Of everything I tried to run, the big splitter was the worst and gave me the most trouble. I did not have the "point to" command and this is virtually unrunable without it. I would run this a bit, and even get through one or two goals worth and then I'd get sick. Then I'd try and correct the platens (see platen 2 given later in this document), fix wrong items, revise the procedure, or try a different angle of approach, and it would work for a little while and then I would get sick again. My next attempt was to put together platen HS (given later in this document) which let me cool down and key out the splitter implants without running platen 2 directly. This worked to handle the charge I'd stirred up but did not go to a full EP and when I again tried to run platen 2 after this, I still got into trouble. So eventually I just gave up, despite the fact that whenever I did get any part of it to run well, it seemed to release a lot of horsepower. It always felt like I was working with the underlying structure of reality and it was very disheartening that it couldn't be run successfully. But even the failed attempts improved my ability to think in the area, and once enough time had passed to let this all cool down, I was better able to consider the mechanics involved and figured out the "point to" process.

Now that I have the "point to" command, this thing just falls apart and is easy to handle. I have not yet done a thorough run on it with the new techniques, but it worked like magic on a quick pass to handle what had been stirred up during my failed research attempts.

The big splitter had you split off 128 different types of entities which do various things like keeping the universe mocked up and blocking your perceptions etc. The splitting pattern was repeated over and over again using each of the penalty universe goals, so you have lots of pieces of yourself being these various things. Because of the use of penalty goals in the platen, you should run some charge off of the penalty universes before attempting to handle this one.

The new super simple procedure is as follows:

Take the list of 128 entity types (given below):

1. Check the type entity for a read and spot where it is, or just spot one that's being this type.

2. Have it point to the being it divided from. Generally it will blow or dissolve. If not, then get it to point again until it points with certainty (you don't care where its pointing nor do you care whether or not you are certain, but the entity should be certain). If still no blow, then do step 3.

3. If necessary, ask it "who are you" (getting a "me" answer) until it blows or dissolves.

4. Then check the item again and repeat until no more respond on this one.

Just go through the entire list from top to bottom, taking up anything that reacts and not worrying about searching too hard or being evangelistic about trying to wake things up.

When you finish, start back up at the top again. Carry on until the whole thing just FNs.

Maybe after this you should take a full pass through the complete implant platen (platen 2) and see if any more show up (handling as above). I would recommend using the penalty goal "To Create" in the platen since this is the most basic one. Then you could try running the above procedure again, this time going much deeper (unless you have already hit bedrock and taken the whole thing completely apart). Possibly this might go to some fantastic cognition or ability which takes care of the whole area of split pieces of yourself, but I can't say for sure because I'm not there yet myself.

If you miss one that is ready to run on a type that you are checking, sometimes you can't find anything on the next type. So if there seems to be nothing there and its not FNing, check the previous type again.

A lot of these are off in non-physical locations, so don't limit your attention to the immediate area of the body or get to worried about where these locations actually are, just locate on a basis of it is where it is.

It is possible that some of the things I did while researching this are still needed. I'm not in a position to tell, since I used those things enough to knock out any charge. Just in case, I have included my various earlier techniques following the list of entity types. If you use any of these, work the "point to" command into the procedure, because that is what makes this run easily.

Following all this, you will find the actual platen for the big splitter. Since it seemed unprofessional to call this the BS Platen and since it seems to be the second key platen (with the penalty universe platen 1 being the first), I have labeled this "Platen 2".

Tentatively, I believe that this implant was used on entry into the symbols universe.



These are the entity types set up by the big splitter incident (platen 2). They are listed in reverse order since this is the easier way to run them when using a fast blow by inspection technique (rather than running all the programming items as given in platen 2).

There is a translating problem in that I am assigning English words to high order concepts which often do not have an exact representation in English.

This is a first draft and may be slightly incorrect, especially in regards to the order of the items since they can be run successfully out of sequence. The correct sequence makes things easier and makes it much easier to reach the entities, but if you can get ahold of one, it will run without creating BPC even though others are skipped. Running in reverse sequence seems best because the Guardians etc. at the end start making trouble if you run off too much in the earlier sections without handling them.

This list has corrections (marked with a *) that were made subsequently to researching platen 2 (which is included at the end of this document). These are tentative and are based on things which seemed to need to be handled as part of running sequentially through the list of types.

Group 16 - Final blockage (blockage against taking this implant apart).

