Nov 11, 1990

This is a very early implant universe. It occurs prior to the Agreements Universe and the Home Universe Matrix but is after the original Jewel of Knowledge. It could also be referred to as the "existence" implant since the goal "To Exist" is a key factor throughout the implant.

The incident is prior to our narrowing down to 3 dimensions and probably contributes some weight to the narrowing down. It is possible to run this and spot the 4D mockups to some degree even if you haven't run the incidents which were designed to block 4th dimensional perception. This incident was the first 4D incident that I research and it might be necessary to run it first. It probably has to be re-run after cleaning up other 4D incidents and unblocking 4D perceptics.

The implant universe itself seems to be a 5 dimensional construct, but the perceptions in the incident, and the objects and mockups used generally have 4 dimensions, hence the title I assigned to it. I.E., these are 4 dimensional experiences which might be seen as an array of consecutive pictures within 5 dimensions. The pictures are arranged in a downward spiral and you feel the turn as you move from one goal on to the next.

Running the incident will require some understanding of higher dimensions.


The term "higher dimension" is really a misnomer. One dimension is not higher than another. If we are dealing with a 3 dimensional object, none of the 3 dimensions are senior to the others. If we make some 2 dimensional drawings of the object, we can select any 2 out of the 3 dimensions for our portrayal.

It would be proper to refer to a 3 dimensional object as being of a higher order than a 2 dimensional object. In a similar way, a 4 dimensional object is of a higher order than our normal mockups, but we could choose any 3 of its 4 dimensions for portrayal in this universe. So the missing dimension is not really "higher", it's just extra. Pick an object in the room and imagine that there is more of it extending off in an extra direction without it bumping into the things around it. Another useful exercise is to pick an object and imagine it dwindling off in the distance without moving from its physical universe position. The distance it is moving away in is a 4th direction which would require a 4 dimensional co-ordinate system to describe.

In an implant universe, an extra dimension is necessary to handle the fixed track time component. This also applies to story type universes (e.g. enjoyable rather than harmful). If we have a 2 dimensional mockup, such as a cartoon drawing, we can stack many of them up in 3 dimensions and flip through them to get the apparancy of motion. This is the way we make movies and cartoons. We build a series of 2 dimensional mockups and make time the 3rd dimension.

In the home universe era and later, where we are operating in only 3 dimensions, implant universes are generally 3 dimensional mockups stacked up in a 4th dimension. In this 4D implant, it is 4 dimensional pictures stacked up in a 5th dimension.

Note that using a time dimension is a very special purpose application. It is done to record things. Normal life does not utilize a time dimension.

In recent track, the mockups all seem to have 3 spatial dimensions. Sometimes there are multiple 3 dimensional universes interrelated in a 4th dimensional frame, but the mockups are still 3 dimensional. In this case, you might have one reality intersecting with another and appearing in it as a sort of flat picture. You can "turn" into the picture and step into it (going off at a different angle) and then it's a 3 dimensional space and the other reality looks like a flat picture. The same can occur with 4D mockups in a 5D framework. I.E., you can turn in a 5th dimension and swing from one 4D space into a different one. This may be the "turn" that you feel as you shift between goals in the incident described below.

Another interesting thing to note is that an object with more dimensions can look like a near infinite number of different objects from a lesser dimensional framework. Imagine a 3 dimensional sphere being seen from a 2 dimensional framework. Consider the 2D frame to be a sheet of paper which cuts through the sphere. There are an endless number of different positions and angles that the paper can be in. The 2 dimensional reality would see the sphere as any one of an infinity of circles ranging in size from a point up to the diameter of the sphere. Also, there would be many different circles of the same size cut from different angles through the sphere. But in the case of a sphere, a single two dimensional plane would only intersect one of the possible circles. Now consider a 3 dimensional coil of rope. If you imagine a 2 dimensional plane intersecting it, you will see that the single 3 dimensional object intersects the plane many times and would appear to be a large number of separate circles in the 2 dimensional space.

For another example of looking at a higher dimensional object which might seem like many separate objects in the lower dimension, consider seeing a chair from a 2d reality. If the 2D plane cuts through the 4 legs of the chair, it will look like 4 squares that are quite far away from each other and seem like they are separate objects.


