18 Oct 90.

This could be called the Ethics implant.

Have you noticed these people who feel that they need to be controlled and disciplined? The sort who say that they need to have someone make them put their ethics in?

If someone is being criminal, either they have it all nicely justified and not-ised or they confront it and reform. If somebody really thought they were out-ethics, they'd do something about it. But here we have someone who's saying "I don't know what's what, but somehow or other I must be being bad and that's what's wrong with me, so I need someone else to come over and jerk me around and evaluate for me and help me be good".

The real psychos are down in the negative goal inversions and its all unreal. They'd never say something like this. The ordinary criminal is into the O/M, O/W, and O/J sequences and is not very likely to own up to his misdeeds. The last thing he wants is to have someone else put his ethics in.

Now the average decent person could sure use some help understanding and confronting things, and he likes to have some nice guidelines about the proper things to do, but he doesn't need a policeman standing over his shoulder to get him to do them. But many of these people literally crave the presence of someone who'll tell them what terrible sinners they are and force them to behave.

This is completely insane and irrational. If you hear a statement like this, you tend to dub in a factor of reasonability. You see him saying "I'm bad and I need my ethics put in" and you think that its his out ethics behavior that's making him say this. Since you can probably see that he does have some out-ethics (its pretty common), you think that that is what he's talking about. But its not! If he could get his hands on some real out-ethics, he'd just change his behavior.

What he's talking about is his normal sane behavior. He has the mistaken idea that somewhere in there is some terrible criminality such as the overt of being alive and breathing, and he wants some other determined viewpoint to come along and cure him of this.

This is all the result of an implant that convinced him that people were basically bad and needed to have other determined ethics pushed in on them. It sold him on the idea that what was wrong with him was his own inherent evil nature and the basic evil nature of others. It made him think that civilization depended on people policing each other from moment to moment. And it made him crave external enforcement to keep him good.

In its recent form, this is the dear souls implant. It is actually a between lives implant used on the people in the dear souls civilization which spread across much of the inner core of the galaxy in the wake of the collapse of an earlier slave oriented militaristic empire (with some of the characteristics of Nazi Germany and Rome under Caesar). When the revolutionaries got control, they decided to stamp out war and strife forever and began implanting everyone to make them good. I get a date of 7 trillion, 753 million years ago as the first time I received this in this universe.

In an earlier form, this was also used at various times and places in the magic universe.

Basic on this seems to be early in the Symbols universe, maybe around 50 quadrillion years ago. Supposedly, it was first done to solve the problem of people dramatizing the inverted penalty goals (from the treadmill), but it never accomplished this. That was just a justifier put out by the government. The real purpose was to keep people in their place, quietly doing their jobs and not revolting. It made good servants out of the bulk of the population.

There are differences between the various versions, and a great deal of things in these implants that I have not researched out in detail. The goals are late on the chain and not as deeply entrenched as the penalty universe goals, so you should be able to blow the whole mess just by spotting a few key things.


The following is done for each of the 20 goals given in the goals list below.

1. Spot "TO BE (goal) IS NATIVE STATE" This is the first item of the original implant used in the symbols universe.

2. Spot "TO CREATE (positive goal state) IS NATIVE STATE". This is the first item of a later version of the implant.

3. Spot "TO DESTROY (negative goal state) IS NATIVE STATE". This goes with item 2 above.

4. Another version uses the entire series of 64 penalty goals from Create down to Endure. The format is:

TO BE IS TO CREATE (positive goal state) TO BE IS TO MOCK UP (positive goal state) ... etc. .... TO BE IS TO ENDURE ANYTHING FOR THE SAKE OF (positive goal state)

Spot the 3 items above plus a few more if needed to get the mass to key out. Note that items like "to be is to eat ethics" are part of this platen with the sense of drawing in Ethics through your mouth and incorporating it into your beingness. But the wording might better be stated as "to be is to absorb ethics", because that is closer to the sense of the item.

5. After number 4 above, the implant uses the 64 inverted penalty goals on the negative goal state (i.e., destroying out-ethics) running from dissipate to destroy (i.e., reverse order).

TO BE IS TO DISSIPATE (negative goal state). ... etc. .... TO BE IS TO UNMOCK (negative goal state). TO BE IS TO DESTROY (negative goal state).

Spot the above 3 items and a few more if needed to key this out. They erred in using this on people because it includes items like "to be is to misunderstand out-ethics" which messed up their idea of people policing each other.

