A "discontinuity" is a sudden unpredicted change in the framework of reality. You are presented with something totally outside of your frame of reference and you get terrified and try to clamp down on reality. As far as I know, true discontinuities do not happen in the real world here on Earth, but sometimes you get the discontinuity reaction when something that you didn't believe existed catches you by surprise. However, "real" discontinuities do happen in dreams quite frequently and if you flinch at them with this discontinuity reaction (instead of saying "how neat" and enjoying the change), the dream can shift into a nightmare as you start mocking up horrible things. Horrible discontinuities can also happen in the between lives area where everything is much more mutable. This whole business makes you hang onto mundane reality for dear life, even if the reality is unpleasant and interferes with your ability to change things.

I got into this one originally because I was trying to handle irrational fear, especially the fear of reality changing or objects moving etc. If you start to move an objected psychokenetically, you can sometimes get a knee jerk fear reaction that causes you to clamp down and suppress your own ability and leaves you with a feeling of terror. Its not a fear of the actual motion, but rather it is a fear of something happening to reality, as if you might cause a "discontinuity" and really get in trouble.

True basic on this is actually much earlier than the implant. It consists of real incidents of powerful beings sneaking up on each other and suddenly jamming in a major shift of reality. If you can spot early track incidents of having this done to you and doing this to others, you can probably undercut the implant. But I needed to run the implant first before I even realized that we used to do this to each other for fun and games. So here is the platen I ran. (Aug 1996).


Nov 25, 1990

This implant probably dates from the Motions universe. It seems to be given as a prize for winning a game.

The implant consists of a series of 64 sub-universes, one for each of the Agreements universe terminals that were used in the subjective terminals section of the agreement definitions. Each of these begins with a hollow object zooming in at you with a roar. The hollow is really an object with a different 3 dimensional orientation (i.e., it has a direction at right angles to your normal 3 dimensions) and you slightly sense the solid object as the edge (a 2 dimensional hollow) passes around you. As you pass through, you enter into a sub-universe.

In the sub-universe, you are the agreements universe terminal (i.e., the agreeing dog, the good bear, the winning seagull etc.). The "favorable" side of the agreement definition is always used. There is a short enjoyable sequence with high aesthetics and much interesting motion and good feelings etc. It is enough fun that you want it to continue. Then a discontinuity in reality occurs. This might be turning a corner into a different reality, or looking in a mirror, or going through a door, or just suddenly meeting an inappropriate terminal. One way or another, you suddenly find yourself (as the agreements universe terminal) in one of the penalty universe scenes. Then the penalty universe terminal is cause and commits whatever overts are appropriate (based on the penalty universe contents) against you.

The penalty sequence is a bad reality. It's as ruff on you as possible without going out of context. Since this incident is much later than the penalty universes, you tended to be heavily affected and unable to override the bad reality. Then, when your desperate to get out, you're offered the chance to collapse the whole reality into a black hole. You accept the choice and all of it, both the nice agreements mockup and the bad penalty mockup, are swept away. Then you get hit by the next object and go through this again with the next agreements universe terminal. If you don't agree to collapse it all, the section of the implant is repeated until you do.

This "black hole" is not quite like the physical universe black holes that the scientists talk about, but it is a close analogy. It is the result of collapsing an entire reality or frame of reference in on itself. These are the underlying basic on the "hollow spots" and "vacuums" talked about in the 1950s tech. These black holes act like vacuums, but it's space that they suck in and collapse. If you bring a Mest vacuum into an air cover, it sucks in the air. If you bring one of these holes into a Mest vacuum, it sucks in the space and the vacuum itself (and its dimension) is gone.

The implant has the effect of making you hold onto a frame of reference (reality) and avoid shifting the frame or messing with reality out of a fear of a "discontinuity" occurring. It also turned the basic frames of reference (viewpoints) of the agreements universe and the penalty universes into black holes that tend to drain your energy / interest / ability whenever you try to use viewpoints that are close to these frames.

