30 March 1990

This preliminary version is included here primarily as background information. There are probably a few errors or missing datums or other things that need to be run first that have not yet been identified. Sometimes I have run this with great gains, but other times it has gotten me into trouble. Try to delay running this as long as possible and be sure to get as much charge as you can off of the goal first (running the penalty universe, 10 way compel, overts of dramatizing the general goal against others, etc.). However, if one of these is really sitting there to be run and refuses to be bypassed, this is the best we have for now. I hope that we will come up with an improved platen eventually.


This occurs while going down a "tube" with rings on the way from the energy universe (thetan as an energy unit) to the conflicts universe (i.e. the MEST universe). Each ring installs a GPM. The date may be around 2.5 Quadrillion (I get 2468 trillion specifically for myself). This seems to be the implant (or part of the implant) used to exile people from the thought or energy universe to the conflicts universe.

The GPM goals derive from the penalty universes starting from To Create and running down to To Endure.

There are 5 valences. These are the Terminal, the opterm, the encouraging terminal (wants goal, enforces goal, acts as 3rd party), the inhibiting terminal (doesn't want goal, discourages goal, you constantly justify the goal and your overts to this terminal - it makes the overts stick), and the victim who suffers unjustly. Note that you don't mind committing the overt against the opterm. It seems appropriate. But then you do it to the victim as well and regret it deeply.

In the GPM, the goal will have an explicitly stated target (as in "to sing Christmas carols"), a desired effect (as in "and have everyone hum along"), and an overt to be done if the effect is not achieved (i.e. a goal modifier, "or else I'll stuff them all down the garbage disposal").

The GPM is only a short run of "This Means" symbols which explain the valences and what's supposed to happen followed by a few splitter items and an energy wave to enforce a 5 way split so that you become all 5 valences hidden from yourself. Your primed and all ready for the actual enactment of the sequence, but it doesn't happen. Instead your back in the tube and get the next GPM. In the end your dumped into the conflicts universe and begin enacting these goal dramas yourself. These are actual GPMs, you make them happen, you do the story itself based on these patterns. You choose the specific details of the drama and so its your own overts and mockup etc. Except that it isn't really your own idea because you're following this implanted pattern.

In the conflicts universe, your main activity is to run around out of sight in these 5 split identities and try to line up with 4 other people on the same goal. You try to be the terminal, but you end up as any of the 5 depending on circumstances. As you enact these, you have a sub-identity injected into each of the other 4 valences and you are infected by a sub-identity of each of the other 4 players which holds you in the specific valence and contributes to the motion. Early in the conflicts universe, this was very precise. Later, it gets all jumbled up and nothing lines up with anyone else, but you still have 5 hidden viewpoints per goal running around and making trouble and trying to restart these dramas. You do create your own opposition, and most of your theta horsepower is tied up in doing this right now in PT. However, nothing is aligned anymore and with hundreds of these all working at cross purposes, the end result is usually a balance of forces that keeps things solid and hard to change by postulate.

While running these, I have found a few occasions where one of these was dramatized (poorly and incompletely) in this and other recent lives. You can find yourself, before a bad incident, going around as one of these split valences and getting into somebody who lines up with the goal and you pushing them telepathically to take on a role.

Late in the conflicts universe, people who knew some of this stuff would try to finesse a situation. I was a prison ship guard once and had this pulled on me. One person mocked up the opterm valence for a goal they could see me reacting on and the other played the encouraging terminal. They got me into the terminal valence, let me beat up the "opterm" and then pushed me into selecting the ship's captain as the victim. When the mutiny was over, they were in good shape.


The "This Means" items are 3 dimensional pictures similar in nature to the ones at the top of the penalty universes (but the content is different). This stirred up the top of the penalty universes (unlike most implants which stir up the bottom) and left you at tone 40 ready to dive into a goal. The net result was to produce a super high toned powerful maniac who was very very abberated but also very dangerous. It was a big mistake on the part of the thetans remaining in the energy universe because the convicts eventually came back up and invaded, using bodies and dramatizing their GPMs and kicking everything to pieces.

Run the penalty universe (and maybe also the 10 way compulsion for the goal?) before running this. It is best to have a specific platen with the 5 valences and the meaningness items for the goal. If you don't, you can list for the target, desired effect, overt, terminal, inhibiting terminal, encouraging terminal, opterm, and victim and then construct the meaningness items (including the picture that goes with them).