The incident uses the sequence of 64 penalty universe goals. For each goal, there are 3 scenes which might be referred to as Be (being the terminal), Do (doing the goal), and Have (seeing the results, which will turn out to be a problem).

There are some items in the implant, but they are not expressed in words or even as simple consecutive telepathic concepts. Instead, there seems to be a "thought package" which is received as a unit and may express a number of concepts simultaneously. It's a sort of 4D thought. At the beginning of each goal, there is a single thought unit which seems to contain the following 2 sentences:

To exist is to (goal). To (goal) is to know the (meaning / reason / purpose) of existence.

The words are just an approximation. Its really a set of interlocked major thoughts which form a package that you receive and understand as a single unit even though there is more than one concept present.

Each goal begins with you "turning a corner" in the 5 dimensional spiral. Then comes the item given above. Next you feel a slight shift and then you are in a 4D universe being the terminal.

The terminals are 4D mockups that form a sort of 5D body. You are this single object (or whatever) which appears as an endless number of objects in the 4 dimensional frame. The actual mockup appears to be a 4 dimensional object with an extra dimension used to replicate it infinitely. For example, the body might be a sort of 4 dimensional golden trumpet. There might be trillions of these trumpets scatted through the 4D space, not touching each other, and you are all of them, but you are only a single trumpet that is in direct physical contact with itself everywhere.

I have tried to approximate these 4D objects using 3 dimensional terms. It's not quite right and you'll have to feel around for the actual mockup, but its the best we can do considering our 3D orientation.

Once you perceive yourself as the terminal, there is a second shift and you are doing the goal. It seems as if you're doing the goal in all your body segments throughout space and time and a lot happens but at the same time it seems like just a single unit experience of doing the goal. In other words, there is just a single feeling, a sort of "uumph" of doing the goal and then it has happened infinitely.

Then comes the third shift and you see the consequences of having done the goal. This comes to you as a single thought package with many implications. The consequences will be a problem which is solved by doing the next goal. So you move forward out of the 4D picture and turn the next corner.

As you move through the goals, you start to get very anxious about moving on to the next goal to get rid of the latest problem. You begin to push yourself forward and build up momentum.

In some manner, every 4 turns takes you around the spiral and brings you one rung lower (i.e. the 4 goals of one dynamic give you one circuit around the spiral and the next dynamic is underneath). But there is also a major cycle where the second half of the spiral (the lower 8 dynamics) seems to come in under the first half spiral. It is as if there were 2 spirals acting like springs intertwined together so that the 8th dynamic is immediately under the 16th etc. The spiral seems to go straight down and the shift from the 1st to the 2nd half occurs without a break in the spiral so it may be that it is really angling around in a 6th dimension (or maybe the entire space is curved) to get this doubling effect. When you move into the 8th dynamic items, you feel the added weight of the upper spiral as a sort of pressure somatic. By the time you get down to the 4th dynamic, it feels very thick like being underwater. It is also possible that these two sets of 8 spiral turns form a double helix as in DNA.

I'm not entirely certain about the context of the incident. It seems like it is brought into being by group postulation. You're there in the "middle" of a group of beings and then the incident is created around you. You can spot this happening to you and also can spot creating this for someone else and watching others create this for others. It seems like there is a template which has the pattern and concept of this thing and then a group of beings get together and sort of say "lets do it" and then bang, they actualize the template and there is this glowing silver spiral (double helix?) hanging there in empty space. The victim is looking at it and then moves (or is compelled to move) to the entry point at the top of the spiral and pushes into it.

It is also possible to look earlier and spot building the spiral. PMEs and other entities are capable of spotting this so it must have been a constructed as a group effort.

There may also be other early 4D implants which use this spiral structure.


a-1) spot creating the spiral for others,
a-2) spot others creating the spiral for you
a-3) spot others creating the spiral for others
a-4) spot creating the spiral for yourself.

b) The spiral appears and hangs in empty space, it turns until the entrypoint is facing you.

c) you move to the entrypoint. (also spot intending others to move to the entrypoint).

d) you flow into it (close up it looks like a silver hollow square, sort of like a picture frame).

e) There is a flash of light and you get the first item (as a thought package).


