22 June 91

See the train implant in new tech vol 7 (HCOB 24 Aug 63, page 281). There is little or no charge on the implant for an OT. But there will be loads of BTs who are dramatizing these goals.

I don't think that Ron was correct in identifying this as the implant used to sentence people to earth, but it is a recent (this universe) implant. Maybe its used on entities shipped here to plague us (e.g. dregs cleaned up from the most recent mass implant that happen maybe ten thousand years ago out in the direction of the constellation "Draco the Dragon"). That would explain why there were so many BTs on this one even though I could find little charge of my own on it. The train sequence can be confused with the train sequence in Hellatrobus (which is the before earth implant), and that may have encouraged Ron's error in identifying this one.

Check "is there a BT with the goal ...". If so, have him spot the goal being implanted, then spot the first time the goal was implanted. If necessary, ask "who are you" to get a blow. Note that many or all of these goals go back to much earlier implants including the amusement park implants (bear and gorilla goals) and the crashes implant (conflicts universe), so spotting the earlier time the goal was implanted is quite important.

The face in the train car is a penalty universe terminal. There will be BTs who are being the face (and getting others to dramatize the implanted goal). Have them spot native state at the top of the penalty universe being restimulated (in parenthesis below). Note that the penalty universe goals were not used in the train implant, just the faces of the terminals. It mystified and restimulated the beings getting the train implant.

Occasionally check for a) The goal is a wrong item for others, b) copying, c) BT overrun on a goal (have them spot going release on it). Note that these blow very fast and its easy to slide over onto a different BT (who has a different goal) when one blows and its easy to overrun someone on a goal.

Take multiple passes through the list, running lightly rather than trying to get every last one on one pass. This reduces the problem of others copying the goal or it acting as a wrong item for others with different goals.

As you get these off, its like you have been living in a sea of molasses and its finally falling away.

1. TO BE ENDED         - god (to create)
2. TO BE CONTROLLED    - computer (to mockup)
3. TO BE UNAWARE       - cloud (to intensify)
4. TO BE UNCONSCIOUS    - cartoon mouse (to imagine)
5. TO BE UNKNOWING     - dodo (to know)
6. TO MISUNDERSTAND    - chipmunk (to understand)
7. TO BE AFRAID        - hero (to absorb)
8. TO NEVER FIND OUT   - gnome (to learn)
9.  TO BE OBEDIENT     - Chinese child (to play)
10. TO BE CAUGHT       - coach (to compete)
11. TO BE TRAPPED      - spirit broker (to exchange)
12. TO BE OBLIGATED    - penguin banker (to manipulate)
13. TO NEVER CHANGE    - magician (to change)
14. TO DIVIDE          - clay man (to shape)
15. TO MERGE           - twins (to combine)
16. TO BE CONFUSED     - gorilla (to bring order)
17. TO BE DEAD         - clown (to reason)
18. TO BE DISORIENTED  - wire man (to orient)
19. TO RETURN          - pilot (to guide)
20. TO NEVER ESCAPE    - toy (to compute)
21. TO NEVER FINISH    - lobster engineer (to engineer)
22. TO NEVER GET ANYWHERE - beaver (to construct)
23. TO NEVER ACCOMPLISH - crystals (to structure)
24. TO NEVER START     - snake people (to build)
25. TO NEVER CORRECT   - munchkin (to invent)
26. TO BE DEGRADED     - muse (to inspire)
27. TO NEVER IMPROVE   - ghost (to enhance)
28. TO NEVER BELIEVE   - godmother (to beautify)
29. TO BE CORRUPTED    - fire people (to purify)
30. TO BE GUILTY       - bull people (to judge)
31. TO BE BEATEN (defeated) - green men (to defend)
32. TO BE IN JAIL      - sphere (to police)
33. TO ???             - rabbit preacher (to enlighten) ??
34. TO AGREE           - fish man (to convert)
35. TO BE MYSTIFIED    - angel (to commune)
36. TO BE DOOMED       - knight (to worship)
37. TO BE INVISIBLE    - soothsayer (to predict)
38. TO BE ASLEEP       - cupid (to influence)
39. TO BE OWNED        - elves (to collect)
40. TO HAVE A BODY     - goat god (to embody)
41. TO NEVER DISCOVER  - centaurs (to discover)
42. TO BE LOCATED      - leprechaun (to locate)
43. TO BE SOLID        - space invaders (to gather)
44. TO BE UNREAL       - fox people (to own)
45. TO STAY HIDDEN     - scarecrow (to grow)
46. TO BE SICK         - treeman (to heal)
47. TO BE STOPPED      - dinosaur (to be alive)
48. TO BE WEAK         - thread man (to adapt)
49. TO BE IMPLANTED AGAIN - 3 eyed giant (to establish)
50. TO BE TIRED        - dolphin (to share)
51. TO BE WRONG        - frog king (to control)
52. TO BE OVERWHELMED  - dog soldier (to unite)
53. TO NEVER SUCCEED   - clerk (to organize)
54. TO BE BLACKNESS    - robot (to co-operate)
55. TO NEVER SOLVE     - mermaid (to participate)
56. TO NEVER HAVE ENERGY - mouse engineer (to expand)
57. TO NEVER POSTULATE - cat people (to join)
58. TO NEVER COMMUNICATE - insect people (to reproduce)
59. TO NEVER QUESTION  - caveman (to satisfy)
60. TO NEVER PERCEIVE  - bird girl (to carefor)
61. TO FORGET          - bear (to feel)
62. TO AGE             - arab (to replenish)
63. TO BE A BODY       - tiger (to eat)
64. TO BE ALL ONE      - pyramid (to endure)

Note: the platen given in the HCOB is not quite right. The goal and its opposition goal are used in opposing RIs rather than the goal being used on both sides. The opposition goal is a not or never form of the goal unless the goal itself is in the "never" form (i.e., to never perceive etc.) in which case the opposition goal is in normal form (i.e.., to perceive opposes to never perceive). This inverts on the item DOUBTFUL (see below). Note that the final RI is single (it is the goal itself) and it is opposed by a (vacuum) that is formed by the implant omitting the other RI in the final pair.

Example: (for the 1st goal - to be ended)

1. an ended being                   2. a not ended being
3. ALL TO BE ended                  4. NOTHING TO NEVER BE ended
5. BEST TO BE ended                 6. NOT BEST TO NEVER BE ended
9. DOUBTFUL TO NEVER BE ended      10. CERTAIN TO BE ended
15. HOPELESS TO NEVER BE ended     16. HOPEFUL TO BE ended
17. TO BE ended, THIS IS YOUR GOAL 18. (vacuum)

In addition to the various misdirectors listed in the HCOB, the implant also uses:

This is happening to you before
This is happening to you after
This never happened to you
This never stopped happening to you
You can't believe that this is happening
Its taking longer
Its taking shorter
Its a thousand times longer than you think
Its a thousand times shorter than you think
Stay here
Go away
You were never here in the first place

They also say "we gave you every chance to leave but you didn't, so now you have to stay here forever".

Note that there are translation problems since these goals etc. are laid in telepathically. To forget could also be stated as To Never Remember, etc. You might need to work the wording around.

There are some other goals I found while researching this that don't seem to be from this implant but do seem to run the same way (i.e.., have BTs spot the goal being implanted). They are:

To keep everyone together.
To hold everyone in.
To continuously create reality
To need energy

Also, there is a series of "body part" goals (done in a cave) that will also run on BTs this way. The goals are in the form TO BE EYES, ears, skull, brain, etc. for a large variety of body parts.

end of the train implant