13. FAC 1

This is the incident that Ron called Fac 1 (Facsimile One, the first whole track implant that Ron found in 1952). There is some description of it in History of Man and more on the HCL lectures as well as a demo session of running somebody through it.

But this was being run before we had the idea of finding the implant items or new very much about implants. The demo session consists of a PC trying to run through the first moment of impact with Dianetics and mostly consists of her sitting there and moaning miserably for about an hour until she comes up to feeling better about being hit by the first "bap" (wave impact) coming from the implant device (a coffee grinder - black box with a crank).

The implant was commonly used around 1-2 million years ago in this universe. The Disney movie "The Black Hole" has a lot of scenery appropriate to Fac 1, uses an implant device that is almost correct, and illustrates a starship crew that look like they have been regularly implanted with Fac 1. If you subtract out the cutsey-poo Earth people, you wouldn't be too far off.

This is a third invader force mockup. The ship's captains were the only aware thetans. They look a bit like people wearing space suits, but that was actually their bodies. The crews and troops were so heavily implanted that nobody even remembers being part of the third invader.

When they took over a planet, they would set up temples and appoint priests and give them portable (tripod mounted) Fac 1 implant machines (coffee grinders). Their avowed mission was to make people good.

This could be called the pleasure/pain implant.

The items alternate between things they don't want you to do which have a heavy wave of pain and the opposite which has a heavy wave of pleasure (almost sexual).

They aim the device at various spots and run the entire series of items in each of the points. The usual sequence is:

1. Forehead (third eye)
2. Left eye
3. Right eye
4. mouth
5. left shoulder
6. right shoulder
7. chest
8. stomach
9. genitals

The items are as follows. You need to spot the intense pain or pleasure wave hitting you along with the item.

1a. (pain) To Be Everything    1b. (pleasure) To Be Nothing

2a. (pain) To Know             2b. (pleasure) To Not Know

3a. (pain) To be Oriented      3b. (pleasure) To be Disoriented

4a. (pain) To Be Cause         4b. (pleasure) To Be Effect

5a. (pain) To Be Powerful      5b. (pleasure) To Be Weak

6a. (pain) To Be Independent   6b. (pleasure) To Be Obedient

7a. (pain) To Project Energy   7b. (pleasure) To Put Out No Energy

8a. (pain) To Operate At a distance
                               8b. (pleasure) To Not Operate at a Distance

9a. (pain) To Influence Remotely 
                               9b. (pleasure) To Not Influence Remotely

10a. (pain) To Perceive At a Distance
                              10b. (pleasure) To not Perceive at a distance

11a. (pain) To do things with the mind
                              11b. (pleas.) To do nothing with the mind

12a. (pain) To Be Free        12b. (pleas) To Be Restrained

13a. (pain) To Find Out       13b. (pleas) To Never Find Out

14a. (pain) To Reveal This    14b. (pleas) To Never Reveal this

15a. (pain) To Disagree with this implant
                              15b. (pleas) To Agree with this implant

16a. (pain) To Remember this implant
                              16b. (pleas) To Forget this implant

17a. (pain) To never implant others
                              17b. (pleas) To give this implant to others

18a. (pain) To never be implanted again
                              18b. (pleas) To Want This Implant Again