2. TO EXIST IS NATIVE STATE. (or the cosmic all, or the complete impulse of god, etc. - many translations are possible.)

3. TO EXIST IS THE ONLY REASON / PURPOSE / MEANING (again many translations are possible).

4. TO EXIST IS TO KNOW / UNDERSTAND / etc. With this item, a mockup of the jewel of knowledge appears before you and bursts into a great flash of light. When the burst fades, you see stars and slide forward toward them. Then you feel the first shift as you enter the first picture.


Run each goal as follows:

1. For the first goal, run the beginning sequence given above. On subsequent goals, spot turning the corner.

2. Spot the items "To exist is to (goal)" and "To (goal) is to know the (true) meaning of existence".

3. Spot the first shift and then spot being the terminal.

4. Spot the second shift and then spot doing the goal.

5. Spot the third shift and then spot the consequence of doing the goal.

6. Spot turning the corner into the next goal.

The goals, terminals, doingness, and consequences are given in the list below.


----- 16th dynamic (creation) ----

Each one leaves you with a problem that is solved by doing the next one.

1. To Create.
You are a cloud of glowing golden dots. You create 4th dimensional creatures and things. (the creatures seem to have many different 3 dimensional faces or aspects that look a bit like the various penalty universe body types - i.e., one creature will look like many different 3D beings). Consequence: the creations all go out of control and run away.

2. To Mockup.
So you become a set of green frames, like pieces of film, that shift around in various alignments. The frames reflect the 3D bodies and hold them in orientations so they stay under control. Consequence: The creations are lacking in vitality (too thin, overly controlled).

3. To Intensify.
To handle this you become a set of tendrils of energy which trail out from what seem like telescopic sights (there are many of these). This strengthens the creations and makes them solid and persistent. But you still have them tightly controlled and now they don't move. It seems to boring, not original enough.

4. To Imagine.
Next you are sort of like a collection of lightbulbs which shine ideas onto everything. Now everything goes into intense motion. But it is too chaotic. The various illusions don't integrate well. You realize that you don't understand what is going on.

----- 15th dynamic (knowingness) ----

5. To Know
Your body is like clusters of nerve ganglia trailing through space. This lets you know what is happening, but the perceptions are not integrated or correlated, so they are meaningless even though you know everything.

6. To Absorb.
So you become a series of clouds which permeate things. This lets you perceive things in relation to each other. But there is no time or retention of data, so it cannot be differentiated.

7. To Understand.
Next you are a series of jugs or bottles (almost like kline bottles). With these you retain data and gain timesense. But the data is all weighted equally and there is no relative importance.

8. To Learn.
So you become a series of rods and wheels (with teeth as in gears etc.). You poke these around and learn the relative nature of things and can now evaluate them. Consequence: but now you know all about everything and all of its past and future and it is all too boring and predictable. It is a no-game condition.

----- dynamic 14 (games) ----

9. To Play.
You handle this by becoming a series of whisk brooms which bat things into motion and make flows. This introduces randomity and interest. But you see that all the motion is pointless and needs some purpose.

10. To Exchange.
You are an infinite set of golden wheels. The wheels are exchanged between the creations and inspire the creations to fair exchange. Now the game consists of trading. But it is much to well regulated and predictable, it is too simple and there is too much order in it.

11. To Compete.
So you become a series of cannon like things which put out energy blasts that set the creations to moving against each other and inspire conflict. So they fight. But there is no fairness or balance to it, it is just chaos and therefore still pointless.

12. To Manipulate.
You become a set of silver spheres. These make the creations manipulate the exchanges to compete and get ahead of each other. Some win and some loose. It is better and more interesting than before. But you see that there is not enough variety to make the game really interesting. The creations are all too similar.

----- 13th dynamic (change) ----

13. To Shape
Your body consists of many grids / box girders formed of green lines that angle off in various directions. With these you shape the creations so that the 3D aspects are very precise. You have the creations interact directly only on a 3D level so that specific different 3D aspects of various creations will come up against each other in various ways. But the creations are still all very much the same from a higher viewpoint and therefore it is still too predictable.