I have had some problems with the pictures on these items. They all seem to be very European/American style human mockups. I doubted this and then found that I could find Arabic mockups if I thought of myself as an Arab or Bear people mockups if I thought of myself as one of those etc. I came up with a few theories on this and tried experiments but did not get good results. The pictures are there and need to be run (I tried skipping the pictures as being dub-in on a run and turned on a fantastic state of depression until I went back in session and ran them). They should be run as appearing in whatever mockups are most real to you. The mutability of these pictures means that you may have to list for a better representation of the valences (i.e. where I might get a prize fighter, you might get a kung-fu master etc.). Because of their mutablility, I suspect that these are not really pictures but something else. Maybe a 4th dimensional equivalent where the same scene shifts through different body types as you look along the 4th axis. But it seems to run well using any 3D slice.

The following platen is approximately correct, but may vary slightly from goal to goal and might also have some slight errors in the later items (often most or all of the charge blows by item 15)

5 Way Opposition GPM Platen - general items

1. To (goal) (target) and (desired effect on others) or I'll (overt).

2. This Means (to do goal)

3. This Means (desired effect)

4. This Means (overt) (picture shows it being done to the opterm)

5. This Means Encouragement (picture shows encouragement terminal)

6. This Means Discouragement (picture shows discouraging terminal)

7. This Means Opposition (picture of opterm)

8. This Means Regret (picture of you doing the overt to the victim).

9. This Means You (picture of the terminal)

(the following items, 10 to 14, are the key part of the implant and later I found I could handle the implant with these 5 items alone if I used "point to the being you divided from" after each of these items. That might solve all the problems I had when I was first running this - Aug 1996).

10. To (goal) is to be the (discourage term) and discourage myself from (overt) and never let myself know that I'm doing this.

11. To (goal) is to be the (encourage term) and encourage myself to (overt) and never let myself know that I'm doing this.

12. To (goal) is to be the (opterm) and oppose myself (goal-ing) and never let myself know that I'm doing this.

13. To (goal) is to be the (victim) and suffer unjustly and never let myself know that I'm doing this.

14. To (goal) is to be the (terminal) and (do goal) and never let myself know that I'm doing this.

The next set of items are each done in parallel in 5 locations, one for each valence. I.E., the thought hits you and occurs separately in each of 5 places at the same time. Rather than going immediately into item 15, I have gotten better results by doing a 5 way spotting drill at this point. The drill is to take each valence one at a time and spot each of the 4 other valences from that viewpoint. I.E., you conceive that you are the terminal and spot the opterm, spot the encouraging terminal, spot the discouraging terminal, and then spot the victim. Then you conceive that you are the opterm etc. A cloud of BTs might appear when you do one of these spotting steps. If so, just hold the valence and start acknowledging and blowing the BTs. You can run through the spotting steps a second time if a lot is coming off on it. After doing this, you should be able to spot item 15 in all 5 places simultaneously and this is usually enough to blow the GPM. After it blows, skip to the final step.

The 5 locations are like the blades of a 5 bladed fan surrounding a center location that you can't occupy.

15. To (goal) is to be all these 5 others and hide from myself forever.

16. To (goal) is to be all these 5 others and inspire myself forever.

17. To (goal) is to be all these 5 others and compel myself to re-enact this forever.

18. To (goal) is to be all these 5 others and go around unknown to myself and compel others to re-enact this drama with me. (this might be 2 items ?)

19. At this point you are hit by a mass containing the emotion of detestation and distrust concurrent with the following item: To (goal) is to be all these 5 others and as each one, detest being all of the others.

20. To (goal) is to be all these 5 others and as each one, know that my viewpoint is the best (compared to the others).

21. To (goal) is to be all these 5 others and deny responsibility for doing this, forever.

22. To (goal) is to be split into 5 parts and never let myself know what I'm doing (splitter energy impacts at this point - spot the impact).

23. To (goal) is to be divided 5 ways against myself and hide my actions from myself as I mock this all up.

24. To (goal) is to be divided 5 ways against myself and never really know what is happening.

25. (an energy implosion occurs at each of the 5 points and each collapses and disappears from view leaving a vacuum (hollow spot) in its place).

