22 Nov 90

There seem to be a number of implants which lay in Service Facsimiles (computations that you use to make yourself right and others wrong - see the grade 4 materials).

The penalty universes include items such as "To (goal) is to be right", "... be wrong", "... insist on being right", "... make others wrong", etc. But they don't seem to include true Service Fac Computations as we know them now.

There is an early mockup which uses a maze and penalty universe terminals to get you to postulate undesirable things so as to make the penalty universe terminals wrong. I stumbled upon this one first, but it wouldn't run well and tended to turn on somatics until I found and ran the "between lives service facs". So I will describe those first and then discuss the "Service Fac Maze".

A. The 64 Between Lives Service Facs.

These seem to occur in a between lives sequence. By assessment, it seems to be the between lives that occurs when you drop and pick up a new "Theta Body" (i.e., thetan as an energy unit - this is the one that corresponds to the old Thought universe body structure).

The structure is very simple. It uses each of the 64 agreements universe definitions. You see the positive agreements terminal and it says a service fac that is based on the corresponding negative agreements terminal being wrong.

This seems to begin with "To be right is native state (or the ultimate infinity, etc.).".

These items generally blow by inspection.

The 64 basic service facs are as follows:

1. The agreeing dog says "They're wrong because they disagree with everything".

2. The good bear says "They're wrong because they're nasty".

3. the causative salesman says "they're wrong because they chose to be affected".

4. The free horse says "They're wrong because they let themselves be enslaved".

5. The beautiful cherub says "they're wrong because they're ugly".

6. The logical alligator says "They're wrong because they're illogical".

7. The winning seagull says "They're wrong because they're losers.

8. The healthy flamingo says "They're wrong because they're sick".

9. The enduring dinosaur says "They're wrong because they lack persistence".

10. The skillful bee says "They're wrong because they're incompetent".

11. The interested fish says "They're wrong because they have no interest in anything".

12. The moving rock says "They're wrong because they wouldn't move".

13. The certain computer says "They're wrong because they're always confused".

14. The pleasurable ostrich says "They're wrong because they hurt people".

15. The cube who is right says "They're wrong because they were made to be wrong to begin with".

16. The giant who sees truly says "They're wrong because they imagine everything.

17. The visible statue says "They're wrong because they keep everything hidden.

18. The present jellyfish says "They're wrong because they're never there when they should be.

19. The smart bird says "They're wrong because they're stupid.

20. The just flame says "They're wrong because they're unjust.

21. The stork who brings order says "They're wrong because they make everything chaotic".

22. The wakeful whale says "They're wrong because they're always asleep.

23. The humorous seal says "They're wrong because they're too serious.

24. The squirrel who plans says "They're wrong because they leave everything to chance.

25. The mechanical man who is whole says "They're wrong because they keep falling apart and fragmenting.

26. The strong robot says "They're wrong because they're weak.

27. The real peacock says "They're wrong because they're unreal.

28. The independent monkey says "They're wrong because they let themselves be owned.

29. The infinite spirit says "They're wrong because they're located.

30. The courageous lion says "They're wrong because they're cowards.

31. The knowing owl says "They're wrong because they don't know anything.

32. The sharing raccoon says "They're wrong because they're greedy.

33. The calm deer says "They're wrong because they're nervous.

34. The sea urchin who is different says "They're wrong because they're all the same.

35. The outgoing turtle says "They're wrong because they're withdrawn.

36. The oriented wooden man says "They're wrong because they're disoriented.

37. The silent cat says "They're wrong because they're noisy.

38. The started snail says "They're wrong because they let themselves be stopped.

39. The ethical octopus says "They're wrong because they're all criminals.

40. The reasonable knight says "They're wrong because they're arbitrary and have no reason for what they do.

41. The responsible possum says "They're wrong because they're irresponsible.

42. The independent corn-man says "They're wrong because they follow the crowd and wouldn't act independently.

43. The helpful caterpillar says "They're wrong because they harm everything.

44. The alive raggedyann doll says "They're wrong because they're dead".

45. The timeless mountain says "They're wrong because they cannot endure.

46. The social potato man says "They're wrong because they're all anti-social.

47. The trusting rabbit says "They're wrong because they distrust everything.

48. The remembering elephant says "They're wrong because they forget everything.

49. The young gorilla says "They're wrong because they're old.

50. The perceptive mouse says "They're wrong because they're blind.

51. The loving flower says "They're wrong because they hate.

52. The serene swan says "They're wrong because they're always getting upset.

53. the big ant says "They're wrong because they're small.