The implant seems to follow the order of the agreements definitions. Run it as follows:

a) spot the object rushing in.

b) spot the nice reality (as the agreements terminal)

c) spot the discontinuity (the sudden shocking thing you see that lets you know that everything has changed)

d) spot the bad reality (effect of the penalty terminal)

e) spot agreeing to feed it into a black hole

f) spot deciding that it is dangerous to assume the characteristics of the agreements universe terminal (i.e. being good or winning etc.) because the penalty universe terminal will appear and do you in.

g) spot the top of the penalty universe - TO (goal) IS NATIVE STATE. (and spot being pushed in etc. if needed).

h) spot the first line of the agreements definition. TO AGREE IS TO KNOW THE MEANING OF ... AND .. (dichotomy terms)

i) spot the top of the agreements universe (rushing into agreement, triangle, native state)

j) spot building the agreements universe.

k) Mockup the discontinuity happening to you right now. Copy this many times and vary the mockup until you are cheerful or laughing at it.

You can skip steps i and j if you get a good FN sooner.

Objects used: Triangle (pyramid); square (cube); trapezoid; cone; Rectangle (cylinder); diamond; circle (sphere); crescent. The CC objects section restimulates this incident.

Colors Used: 1. Gold, 2. red, 3. yellow, 4. green, 5. blue, 6. brown, 7. violet, 8. orange


format: agreements definition (dichotomy), agreements terminal in parenthesis, Then a % followed by the object. Next the penalty goal with its terminal in parenthesis. Finally the discontinuity itself is described.

As usually, I did not get a complete run through the whole thing but only fooled around with it until I got a big gain, this time the gain was that I was no longer afraid of or bothered by the idea of reality shifting around on me.

Unfortunately, this means that the platen is speculative and incomplete, and I can't even say for sure how much of this is correct and how much was simply drilling my confront on reality shifting into a nightmare.



1. Agreeing / Disagreeing (dogs); %gold triangle%;
- To Manipulate (penguin banker).

Discontinuity: You are the agreeing dog running through the streets with a pack. Then you run into a building and go down a corridor. You turn a corner and find yourself in a bank staffed by penguin people. And you realize that reality has changed. Then the penguins say you owe for the flesh and haven't paid (you realize that you had forgotten this) so they skin you alive to sell your coat.

2. Good / Bad (Bears);
- To Understand (chipmunk). % red triangle%.

You are the good bear playing in the forest. Then you come to the "Chipmunk" standing on a rock. When you see him, you are shocked and you loose the ability to talk to other animals and he confuses you and creates conflicts until everyone kills each other. Spot deciding that if you become too good, the chipmunk will appear and confuse you.

3. Causative / Effected (salesman in ice-cream suit);
- To Beautify "fairy godmother". % yellow triangle%.

Discontinuity: You are the causative salesman (wearing an ice-cream suit) and you walk through a door into storybook land and the fairy godmother gets you and forces you to be sickly sweet. Now you are too nice to sell anything, so you cannot pay for food and starve to death. Spot deciding that if you become too causative, the fairy godmother will appear and make you behave.

4. Free/enslaved (horse); % green triangle %;
- To Engineer (lobster people).

Discontinuity: You are the horse who runs free and run over the edge of a cliff and fall into the water where the lobster people get you and enslave you to build things.

5. Beautiful / Ugly (cherub).
- To Control. %blue triangle%.

You fly down from the crowd of cherubs in the sky and look behind a rock and see the "Frog" and fall under his power and are made to degrade and debase yourself. Spot deciding that if you become too beautiful, the frog will appear and dominate you.

6. Logical / Illogical (alligator);
- To Heal; %brown triangle%.

you're lying on a river bank philosophizing when another alligator flies up in the air and you see that the forest is different and the "guardian spirit of the forest" begins tossing you around Spot deciding that if you become too logical, a spirit will show up and start throwing you around.

7. Winning / Losing (seagull);
- To Collect. %violet triangle %.

You fly out of a cloud into fairyland where the "elf" enslaves your soul Spot deciding that if you win too much, the elf will show up and you will loose your soul.

8. Healthy / Sick (flamingo); % orange triangle%;
- To Co-operate (robots).

Discontinuity: You're the healthy flamingo (a sort of whooping crane person) playing a sort of soccer like game kicking a ball in a stadium with cheering crowds when a shadow falls across you and you look up and these robots float down and force you to co-operate. They set you to work digging and building things and fighting each other.



9. Enduring / Transient (dinosaurs); % gold square %;
- To Eat (tiger).

Discontinuity: You are the enduring dinosaur and eating foliage. You push your head through the foliage and there are the tigers and the forest has changed to a jungle and they take big bites out of your flanks etc. Spot deciding that if you live too long, the tigers will show up and get you.