14. To Change.
You are a collection of spinning white spindles (like they have in big textile mills). They spin at varying rates and radiate change, so the creations change, but at different rates depending on which aspects face the spindles and how far away they are. But now the creations cannot relate to each other at all.

15. To Combine.
You are these double wheels which are liked by a bar (like a bicycle). The wheel pairs overlap pairs of creations and cause an interchange of elements. This makes all of them partially combined with each other. But now it seems too chaotic and you can't differentiate one creation from another.

16. To bring order.
Your body is like treetrunks with branches that make things flow together and apart. The creations array themselves by similarities and differences. It is pleasing. But its now a bit too predictable and there is still no real meaning to any of it.

----- 12th dynamic (Reason) ----

17. To Reason.
Your body consists of many clusters, each of which is a pattern of golden dots (like the ones in To Create above) linked together by golden lines. The dots in the structures cascade together (i.e., feed into each other up to a culminating point) forming a sort of computer. You assign meanings to everything, but the patterns of meaning and the physical locations are equivalent because everything is grouped by similarities and differences. So the pattern is too obvious and there is no motion.

18. To Orient.
Your body is a collection of ruler like frames, sort of like the body type of To Mockup but with co-ordinates marked on them. You shift the creations around and try to keep them oriented, but it becomes very chaotic and everything goes into excessive motion.

19. To Compute
So you become these bundles of rods (or straw or wheat) which interconnect everything and compute the relationships. But now everything becomes too pre-determined and does not move.

20. To Guide.
Your body is a collection of Silver Stars which shine. With these, you act as a guiding light and lead things to different relationships. It is pleasing but there is no permanency and no havingness.

----- 11th Dynamic (Construction) ----

21. To Construct.
Your body consists of levers on fulcrums, sort of like seesaws. You push the mobile creations into building the other creations into permanent structures. This gives havingness but there is no plan and it is all chaotic.

22. To Engineer.
So you become a series of golden drops which fall on things and permeate them and assign meaning and purpose to the arrangements. But it is still too thin and lacking in havingness.

23. To Build.
Now you become spinning cylinders. You encompass things and compress them together and build them into things. But now it is all too solid and there is no space or motion.

24. To Structure.
So you become these oblongs (like dominos) with claws. There is a sense that these are a sort of 4D tractor. With these you arrange the creations and pull things apart and introduce space but keep some solidity and interrelationships. It is now at a pleasing level of solidity, but it is not interesting enough. Everything seems too perfect and functional, there is no beauty.

----- 10th Dynamic (Aesthetics) ----

25. To Invent.
You are comets which leave trails of glowing dust behind them. The trails introduce impurities, arbitraries, and imperfections which make things more interesting. But the changes are all arbitrary and without meaning.

26. To Inspire.
So you become a series of little golden trumpets which flow meaning and inspiration into the arbitraries (they produce a flow which is a 4D equivalent of sound, but is not sound as we know it). But these inspired particles are lost in the vastness of the other creations.

27. To Enhance.
So you become a set of little white candles with golden flames. These strengthen and highlight the impurities. But you see that the impurities do not align with each other and therefore the overall result is ugly.

28. To Beautify.
So you become a series of silver bells which cause the impurities to interrelate and vibrate in sympathy with each other and as a result the creations become beautiful. It is very pleasing but the beauty is ephermal and transient and you can't hold on to it. The appearance of one thing of beauty draws away the strength of other ones because everything vibrates with the new item and the old ones deteriorate and fade away.

----- 9th dynamic (Ethics) ----

29. To Strengthen.
You become a series of golden explosions ( - I originally had this down as triangles or columns) which flow energy into the beautiful creations and give them persistence. But the ugly ones persist with the beautiful ones.

30. To Purify.
So you become wreaths of fire which purge the creations of undesirable elements. But you can't always tell which are the good ones and the creations accuse each other.

31. To Evaluate (to arbitrate).
So you become these things which are a bit like veneer calipers, but in pairs which balance one against the other. You balance sides and settle the differences. But then the creations attack each other to weaken their opponents and sway the balance in their favor so that they will be granted more persistence.