6. The earliest versions include a splitter where you push parts of yourself onto others to make them behave (see the write-up on CEs etc.).

Spot pushing yourself onto others and compelling them to be (positive goal state). Spot pushing yourself onto others and inhibiting them from being (negative goal state).

(per later research, you should have any pieces you spot "point to the being you divided from").

Also, if necessary, handle any recent overts of forcing others to be (positive goal state) or inhibiting others from being (negative goal state). Here we're not looking for sane and reasonable efforts to get others to improve but rather we're looking for the heavy make wrong type crush ethics.

7. Spot any entities that were pushed on to you to compel you to be (positive goal state) or inhibit you from being (negative goal state). Handle by having them spot the false data in the implant and by spotting the top item (#1 above). (or use point to the being you divided from).

8. Spot wanting to be compelled by others to be (positive goal state) and inhibited by others from being (negative goal state). Spot the fact that these cravings were laid in by the implant.

9. Spot the false implanted datum that people are basically (negative goal state).

10. Spot the misconception that this implant is necessary to your well being and to the well being of others.

11. Spot "TO CREATE IS NATIVE STATE". Spot this for yourself and for any partially awake entities that haven't quite blown yet. Notice that this goes back much earlier than any of the above items (i.e., the penalty universes are much much earlier).

12. If necessary, spot "TO AGREE IS NATIVE STATE", and spot building the agreements universe before that. Again, spot this both for yourself and any partially awake entities that haven't quite blown.

If it hasn't keyed out completely, spot overts of designing this implant, or doing it to others, or wanting others implanted with this, or forcing others to be (positive goal).


The format is: TO BE (positive goal) (TO CREATE (positive goal state) / TO DESTROY (negative goal state) )

Although other prefixes besides create and destroy are used with these goal states, this seems to be the clearest way of writing these items.

Note that out-ethics can also be translated as criminality.

Some of the items are a bit difficult to translate and you may have to work them around a bit. Note that these always represent states of beingness rather than trying to inflow something (i.e., it is making people have sympathetic natures rather than getting them to sympathize with you).

1. TO BE ETHICAL (to create ethics / to destroy out-ethics).

2. TO BE RESOURCEFUL (to create resourcefulness / to destroy complacency).

3. TO BE SYMPATHETIC (to create sympathy / to destroy callousness)

4. TO BE DUTIFUL (to create dutifulness / to destroy carelessness)

5. TO BE RESPONSIBLE (to create responsibility / to destroy irresponsibility).

6. TO BE HONORABLE (to create honor / to destroy dishonor).

7. TO BE LOYAL (to create loyalty / to destroy disloyalty).

8. TO BE TRUSTWORTHY (to create trustworthiness / to destroy betrayal)

9. TO BE INDUSTRIOUS (to create industriousness / to destroy laziness)

10. TO BE MERCIFUL (to create mercifulness / to destroy vengefulness)

11. TO BE OBEDIENT (to create obedience / to destroy disobedience)

12. TO BE PATIENT (to create patience / to destroy impatience)

13. TO BE HELPFUL (to create helpfulness / to destroy unhelpfulness)

14. TO BE CARING (to create caring / to destroy uncaring)

15. TO BE PROTECTIVE (to create protectiveness / to destroy unprotectiveness)

16. TO BE THRIFTY (to create thriftiness / to destroy wastefulness)

17. TO BE POLITE (to create politeness / to destroy rudeness)

18. TO BE RESPECTFUL (to create respectfullness / to destroy disrespectfullness)

19. TO BE GOOD (to create goodness / to destroy badness)

20. TO BE REVERENT (to create reverence / to destroy irreverence).

It shouldn't be necessary to run the hundreds of detail items that were implanted on each of these 20 goals. Just use the dozen steps given above to key out the whole mess.

It reminds me a bit of the boy scout's code. You can see the sweetness and light nature of this in the use of items such as politeness and by the choice of bad rather than evil as the opposite of good.

It's insidious in that the items all seem nice enough that they tend to draw you into agreement. You were basically good (most of the time) prior to receiving this implant, so the item seems reasonable to you. It seems like a good idea to implant everyone into being good, like it would make a golden age or something. But it doesn't. It makes crazy people who become fanatic on enforcing goodness and destroy badness. Eventually, the idea of being good just makes people's flesh crawl.

Since you become what you resist, the end product of this is a society of rude, lazy, and dishonorable people who preach at you all the time about being good.

End of Dear Souls Implant