Here's another that I only did a little bit with.

It seems to date from 726 trillion years ago and occurs in the conflicts universe after capture during the theta-MEST wars. Its designed to get the thought people to stop putting out energy beams.

This could also be called the Pin Ball Machine implant because its like being caught in a giant pin ball machine.

You are in some vast and confusing structure. It may be 4 dimensional in nature. It is very aesthetic, but sort of like being caught in some kind of super complex abstract piece of art. There are kaleidoscope-like effects and mirrors and shifting energy fields etc.

The whole thing is sensitive to your putting out any kind of energy. When you do, it reacts by hitting you with rays and banging you around and then pushing you sideways into some kind of picture.

The pictures act like dead spots or rest points and they are very mundane and pleasant and you stay in them for a movement and then they explode or whatever and you are bouncing around in the energy machine again. The idea is probably to give you stuck pictures of the still points which you will hang onto to keep from being bounced around.

There are, for example, sphere's which put out beams that pull you into them and then you get a still picture and then the sphere explodes. For example, a golden beam pulls you into a golden sphere and then you are in a beautiful meadow in sunlight. Its wonderfully pleasant and relaxing and then everything explodes and you're flying around in the machine again.

There are black cylinders. If you get pulled into one of these, energy spears slash at you and torture you. The sequence inside the cylinder is the incident that Ron called "The Iron Maiden" in the HCL lectures of 1952 but he didn't realize that it was part of a much bigger incident. The cylinder starts to spin and if you stop it, then you remain inside being tortured, so you agree with the spin and eventually it gets fast enough to hurl you back out into the machine.

There are cubes which hold you trapped and pull you into pieces.

There are pyramids which gradually close in around you and make you solid.

There is some significance to the colors used. Gold is pleasant (stuck point) type incidents. Black is pain/torture. White is contentment (suck point) type incidents. Red is sensation. Some of the objects give you heavy sex flows and then explode painfully just as you're beginning to enjoy it.

You bounce around for awhile and get into objects and get flung out etc. but eventually you will drift into a dead spot in between the structures and just hang there. If you put out the slightest bit of energy (attempting to cautiously find your way out of the machine) it starts you banging around again. The harder you try to control your motion and use energy to handle this, the wilder you bang around.

Eventually you just hang there unmoving and feeling terrified of putting out even the tiniest amount of energy for fear of starting the whole thing up again.

Once you have been quiet for a long time and they know that you wouldn't dare put out any more energy, they pull you out.