32. To Defend.
So you become these mesh like energy screens which you use to protect the creations from each other. But the creations are now resentful of your interference.

----- 8th Dynamic (religion) ----

33. To Enlighten.
So you become these things that seem like narrow little stacks of fanfold paper which contain explanations. You attach these to things. They unfold sideways in an extra direction. But the creations don't believe the explanations and continue to resent you and begin arguing about the meanings and come even further into conflict with each other.

34. To Convert.
So you become a series of heavenly gates which bring the creations to awareness and reverence for yourself. But the creations still don't understand.

35. To Connect.
So you become these staffs of light which shine on the creations to bring them into communication with you. Now they understand but they still will not obey.

36. To Be Worshipped.
So you become thunderclouds which emit lightning and force them to worship and obey you. But now the creations are all afraid and therefore unasthetic. You're not pleased with the result.

----- 7th dynamic (spirit) ----

37. To Predetermine.
So you become a series of green roads which angle off into the future. With these you project good futures for the creations so that they will not be afraid. But now that they have been re- assured, they each go off their own way and will not work together with each other. To avoid each other, they all disperse into all of space and time.

38. To collect.
Your body is like a series of wicker baskets. You collect the creations all back together but they repel each other and this makes an undesirable pressure.

39. To Influence.
So you become these tiny white angels with golden wings. With these you influence the creations towards affinity and attraction for each other. but now they all melt together and loose differentiation.

40. To Permeate.
You become a series of transparent spheres (like soap bubbles). You permeate the creations and push in space (created within the spheres) to hold the creations apart. But it is still a confusing mess and you can't figure out which creation is which.

----- 6th dynamic (Mest) ----

41. To Locate.
So you become a series of silver crosses (these are like religious crosses, but their purpose is to locate things, the longer bottom bar is to make it clear which way the cross is aligned. Apparently these were later used to keep someone located in the grave, and in that manner became wrapped up with religion). You precisely locate each creation to aid in distinguishing them. But now there is no motion (yet again).

42. To Energize.
So you become these spinning spheres of gold (like suns) which emit streams of energy (like solar flares) that fall onto everything and fill it with energy and motion and the urge to move. But now things don't seem solid enough (they flit around too much and most of the structure and havingness has been obscured by these later actions).

43. To Solidify.
So you become these spinning cones that suck things in (into the bell of the cone) and force them to condense (at the point of the cone). but in condensing, great vacuums are left between the solidified creations.

44. To Gather.
So you become these fishing nets which gather everything together. Now it is good havingness again but it is not aesthetic or interesting or complex enough. It is a hodge-podge collection of masses rather than an interesting structure.

----- 5th dynamic ----

45. To Grow.
Your body type is a 4D cloud of glowing golden dots and rods (much like the GE body). With this you make the creations evolve and structure themselves in aesthetic and interesting patterns. But it is all pointless because the creations are now all different and don't relate to each other.

46. To Discover.
So you become a flock of golden arrows which drive the creations to discover and interact with each other. This is pleasing but the creations abrade against each other and break off pieces and cause much damage.

47. To Heal.
So you become something like golden parameciums which "swim" around within the creations and repair the damage. Now the creations survive better but they still clash and don't fit well together.

48. To Establish.
So you become golden harnesses which tie the lifeforms together and establish patterns of relationships between them. But now the creations come into conflict (yet again, but now these are much larger, more solid creations of a different order of magnitude than the ones earlier).

----- 4th Dynamic ----

49. To Share
Your body type is a series of things like snowflakes (or spider's webs) which interconnect the creations to reduce the conflicts. But this makes the creations into clusters which avoid each other.

50. To Unite.
So you become these drums which put out vibrations that drive them together. This makes the clusters tie together, but now each one tries to force the others to be like it and follow its pattern and there is still excessive conflict.

51. To Control
So you become these things like forceps (or salad tongs) which hold the creations and keep them from fighting. But they blame each other and try to 3rd party you to get you to do in their opponents. You can't figure out who's right and who's lying.