10. Skillful / Incompetent (bee); thought circles
- To Energize; % red square % ??

Discontinuity: You are the skillful beaver building a dam You're cutting down a tree when an energy circle comes out of it and begins sublimating your world into energy. Eventually you're stuck in painful flows of hot & cold & electrical energy.

11. Interested / Disinterested (fish);
- To Participate. %yellow square%.

Swimming in a fish city, you swim around a castle and there is the "Mermaid" who dominates you and makes you degrade yourself Spot deciding that if you become too interested, the mermaid will appear and get you to debase yourself.

12. Moving / Rigid (Rock Person). %green square%;
- To Solidify (Pan).

Discontinuity: You are the moving rock person (#12 moving /rigid - green square) walking in the forest when you suddenly see ghosts/spirits popping out of the trees & hear strange music & then pan steps out & begins to draw spirits out of you & you become rigid.

13. Certain / confused (computer); %blue square %;
- To Exchange (spirit broker).

Discontinuity: You are the computer that has certainty mocking up spaces and creatures along with other computers. You mockup a space and spirit brokers appear in it and you can't get rid of them and they say you owe a debt (out exchange) you haven't paid so their going to repossess your soul. You become confused and they get you.

14. Gives Pleasure / Gives Pain (ostrich);
- To Compete; %brown square%;

you're in a flock of ostriches in a field in a sexual frenzy and then a whistle blows and you are in an arena and see the "Coach" and the flock is made to fight in a game Spot deciding that if you enjoy too much pleasure, the coach will appear and make you get hurt.

15. Right / Wrong (cube) %violet square%;
- To Defend (saucer people).

Discontinuity: You are the cube who is always right floating above the countryside when suddenly there's a flying saucer in the sky above you & there's a city below that wasn't there before & the saucer hauls you in with a beam & the little green men zap you with energy and show you how wrong you have been all your life.

16. Truth / Hallucination (giant - like Paul Bunyan);
- to share (dolphins) %orange square%.

You're the giant who perceives truly and walking in the forest and slip on a rock and then you're falling through the air into an ocean filled with dolphins who catch you in the air and dominate you.



17. Visible / Hidden (Statue).
- To Expand. %golden trapezoid%. You are a statue ruling over a plane, then the mouse engineers appear and restrict and entrap you and you try to hide & fail.

18. Present / Absent (Jellyfish) %red trapezoid%;
- To Purify (fire people).

Discontinuity: You are the jellyfish who is present swimming in the sea enjoying the sensations when suddenly you realize you are swimming in thick hot air welling upwards from a volcano & the fire people standing around the rim begin forcing you down into the lava with their tridents & you desperately want to be elsewhere.

19. Smart / Dumb (birds).
- To Arbitrate; % yellow trapezoid %. You're flying in the woods when you come upon the "Minotaur" and the forest becomes a palace and he judges you and finds you guilty and puts you in a cage

20. Just / Unjust (flames)
- To Compute; %green trapezoid%. you're the just flame bathing in light when a door appears and you go through into a giant toyshop where "dolls" trap you in a magnetic field and experiment on you

21. brings Order / brings Chaos (Stork); %blue trapezoid%;
- To Organize (clerk) Discontinuity: You are the stork who brings order flying high above the countryside when suddenly you are flying in a large administrative hall and the clerks catch you and make you fill out forms & constantly punish you for filling them out wrong no matter what you do.

22. Wakeful / sleeping (Whale); % brown trapezoid %;
- To Protect (energy ball); (? maybe aware/unconscious). Discontinuity: You are the wakeful whale swimming in the ocean & you surface & find yourself in a lake (reseviour) in a city & the protectors (energy balls) come & start zapping you & you go unconscious to avoid it.

23. Humorous / Sullen (seal).
- To Imagine; %violet trapezoid%. You're the humorous seal swimming by the shore when you poke your head out of water and see that now your in a pool in a cartoon zoo, you see the "Cartoon Mouse" and he distorts you threw his power of imagination (note, same as playful / serious).

24. Planned / random (or plans /leaves things to chance); (squirrel); %orange trapezoid%;
- To Change (magician).

Discontinuity: You are the squirrel who plans & you carry nuts into a hole in a tree trunk. But as you go in, it becomes the magician's lair & he changes you randomly into different things & all your planning has been for nothing.