26. To (goal) is to forget that this ever happened.

After running this, find times you dramatized it and spot your overts on the others and also spot being in the other viewpoints and contributing to the motion. Check if there is a dramatization in this lifetime and find which valence and do this spotting action on it as well.



Since I've only run a small percentage of these, I'll only list the ones I've found without listing all of the penalty goals.

Note that the body type listed with the goal is the one from the penalty universes. It is not used in the 5 way GPM, but is included to help spot the original penalty universe which first used the same goal.

Dynamic 16 (Creation)

1. TO CREATE (Statue)
GPM: To create chaos and overwhelm others or I'll blow them all up; valences=God; Satan; Priest; Virgin; Soothsayer.

3. TO MOCK UP (Computer)
GPM: To mock up intricate ornamentations & have them praised or I'll cut out their guts. valences = Artisan(craftsman);scientist;fishmonger;policeman; priest

(Energy Cloud) GPM: To intensify passion and have everyone desire me or I'll corrode (burn) them (with acid) forever; valences: sexy girl (lab assistant)/scientist/lover(reporter) /secretary/father.

4. TO IMAGINE (Cartoon Mouse)
GPM: To imagine fine stories and have them appreciated or I'll strangle everyone. valences: writer/cynical father/actor/critic/publisher.

Dynamic 15 Knowledge / Understanding

6. To Understand (chipmunk)
GPM: To understand secrets & make others tell (obey?) (? have others recognize my power?) or I'll stab them all. valences: detective/criminal/police captain/ businessman/ prostitute.

8. TO LEARN (Gnome)
GPM: To learn the nature of the universe and be supported or I'll overwhelm them all. valences: Scientist/preacher/teacher/wife/stupid person

Dynamic 14: Games

11. To Compete (Coach / team leader)
GPM: To compete at boxing & have the people cheer or I'll beat them all up. Valences: Boxer/Newspaperman/manager/lover/businessman.

Dynamic 13: CHANGE

15. TO CHANGE (Magician)
GPM: (5 way): To change peoples nature and have them all be happy about this or I"ll strike them all blind. valences: term=poet / opterm = priest / encourage = prostitute /inhibit = politician / victim = scientist.

16. TO BRING ORDER (Gorilla People)
GPM: To bring order to society & be supported in this or I'll torture (burn?) their flesh. Valences: Lawmaker/ Criminal/ Merchant/ Priestess/ Nurse.

Dynamic 12: Reason

19. TO GUIDE (Pilot)
GPM: To guide settlers and have them respect me or I'll burn it all down; valences=scout; wagonleader; salesman(trader); lover (frontier girl); little girl.

20. To Compute (toy bodies)
GPM: To compute reasons & have everyone be amazed or I'll enslave them all. valences: doll (little green man)/ stupid person/teacher/policeman? (guardian of people?)/?

Dynamic 11 (Construction)

GPM: To construct spiral staircases and have them admired or I'll trap them all. valences: carpenter/scornful person/salesman/art critic/sexy girl.

24. To Structure (Crystals)
GPM: To structure reality and be worshipped as a god or I'll destroy them all. valences: Savior/Priest/Prostitute/General/Temple Virgin


27. To Inspire (muses)
GPM: To inspire love and receive affinity and faithfulness or I'll whip them all. valences: ?

Dynamic 9 (Ethics)

Dynamic 8 (religion)

33. To Enlighten (or to preach) (rabbit preacher)
GPM: To preach goodness and keep them from sin or else I'll torture them. valences: ? / sinner/ruler/conqueror/?

34. To convert (reptile/fish person)
GPM: To convert unbelievers and make them honest(?) or I'll implant them to believe valences: priest/scoffer/messenger(of gods)/empress/?

Dynamic 7 (spirits)

40. To Embody (Pan - goat god)

GPM: To embody concepts ?

Dynamic 6 (physical)

42. To Energize (thought circle)
GPM: To energize physical universe processes and have everyone enjoy using them or I'll terrify everyone forever.

Dynamic 5 (life)

45. To grow (Genetic entity)
GPM: To grow flowers and have them make people feel good or I'll sacrifice them all. Valences: Priestess / Policeman / carpenter / mother / priest.

