See History of Man for a general description of Fac 1 and see the FAC 1 platen given elsewhere in these materials. This incident is almost identical to it in style, context, and in terms of the implant machinery used. I dated some of these at around 1 million years ago with a duration of around 45 to 53 minutes. The earlier one that I labeled Fac 1 seems to be a bit earlier, at around 2 million years ago.

Probably the first Fac 1 implant was replaced by this one. But it is also possible that both platens were used as part of the same implant. Since these are very late on the chain, its hard to get good data because there is a tendency to mix things up with earlier incidents that were restimulated. Since a lot of the context is the same, and since Ron was pushing people into locating Fac 1 by describing it to them first, it is probable that he got either one on PCs at random when it was being researched in 1952.

It seems to occur at about 14 items per second giving around 6 minutes per run with a small pause between runs as the beam is redirected.

Each run comes in as a supersonic beam containing speeded up verbally stated items (in an old language). You can't hear the items as it happens, you just hear a noise, but BTs and Split valences sometimes caught the items (i.e. subliminal).

There are 9 runs: 1 - Forehead, 2 - right side, 3 - left side, 4 - chest, 5 - stomach, 6 - mouth, 7 - right eye, 8 - left eye, 9 - genitals.

The items are in the form To (goal) IS TO BE THE (valence). They do all 64 penalty universe goals on the valence of the first penalty universe, then they repeat with the valence from the second universe etc. The goals run from Create down to Endure, the valences run from the Statue down to the Pyramid.

I.E., the first item is To Create is to be the Statue. The second item is To Mock up is to be the statue. After they get down to To Endure is to be the Statue, they change to the second terminal.

Since all valences and all goals of the penalty universes were Chris-crossed with each other, this acts like an endless set of wrong items.

There is also an overt side to this where you are the operator of the Fac 1 machine. In this case, you might get a vibration of wrong items in your hands as you turn the crank etc.