25. Whole / Divided (erector man - rods & wheels); % gold cone%;
- To Join (cat people). Discontinuity: You are the erector set man (rods & wheels) walking in an erectorset like land, you pass through an archway and the cat people get you and pull you apart and give you to their kittens.

26. Strong / Weak (robot);
- To Combine; %red cone %. you're walking in the city and enter a door and suddenly your in the giant lab of the "Siamese Twins" who experiment upon you Spot deciding that if you get too strong, the two headed twin will appear and operate on you.

27. Real / Unreal (Peacock); %yellow cone%;
- To replenish (Arab). Discontinuity: You are the real peacock walking in a storybook style village & you turn a corner around the side of a cottage & there is the desert & Arab tents & the Arabs grab you & pluck your feathers & eat you & you can't take it and try to make it all go unreal.

28. Owned / Independent (monkey); %green cone%;
- To Grow (GE). ?

Discontinuity: You are the independent monkey playing in the rocks by a jungle. You slip & fall & you are on the cliffs by the sea & the GE comes & blankets you & takes you over & makes strange things brow out of your body. Spot deciding that if you become too independent, a spirit will come by & take you over.

29. Infinite / Located (spirit); %blue cone%;
- To locate (leprechaun). Discontinuity: You are the infinite spirit looking at a planet when suddenly you realize it is just a spinning crystal ball held by a leprechaun & you realize that you've really been located in a room & asleep all this time & had forgotten & he leads you around & you get more & more confused & dislocated & claustrophobic & trapped.

30. Courageous / Cowardly (lion).
- To Discover; %brown cone %. You crest a hill and see the "centaurs" and they catch and enslave you

31. Knowing / Unknowing (Owl); %violet cone%;
- To Reproduce (insect person). Discontinuity: You are the knowing owl on a branch of a tree. You hear a rustling and fly down and the insect invaders shoot you with a bright light (hypnotic gun) and lay eggs in your body.

32. Sharing / Greedy (Raccoon), %orange cone%;
- To Predetermine (Prophet). Discontinuity: You are he raccoon who shares (#32 sharing / greedy - orange cone) sitting in the trees when a staff pokes at you & you look down it & see the prophet who predicts that you will suffer terrible fates because of your greed & then brings them about.


33. Calm / Nervous (deer); %gold rectangle%;
- To Gather (spaceman). Discontinuity: You are the serene deer in a forest glade. You hear something behind your back and look around and there are the spacemen and a space city is behind them and they put you in a cage & carry you off.

34. Different / Same (sea urchin), %red rectangle%;
- To connect (to commune) (angel). Discontinuity: You are the sea urchin who is different living underwater when the angel appears and you realize that you're in a cloud & she lifts you out & there you are part of a crowd of others who are all the same as you & you're all judged together & condemned & you only thought you were different.

35. Outgoing / Withdrawn (Turtle); %yellow rectangle%;
- To Shape (clay man). Discontinuity: You are the outgoing turtle on the bank of a stream, feeling connected to all life, when the dirt turns to clay & the clay people appear & begin to reshape & distort you. Spot deciding that if you become too outgoing, the clay man will appear & start molding you.

36. Oriented / Disoriented (wooden man (head spins) ); %green rectangle%;
- To Mock up (computer).

Discontinuity: You are the wooden man who is oriented in a toyland and then you spin your head around and see a computer machine room & you realize the computer is mocking everything up & you never were oriented in the first place.

37. Silent / Noisy (cat); %blue rectangle%;
- To Structure (crystals). Discontinuity: You are the silent cat stalking & you jump through a cottage window & land in the crystal city & the floor cuts your feet & the crystals come & shock you with electricity & you howl etc.

38. Started / Stopped (Snail); %brown rectangle%;
- To Absorb (Greek hero).

Discontinuity: You're the snail who starts in a garden, then you notice that the plant stems have changed to Greek columns & a giant hero walks out & stops you & stamps on you etc.

39. Ethical / Criminal (Octopus); %violet rectangle%;
- To Inspire (muse). Discontinuity: You are the ethical octopus presiding in a circle of judgment on the seabottom. Then you realize that you're just a creature in a painting hanging on a wall & being created by a muse. They she begins to change the painting, making horrible things appear & torture you, & she is amused & laughs at you for thinking ethics mattered because its only a picture she mocked up anyway.

