See History of Man.

I tried to get a bit more on this implant. It was used during the theta-MEST wars by the body people against the thought people.

It uses the goals "To Be Good" and "To Be Evil". Also "To Love Everything" and "To Hate Everything".

To Be Good is To Agree
To Be Good is To Obey
To Be Good is To Believe etc.

It is done with a black and a white wave, which look almost like radiating screens on either side of you (but encompassing your body). It makes a pressure on the right and left sides of the head and shoulders. It may cause headaches and affect vision.

The same endword is used on both sides. You get "to be good is to agree" on one side while you get "to be evil is to agree" on the other (in other words, they wanted you to agree whether or not you choose to be either good or evil).

This probably uses many of the agreements universes dichotomies (aware/unconscious, strong/weak, etc.) as the root word pairs.

The endwords probably cycle down to "To ... is to crave sex" and "To ... is to crave bodies".

I didn't do a lot with this one. It seems to be very late on the chain and keyed out with a little bit of ITSA. This probably means that its of little importance (but there's always the chance that its the tip of the iceberg too).