54. The fast horse girl says "they're wrong because they're slow.

55. The industrious donkey says "They're wrong because they're lazy.

56. The truthful walrus says "They're wrong because they lie.

57. The pleasant eagle says "They're wrong because they act horribly.

58. The harmonious angel says "They're wrong because they create discord.

59. The participating kangaroo says "They're wrong because they wouldn't participate.

60. The wise alligator person says "They're wrong because they're all fools.

61. The unicorn who has faith says "They're wrong because they're distrustful.

62. The good snake says "They're wrong because they're all evil.

63. The creative fool says "They're wrong because they're destructive.

64. The feeling porcupine says "They're wrong because they have no feeling. (? - don't care about anybody? - or maybe this is a different item and one of the above is incorrect). (also, maybe this and #63 should be in the reverse order).

The above is a first cut and may have some errors in it.

There also seems to be a second series of these where the negative agreements terminal gives an item based on the positive side being wrong. I.E., the disagreeing dog says "They're wrong because they're in compulsive agreement", the bad bear says "They're wrong because they're too goody goody", etc.


The Service Fac Maze.

This appears to be an actual construction, rather than a true implant or implant universe. It seems to have been built in the "motion" universe as a sort of abberative game. It seems to be animated with programmed statues that talk to you as you float around in your mask. I believe that they always give the same pre-recorded spiel, sort of like Disneyland. But the spiel is meant to get you to make an abberated postulate.

I'm still uncertain as to the details and context of this incident. But just spotting the abberative postulate that you're tricked into making would seem to be a major case gain.

It seems like this takes place in a great maze or labyrinth cut into rock. Everything, including the statues, seems to be made of granite. It seems like you can exteriorize from this thing and float above it and it looks like series of cracks in the earth with a volcano towering on the right. Smoke drifts up from the cracks. In the incident, you're floating down the path in the cracks and moving from grotto to grotto. Each grotto contains a statue of a penalty universe terminal and lays in an aberration. If this bothers you, you can mockup floating above the maze and the copy the picture of it many times until you can throw it away comfortably (this can bring considerable relief).

It is conceivable that we each have some part of ourselves that has been stuck in this maze and that you are really moving it out of there and getting free by the mockup of exteriorizing from the maze. Or maybe this step is just restoring causation over an old stuck picture. Either way, something releases when you do the mockups.

This one also seems to begin with "To be right is native state".

The 64 individual incidents are structured as follows: (the tiger penalty terminal with the goal To Eat is used as an example).

a) You enter the grotto (You are a mask and float into it).

b) You see the granite statue of the positive penalty universe terminal and float before it, facing it. In this example it would be a statue of the Tiger. In the incident, the terminal seems to be known as the "Insister" (or the one who insists). The terminal will insist that the penalty goal is necessary for achieving some other penalty universe goal (in this case it is To Inspire). For To Eat, the Tiger insists that needing to eat is necessary to inspire artists to work.

c) Now another statue slides up behind you. This statue, called the "Defender" will present a counter argument. In this case, it is that needing to eat just results in starving artists. The defender will be a statue of the inverted penalty terminal (a spider in this case). (? or maybe I have this slightly wrong and they use the terminal of the secondary goal - in this case, to inspire, which would be a Muse).

d) Next, the defender asks you if you have EVER had this happen. I.E., have you ever been a starving artist because your work wasn't recognized. This is a trick question because of the "ever". He is not asking if this can happen or happens sometimes, or a majority of the time. He just asks if you have ever had it happen. So you say yes, because it must have happened once. If you don't say yes, they show you a picture of it happening to you and say that it did happen but you have forgotten. Eventually you say yes. This gets you on the defenders side.

e) Now the terminals argue (Tiger says that they starve because their art is poor, the spider says no, even with great art, they will starve because the people are too ignorant to give it recognition, etc.). Then they call for a judge (this seems to be an agreements universe terminal?). You are called by the negative terminal as a defense witness because you said yes to the question above. Because of this, the judge rules that you are to be sent down into the universe to do this thing. In this case, you are sent down to produce a fine work of art. If the people ignore it and you starve, then the tiger is proved wrong and shall suffer. Otherwise, you have spoken falsely and shall be tried and sentenced.

f) Now another terminal, "the ally" (which might be the negative agreements terminal?) advises you that you must be sure and compel other people to fail to recognize your fine work so that you will become a starving artist. Otherwise, you'll be in big trouble. So he gets you to postulate this. This postulate is the key thing to spot and blow from the incident. In other words, your going to be a starving artist who isn't recognized so as to make the Tiger wrong.