40. Reasonable / Arbitrary (knight) %orange rectangle%
- To Orient (wire man). Discontinuity: You are the reasonable knight walking in a castle & you fall through a trapdoor & then you're in deep space & the wire people get you & begin taking you apart.


41. Responsible/Irresponsible (opossum), %gold diamond%;
- To endure (pyramid). Discontinuity: You are the responsible possum in the trees eating. Then you feel a strangeness & look around & all the other trees are gone & there is a desert around you & a pyramid with its eye staring at you & it hypnotizes you & forces you to work & you become unwilling & irresponsible but you are made to slave anyway.

42. Independent / Combined (Corn People), %red Diamond%;
- To Construct (beavers). Discontinuity: You are the independent corn person walking with others in the fields & then you stumble & are rolling down a slope to a river where the beavers get you & combine you with others & with mud & twigs to make a dam.

43. Helpful / Harmful (caterpillar); %yellow diamond%;
- To Enlighten (rabbit preacher). Discontinuity: You are the helpful caterpillar digging around in the dirt when suddenly you're in church & the rabbit preacher begins explaining to you how you have been harming everything & must be sacrificed for the good of others.

44. Alive / Dead (raggedyann doll); %green diamond%;
- To Satisfy (caveman). Discontinuity: You are the raggedy ann doll who is alive (alive / dead) in toyland when you hear a sound & turn around & there is a cave & the cavemen who grab you & beat & rape you & you decide you'd rather be dead.

45. Timeless / timed (mountain);
- To Feel; % blue diamond%.

you're the timeless mountain and the "Bear" appears and makes you feel horrible things and tortures you

46. Social / Anti-social (Potato Person), %brown diamond%;
- To Enhance (ghost people). Discontinuity: You are the social potato person milling around in a crowd of potato people in a city when you walk through an arched portal & find yourself in a dim room surrounded by ghost people who make you see the true degraded reality of things & your repelled & revolted & want to disconnect from everybody.

47. Trusting / Distrusting (Rabbit); %violet diamond%;
- To Reason (clown); Discontinuity: You are the trusting rabbit eating a carrot in a field. You look around & realize that now you're in a little grassy square in a big city & the clown comes over & explains how this is all reasonable & safe & convinces you to cross the street & as you do so you're hit by a car etc. He keeps convincing you to put yourself in danger ' You're continually bashed around.

48. Remembering / Forgetful (elephant); % orange diamond %;
- To Know (dodo).

Discontinuity: You are the elephant who remembers ( - orange diamond) walking down a jungle trail. You turn past some rocks and find yourself on the beach with the dodos who show you that you have misremembered everything and make you confused & forgetful & terrify you & make you loose your identity and enslave you.


49. Young / Old (Gorilla); %golden circle%
- To Invent (munchkin). Discontinuity: You are the young gorilla jumping around & climbing the rocks & then you see all this apparatus & you're in the munchkins workshop & he straps you into one of his inventions & begins spinning you around & experimenting on you and you age from the impact.

50. Perceptive / Blind (mice - poets), %red circle%;
- To Convert (reptile man). Discontinuity: You are the perceptive mouse person who is a poet in a house. You walk into the hall & its all wrong & you're on a houseboat & the fish people come out & torture you to make you believe in their truths instead of what you see. They put your eyes out.

51. Loving / Hating (flowers).
- To Satisfy; % yellow circle% You are the loving flower creature and then you see the "caveman" who drags you off to his cave (?)

52. serene / upset (swan); %green circle%; - To Play (Chinese children).

Discontinuity: You are the serene swan swimming in a lake. You bob your head under the surface & then the water becomes muddy & you look up & around & see you are in a tidal village of houses on stilts & the children come out & begin playing & hurting you, pulling feathers, trying a knot in your neck, etc.

53. Big / small (Ant) %blue circle%;
- To Permeate (theta body). Discontinuity: You are the giant ant walking down a tunnel when you come to a branch of the tunnel that you have never seen before & step in & then you are in a giant hall & a theta body comes over & blankets you & shows you that you are tiny & insignificant in comparison with everything.

54. Fast / Slow (horse girl (2 legged) ); %brown circle%;
- To Judge (giant); Discontinuity: You are the fast horse girl running a race when you break the finish line infront of the cheering crowds in the grandstand, you are suddenly in a courtroom facing the giant judge up on his bench and he finds you guilty.

