This is an early implant, probably stemming from the theta-mest wars. It uses single firing rather than double firing items. The double firing patterns are pairs in opposition whereas single firing ones are decay scales.

Ron thought that this used the same pattern as the Bear and Gorilla goals (see above) and that it generally was only done on a single goal, the goal "To Create" (see new tech vol VII page 255). This is incorrect. The entire penalty series from create down to endure was used and the item pattern is a decaying one beginning with "TO Create" and running through "The terrors of creating" down to "To NEVER Create".

Again I didn't bother getting the item series in detail because it blows on spotting the native state item for the penalty universe. The only real charge that needs to be confronted in this incident is the falling and your decision not to create etc. This lets you run it very quickly if you've already keyed out the penalty universes. But it should be run because the implant, which now seems trivial, was of great significance to you at the time and got you to make very strong postulates not to create, not to reason, not to endure, etc. and it restores horsepower to blow those bad postulates.

This used some sort of implant universe type technology that lets you die multiple times in the incident.

The implant begins with waiting on line. You go into a building (much like a city hall type bureaucracy). There is a big machine with a light that flashes as each person goes in. As you enter, there is a realistic looking picture of an aircraft in the air with an open door (sort of like a DC 3 or DC 7). The machine flashes and you're pushed sideways into the picture and it becomes reality.

Then the following is repeated for each of the 64 penalty goals:

a) You wake up on a couch in the airplane, as if from a dream.

b) They begin implanting items, beginning with the goal (i.e.. to create in the first pass). These items continue until you go splat on the ground. There are aircraft gun explosions with each item to drive it in.

c) The couch tilts and you're facing the open side door of the aircraft (while still strapped to the couch). It begins moving, on a sort of railed track, at first slowly and then quickly and then you're tossed out the door and falling.

d) As you reach high speed and see the ground rushing up at you and feel the sensations of free fall, they're giving you items like "the terrors of creating" (or of reasoning or enduring or whatever the goal is).

e) at the bottom, you get the item "to never create" and go splat with terrific impact and die.

Then you wake up on the couch in the airplane, as if from a dream, and they do the next goal in the series.

After all the goals have been done, the final sequence is as follows:

You're on line (inside the building, just past the airplane picture) waiting for the implant and you wake up from a daydream of what the implant might be like. You decide that you don't really need or want the implant. So, as you're about to walk down the hall into the implanting chamber, you change your mind, sneak down a side corridor, and find a way to the exit.

Then the implant ends and you really are walking out the exit, thinking that you skillfully avoided getting the implant.

Run each goal (from create down to endure) as follows:

a) spot the goal

b) spot falling (and the sensation or terror of falling if needed).

c) spot "to (goal) is native state" up at the top of the penalty universe.

If the charge doesn't blow immediately, then alternate b) and c) until it does.

d) spot the item "to never (goal)" and spot the impact of going splat on the ground. Again spot the native state item. If the charge doesn't blow immediately, use alternate spotting back and forth.

e) spot your own postulate made at the time of the incident. This will either be to never do the goal or to do the goal compulsively (because you're protesting the implant). Both postulates are undesirable. And you have probably made both at different times because the implant was used more than once. So spot it both ways. Alternate with the native state item until you feel good about doing the goal but have no compulsive urge to do it.

end of aircraft door implant