Note that the feeling of this is that starving to death as an artist is a minor thing that only causes you to die as a meat body, whereas making the Tiger wrong is much more important at a higher level because you, as a semi-immortal mask (which will have many meat body lives) will be in big trouble if you fail.

g) Then the judge waves his hand and sends you down a green chute into reality.

h) Something funny happens with time at this point in the incident. Although you are on your way to reality, the trip down the chute and the subsequent existence in the physical universe doesn't occupy time in the maze universe. So its sort of held in abeyance and will supposedly occupy the entire history of this universe to complete. Meanwhile you are free to continue moving through the maze and go on to the next grotto.

I only ran this partway. Early on, I felt that I was undoing some very basic viscous postulates. Later it started getting more solid, so I looked for a point of release while running it. And there had been a point where it seemed like it didn't matter anymore and I saw no reason to do myself in just to make somebody else wrong. It was a nice gain and worth the effort. But the lightness of the result and the ease with which it overran indicates that this implant is late on the chain and cannot be pushed to erasure. Overrunning like this means that there is something earlier that has not yet been found, and it would not be the penalty universes because those are already known and hitting the native state button lets you erase things that would otherwise pull in charge from them. So there is probably something else earlier which is concerned with doing yourself in to make others wrong or to win a game or something like that. For now, if you run this one, bail out if you get a good release point and don't go for broke on trying to erase the thing.

Platen For the Service Fac Maze:

I think that this runs up from Endure to Create, so I will list them in that order.

64. (To Endure). The Pyramid says that the need to endure will INTENSIFY the strength of one's creations. The defender says that needing to endure just causes people to die and puts an end to creating anything. (judge - dinosaur - #9 enduring/transient). You postulate dying to make the pyramid wrong.

63. (To Eat). The Tiger insists that needing to eat INSPIRES artists to produce. The defender says that people will not recognize the art and the artists will starve. (judge - mouse, #50 perceptive / blind). You postulate being a starving artist and compelling others not to recognize your work to make the Tiger wrong.

62. (To Replenish). The Arab insists that PLAYING games is more interesting because of the need to replenish. The defender says that this just makes people tired and unable to play. (judge - whale, #22 wakeful/sleeping). You postulate that you will become tired and need to sleep regularly to make the Arab wrong.

61. (To Feel). The bear insists that you need to feel things so that what you BUILD will not be cold and lifeless. The defender says that this just makes you hurt too much to build anything. (judge ostrich, #14 pleasure/pain). You postulate that you will be hurt and injured too much to work.

60. (To Carefor). The bird girl says that needing to carefor things will STRENGTHEN your survival. The defender says that it just lets other people take advantage of you. (judge - raccoon #32 sharing/greedy). You postulate that "the people you care for will always take advantage of you" (and you compel them to do this) to make the bird girl wrong.

59. (To Join). The Catwoman insists that people must join together so that they can properly COMBINE their creations. The defender says that this just makes fights. (judge - dog, #1 agree / disagree). You postulate that "you will always be hurt by the ones you love" (and you compel them to do this) to make the catwoman wrong.

58. (To Satisfy). The Caveman insists that sensual satisfaction is necessary to ORIENT yourself to reality. The defender says it just overwhelms and confuses and disorients people. (judge - computer, #13 certain / confused). You postulate that you will become lost and disoriented by sensuality and sensation (and compel others to disorient and divert you from your true purposes through sensation) to make the caveman wrong.

57. (To Reproduce). The insect invader insists that you need to reproduce and spread yourself throughout the cosmos because the universe is too vast To KNOW in any other manner. The defender says that you just replicate your own lack of knowingness and produce children who lack knowledge and bring chaos. (judge - stork, #21 order /chaos). You postulate having children who lack knowingness and bring disorder to make the insectman wrong.

56. (To Expand). The mouse engineer insists that you need to expand to be able to INFLUENCE people. The defender says that you can only expand by being corrupt and people distrust this so your influence is worthless. (Judge - unicorn, #61 faith/distrust). You postulate that you can only expand by corruption and also to compel others to distrust anything which expands.

55. (To Participate). The mermaid insists that you need to participate together with others to be able to GATHER things effectively. The defender says that this wouldn't work because people can't get along with each other and will only fight and fail. (Judge - angel, #58 harmony / discord). So you postulate that any group you join will take advantage of you (and you compel them to do this) to make the mermaid wrong.


At this point the whole thing seemed to key out and I dropped it.