52. To Judge.
So you become a set of scales which can balance things and settle disputes. But you see that the real problem is that there is no overall organizing pattern on which to base the interrelationships.

----- 3rd dynamic (groups) ----

53. To Organize
Your body type is a set of things that are sort of like shelves with mechanical arms attached. With these you arrange things. But the creations don't agree with the organization pattern.

54. To Co-Operate.
So you become these antennas which put out lightning bolts to force the creations to co-operate. But they don't like it.

55. To Participate
So you become these heater coils which radiate warmth and good feeling when the creations come together. It is pleasant, but now it is all too small (too little of the original creations made it through all of the above, and you built and combined them into complex structures, so there aren't very many).

56. To Expand.
So you become these golden bubbles (balloons) which keep expanding outward (in concentric rings) which inspire the creations to expand. But there are no more of the creations than there were before, so things become thin.

----- 2nd Dynamic ----

57. To Reproduce.
So you become these floodlights (like clamp lamps) which shine on the creations and make them copy themselves (split and duplicate). But they don't like it (it makes for competition from copies of themselves and is invalidating) and try to avoid the process.

58. To Satisfy.
So you become these mirrors which reflect the creations throughout existence. This makes the creations see themselves as copies extending out to infinity and gives them a desire for this to occur. This makes them want to reproduce, but the copies are all identical and there is not enough variety (there are only a few different originals).

59. To Join.
So you become a series of golden double helixes (like DNA, and very similar to the spiral itself). This causes pairs of creations to each make a half copy to produce a composite that is a mixture of both. But the creations don't like the resulting copies (they are different from them and don't quite satisfy the business of extending the original out to infinity).

60. To Carefor
So you become these white fur balls (or puffballs) that send out little white dots that interconnect the creations to their partial copies and inspire love for them. But now the creations are careless of themselves in favor of their offspring and fall apart rapidly.

----- 1st Dynamic ----

61. To Feel.
Your body type consists of towels that stroke things. This makes the creations feel and carefor their own existence. But now you see that the originals run down anyway after producing offspring. You realize that this is because they get used up.

62. To Replenish.
So you become these oil can like things that give the creations the urge to renew themselves. But they have nothing to renew themselves with.

63. To Consume (to eat).
So you become these aneobas which show them how to ingest things to replenish themselves. At first they do this by absorbing the fragments left lying around by the above sequence of creation. But this soon runs out and then they have nothing to renew themselves with. So they begin eating each other.

This disgusts and horrifies you. You want them to stop, but you don't know how to do it. You look forward to the next goal which will solve this terrible problem. So you turn the next corner.

64. To Endure.
You become a set of golden pyramids. With this comes the knowledge that there is no solution but to endure the current state of affairs (this is your doingness for the goal). You are horrified by this, but you also "know" that it only would get worse if you continued on. You must put up with this or the next solution will be even more terrible. With this you are given a sort of "glimpse" of the next solution which would be for you to become food for the creations and you are given the impression of a further downward sequence which gets worse beyond it, but in which you would not participate because you would have been consumed by your own creations.

The End of the Implant: Then you hang onto the goal "To Endure" and just stay there until you feel yourself pulled out. You look and see that you have come sideways out of the middle of the spiral. Then you are told something like "look, we have rescued you, you should be grateful to us and work for us" (these are the same characters that pushed you in in the first place).


There are other things to run with this besides the implant itself.

First, you can do a very enjoyable mockup drill of putting each of the 64 body types into a mest object. Put in thousands of tiny ones (i.e., fill an ashtray with thousands of tiny golden trumpets to inspire it, etc.). This may be the actual anatomy of mest. After doing this, also make up your own arbitrary mockups and fill up objects with them too (no sense staying in compulsive agreement).

Second, you can find 4D machinery which matches each of these 64 body types. Run it as follows:

a) spot the machinery that is being it currently.
b) have it spot being made into a machine, and the first time it was made into a machine.
c) Have it spot "To (goal) is native state".
d) Have it spot "Before the beginning there is nothing but the will to exist".
e) have it spot building the spiral.

Usually all of them for a particular goal seem to blow on one pass. But you can check for another PME being the machinery if it seems to indicate.