55. Industrious / Lazy (Donkey); %violet circle (?) %;
- To Intensify. You are the industrious donkey climbing a hill and a "cloud" comes down and envelopes you and drives you crazy.

56. Truthful / Deceitful (Walrus); %orange circle%;
- To Guide (pilot). Discontinuity: You are the truthful walrus on the ice when suddenly you see the pilot & he shows you that you have been deceiving yourself & you are really standing on the clouds & they can't support you & you fall through.


57. pleasant / horrible (Eagle), %gold crescent%;
- To Influence (cupid). Discontinuity: You are the pleasant eagle flying above the countryside when you feel a jab and realize that you've been shot by an arrow & you look around & there's a crowd of cupids flying around & shooting you & you become filled with vile emotions & look down & see that now there is a village below you & you shriek & dramatize & rend and tear people until you collapse of emotional exhaustion & they kill you.

58. Harmony / discord (angel); %red crescent%;
- To Build (snake people).

Discontinuity: You are the harmonious angel and are flying in the clouds when you come to a road in the sky and the snake people enslave you and make you work.

59. Participating / Alone (Kangaroo). %Yellow Crescent%.;
- To Worship (Knights). Discontinuity: You are the kangaroo who participates hopping across a plane & around a hill with a crowd of others and there you see the knights who capture & sacrifice you while the other kangaroos run away and leave you alone.

60. Wise / Foolish (alligator person).
- To Unite; %green crescent%. You're in an office and open the closet door and there is a room full of dog soldiers who capture you and recruit you and order you around

61. Faith / Disbelief (unicorn), %blue crescent%;
- To Care for (bird girl). Discontinuity: You are the unicorn who has faith prancing in a meadow when suddenly sinister trees appear around You & out leaps the bird girl who says you are sick & is going to treat you & this makes you weak & ill & she drains the life from you & finally you see that it was wrong to have faith in others because they'll kill you.

62. Good / Evil (Snake), %brown crescent%;
- To learn (gnome).

Discontinuity: You are the good snake in a garden (protecting it from rodents) & slide between some rocks & then you're in a classroom full of gnomes who catch you & begin dissecting you.

63. Creative / Destructive (Fool); %violet crescent%;
- To Create (statue).

Discontinuity: You are the creative fool roaming around through thought planes having fun creating and altering and extending new planes off at weird angles etc. when the true god statue appears and you realize that he created it all (you had forgotten this) and you've been messing up his stuff. He sends you to hell where you are tortured by terrible realities.

64. Feeling / Numb (Porcupine), %orange crescent%;
- To bring order (bear people).

Discontinuity: You are the porcupine with feeling walking in the woods & the bear people get you & pull out your quills (because they bring chaos) & toss you in a campfire to char your skin so the quills wouldn't grow back & you go numb etc.


The above platen has some errors. When I ran it originally, I kept a working list of loose ends, possible items, and anything I ran which I later pulled off as being either incorrect or out of sequence. Note that I was correcting the agreements universe items at the same time so I was a bit in doubt as to the sequence, and there also were (and still are) a few sections of the penalty universes which aren't quite right and shift around a bit. As I continued, most of the things got back onto the platen in the correct sequence. But when the whole thing finally keyed out, I still had the following unresolved in my working notes. I'm including it here as an aid to anyone who is trying to put together a correct and complete version.

??. long time /short time

??. Spacious / Solid.

--- other possible terminals :


The following one was found to be out of sequence, but might still be a valid item.

Discontinuity: You are the happy snowman (#46 happy / sad - Brown Diamond) in the snow fields, when you realize that what you thought was snow is really threads and the thread people rear up and you lose everything and its all very sad.


Note (Oct 1996): I did turn on some somatics (like gas or muscle pains around my torso) while I was putting this together for publication. There probably are a few wrong sections. But what really indicated as the source of the somatics was that I had the incident mis-dated and out of context. It seemed like this implant was used in some kind of war which was taking place at the time of the fall of home universe. The somatic was from putting some kind of constricting beam around people and tossing them into this implant (sort of like using a lasso, no at all like the blanketing used to push people into penalty universes). Since I still don't have a good handle on the exact events which collapsed home universe, it seems quite possible that we might have had some sort of war at the end which triggered the collapse.