenery.

A great deal of Hellatroban symbols were added to Christianity in the medieval period, but please note that this does not mean that Christianity was started by Hellatrobus. Except for the cross (which is a much more basic symbol and not exclusive to Hellatrobus), none of this stuff is in early translations of the Bible (some of it is in later altered versions). The Hellatroban effort is to twist local religions into its sweeping effort to make others good by implanting. The Buddhists tended to avoid this because Buddha rejected heaven as being part of the trap (his argument was that if you accept Heaven, then you also accept Hell and you will spend your existence bouncing back and forth between them). But I think you will find a lot of Hellatrobian stuff in the other eastern religions.

Hellatrobus actually prefers to blend sex in with religion and their preference would be to have temple orgies rather than celibacy. But they will work with an anti-sex religion if they have to. Either way, they insist on controlling sex and condemn its practice outside of the control of the church because they see it as a weapon and means of control. It works best in a must have / can't have atmosphere and so they object strenuously to a loose and laize farre attitude on the subject.

The current Hellatrobus implant includes pictures of radioactive clouds etc., but it may be an almost accurate representation of the earlier use of the Hellatrobus implants, intended to restimulate and confuse you about when it happened. It don't think that the earlier one, used by the Hellotrobian empire in this galaxy a long time ago, was anywhere near as complex as the current implant, but I didn't spend much time trying to research it.

The earliest versions of this implant go back before this universe (I don't think they were called Hellotrobian then, but the name will suffice). They get much simpler. The earliest one I could find seemed to be used in the thought universe but it uses symbols universe style constructions so maybe it actually comes from an even earlier period. This early one, which I will refer to as the "Basic Hellotrobian Implant" made extensive use of penalty universe symbols along with the standard Hellatrobian style scenery. I did some work on this one and what I got of it is given below.

There are even earlier religious implants, such as the "Dear Souls Implant" (later in this write-up) and the false jewel of knowledge. This is the flip side of the coin from the implants intended to make slaves (such as the ones in OT2 and things like the amusement park goals etc.).

It seems like it all goes back to the reality wars (see the cosmic history). The crowd pushing three dimensions eventually launched implants to create enforced agreement with MEST and to make slaves and the fourth dimensional crew countered with implants pushing religion, heaven, and sexual sensation, all of which exceed the normal three dimensional framework.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so critical of Ron's comment about the psychs and priests (see "What is/isn't true"), but the remark was terribly shallow compared to the real truth and it was unjustly harsh on the many well intentioned individuals in these professions.

Don't bother looking for the bad guys behind all of this. We all take turns and switch sides frequently as well. The whole conflict stems from the subtle wrong data given us in the original jewel of knowledge and the only way out is for us to drop the whole thing.


I date this as around 2 1/2 quadrillion years ago ( 2576 trillions).

This is done to thetan energy beings. The construction is a 3D space built sideways so that it seems like a 2D flat picture floating in space. It looks interesting, so you float over and get drawn in.

In front of the picture floating in space is a row of the 64 penalty universe terminals, leading down into the picture. You're drawn to the row and enter it and move from terminal to terminal hearing the "price" items (see the penalty universe master list - these price items were use in many different implants). As you pass the last terminal (the pyramid), you look into the picture and see the opening scene with the trolley car and the building and the bank (like a small town bank) with a nice looking little boy (?) body standing in front of it. You go down and enter it (to get away from the pyramid) and become the child.

You go into the bank and find the escalator and ride it up to heaven. Pillars along side the escalator have the faces of the penalty terminals and they say the 64 "survive" lines (see the penalty universe master list).

At the top you go through 64 scenes. Each depicts a penalty universe goal/terminal. You see one and then an atomic light glows and you get an implant GPM that carries the goal down to its inversion. In other words, create goes to destroy, cause goes to effect, all the way down to endure being turned around into "to be ended". The items seem to follow a CDEI style patter such as enforced creation opposing inhibited destruction but I didn't bother working out the platen because the entire scene can be blown by spotting the penalty universe native state item for the goal. So you just spot the inversion of create into destroy, ITSA the scene a bit if necessary, and then spot "to create is native state" to FN. Then do the next goal.

After you get indoctrinated by the 64 scenes in heaven, you're taken before god's throne and told that you are too evil to remain in heaven. You're cast out and fall down into the pit of hell.

Once there, you go through 64 tortures. Each begins with the inversion item in its strongest form, i.e. "TO CREATE IS TO DESTROY, ABSOLUTABLY", and then you're tossed into a pit of fire or frozen in ice or whatever. They go through all 64 inversions ending with "TO ENDURE IS TO BE ENDED, ABSOLUTABLY" and then angels come and rescue you.

Then you're made to promise to be good (they toss you in again and the whole thing repeats if you don't), given a shove and come out of the picture in a daze.

This was apparently meant to lay in the symbols of Hellatrobus by use of the earlier charge on the penalty universes. I think they went through some vast research effort to get a bit of the penalty universes so that they could put some punch behind their symbols of pearly gates and angels and things. I think they had the idea that they could take over anywhere by having a set of symbols that everyone would react to.