46. To discover (centaurs)
GPM: To discover truth.

47. To heal (Tree Man)
GPM: To heal illness and receive the peoples gratitude or I'll make their bodies rot away. Valences = healer / Priest / Politician / Policeman / Priestess.

Dynamic 4 (society)

51. To Unite (dog soldiers)
GPM: To unite the workers in building wondrous projects or I'll t trick them all into slavery forever. Valences: Engineer / ? / politician / ? / ?

Dynamic 3 (groups)

54. To Co-operate (robots)
GPM: To get people to co-operate in maintaining society & become famous for doing this or I'll betray everyone. valences: Policeman/criminal/lawmaker/priest/prostitute.

55. To Participate (mermaid)
GPM: To participate in dancing and be admired for my beauty of form or else I'll cut their hearts out. valences = dancer, critic, father, innocent girl, lover

56. To Expand (mouse people - railroad engineers) GPM: To expand knowledge and be admired for my genius or I'll blow them all up. Valences= scientist/priest/ psychiatrist /girl/ ruler.

Dynamic 2 (sex/family)

57. To Reproduce (insect people)
GPM: To reproduce fine books and have the quality admired or I'll inject them all with insanity (i.e. a crazy making drug). valences: Scribe (scholar) / Peasant/ Scientist (professor)/ Wife(lover)/ Carpenter.

58. To Satisfy (cavemen)
GPM: To satisfy conventions & be respected or I'll poison them all. valences: girl/old woman/father/lover/publisher

59. To Join (cat people)
GPM: To join people together & have them be thankful for my help or I'll throw things at them. valences: Prophet/businessman/ priest/lawmaker/ inventor.

60. To care for (birdgirl)
GPM: To care for children & keep them safe & be loved for it or I'll claw everyone's eyes out.

Dynamic 1 (body)

61. To Feel (bear)
GPM: To feel alive and gain everyone's agreement or I'll drive them all crazy. Valences: Athlete/Lawmaker/Coach/Lawyer/Professor

62. To replenish (old Arab)
GPM: To replenish the wildlife & be praised for restoring the planet, or I'll take it all away from them. Valences: ecologist/businessman /housewife /politician/ priest.

63. To Eat (tiger)
GPM: To eat people & gain strength from their souls or I'll rend their souls forever. valences: cannibal/enemies/lover/ priest/explorer.

64. To Endure (pyramid)
GPM: To endure existence & be left alone or I'll enslave them all. valences: carpenter/juvenile delinquent/wife/ detective/salesman(?).


After the positive goals, this continues with the negative goals in reverse order. I only ran a few of these.

Inv. 59. To Separate. (black cat)
GPM: To separate people from groups & be praised for helping them or I'll leave forever. valences Messiah/ruler/ruler's mistress/ general/ slave girl.

Inv 58: To Ridicule (Moron)
IGPM: To ridicule social conventions & have everyone amused by this or I'll hide forever. Valences: Publisher / father/ lover/ girl/ old woman.

Inv. 54. To Individuate (Iron Horse)
IGPM: To get people to individuate from groups which exploit them & have them feel good that I did this or I'll shoot myself. valences: Prostitute/priest/criminal/lawmaker/policeman.

Inv 48. To Rot (fungus creature)
Inv. GPM: To rot other's minds and make them suggestible or I'll dissipate myself. Valences = salesman /professor / politician / judge / girl.

Inv. 29. To Pervert (Satyr)
GPM: To pervert little children and have all the parents fear me or I'll hang myself forever. valences: pornographer/judge(moralist)/publisher/parents/little girl

Inv. 16. To Bring Chaos (black panther)
IGPM: To bring chaos & overwhelm everybody or I'll hide myself away forever. Valences: Black Priest/ Criminal? Lawmaker? Prostitute? Temple virgin.

Inv 4: To Disillusion (vampire)
IGPM: To disillusion writers and force society to accept my judgment or I'll bash my head in. valences: critic/writer/father/publisher/actor

Inv. 3X. To Drain (Black Vortex):
IGPM: To drain emotion and make everyone apathetic or I'll dissipate myself/others forever.

Inv. 1: To Destroy (Devil Statue)
IGPM: To destroy all of creation and be worshipped or I'll uncreate myself/others forever. valences: Devil/God/Worshipers/Artisan/Virgin.