128. OVERSOUL - manages all the others
127. GUARDIAN - guards the implant, fights against erasure
126. HOLDER - holds entities who try to blow
125. SUPPRESSOR - hides the implant
* 125A HIDER (may be same as Suppressor)
124. DENIER - says it never happened
123. MISDIRECTOR - dubs in, alters, & shifts attention
* 123A BOUNCER (may be same as misdirector)
122. INVALIDATOR - invalidates anything you run
121. RESTIMULATOR- keeps the implant in restim
* 121A RESISTOR - resists change

Group 15 - Final Structure (entities maintaining the structure of the implant itself)

120. UNIFIER (JOINER) (GROUPER) - pulls everything together
119. KEEPER - keeps (holds) you down in the implant
118. IMPLANTER - continually re-runs the items on you
117. SPLITTER - continually makes everyone split (divide)
116. CORRECTIVE ENTITY - fixes anything that comes undone (or REPAIRER)
115. PERPETUATOR - perpetuates the implant (keeps it going)
113. INNER GUARD - keeps you from looking at yourself (& seeing this structure of entities)

Group 14 - Spiritual Blockage

112. DEVIL (DEMON) - makes trouble for you
111. DEGRADER - encourages degradation
112. TEMPTER - tempts you to do evil
109. DELUSION ENTITY - creates delusions
108. TERROR (FEAR) ENTITY - makes you afraid, especially of anything to do with the mind or spirits
107. CONFUSION ENTITY - tries to keep you confused
106. DISCOURAGER - discourages any effort to do anything about this (might be the same as 27 Depressor)
105. INTERIORIZER - makes you interiorize into the universe, bodies, etc.

Group 13 - Spiritual Structure

104. RECYCLER - between lives, cycles you into a "new" being.
103. EXECUTIONER - destroys your old identity between lives
102. PUNISHER - arranges punishments
101. JUDGE - judges your conduct (harshly) (all the time, but especially between lives).
100. ACCUSER - accuses you of any possible wrongdoing
99. ATTRACTOR - causes you to pull things in
98. ANGEL - a piece of yourself sent to serve "god" (universal mind)
97. CREATOR / PART OF GOD (UNIVERSAL MIND) - a part of yourself sent to be part of god (your contribution to the universal mind, i.e. be the thought of the universe forever).
*97A UNIVERSAL MIND (? - as a separate item from 97 creator)

Note: the "god" or universal mind created by this implant to manage the universe is not a self aware entity, but is a composite composed of a piece of everybody and programmed (as in computers) to run everything. This is not meant to either validate or invalidate any other type or definition of God which might or might not exist, it is just a description of what was set up by this implant. Part of you goes into this "god" and part is made into an "angel" which runs around enacting god's orders.

Group 12 - Existence Blockage

96. TRICKSTER - tricks you
95. FATE (ARRANGER) - arranges fates for you
94. DISPERSER - disperses you
93. INVERTER - turns your postulates back against you
92. DECIEVER - deceives you
91. OPPOSER - mocks up opposition to your goals
90. EQUILIZER - arranges Karma, balances things
89. WATCHER - watches you

Group 11 - Existence Structure

87. COACH - keeps you from either winning or loosing
86. ENCOURAGER - encourages you to stay here & live life
85. FUTURIZER - puts things into the future for you
84. GOAL MAKER - mocks up goals for you
83. GAME MAKER - mocks up games
82. PLANNER - plans your continued existence
81. GUIDE - guides you deeper into existence/mest.

note: in general this group tries to keep you interested in existing here and not trying to get out (Bingo and Movies for the prisoners).

Group 10 - Physical blockage

80. REFLECTOR (ENERGY MIRROR) - unmocks energy beams by reflecting them back at you.
79. VACUUM (UNMOCKER) - drains energy & energy beams
78. PULL BACK - causes you to pull back your energy beams.
77. DIFFUSER - causes energy beams to disperse & slide off of targets.
*77A. DEFLECTOR (may be same as diffuser)
76. CONSTRAINER - constrains you to follow physical universe law
75. BLOCKER - blocks you from messing with the physical universe
74. BINDER - binds you together with reality
*74A. AGREEMENT ENTITY (may be same as binder)
73. PROTECTOR - protects the universe from your postulates

Group 9 - Physical Universe Structure

72. ACTUALIZER - makes it all real
71. SYNCHRONIZER - cross copies the simultaneousness of time between individuals, etc.
70. MEST CO-ORDINATOR - co-ordinates the interrelationship of mest
69. DETERMINATOR - value judges potential futures to maximize dynamics 9 to 16.
68. COMMUNICATOR - interconnects everybody
67. LOCATOR - maintains the position of everything
66. GENERATOR - projects reality
65. POSTULATOR - mocks up reality

Group 8 - Social/Life Blockage

64. SINNER - inspires "sin" (selfishness etc.)
63. CONFLICTOR - inspires conflict
62. SEXUAL ENTITY - sensation & exchange of entities during sex etc.
61. SUBLIMATING ENTITY - (feelings of love, honor, courage, loyalty, etc.)
60. MOOD ENTITY - (shift moods between serene/troubled, calm/nervous, pleasant/irritated, etc.)
59. EMOTIONAL ENTITY - (cheerful, boredom, antagonism, rage,hostility,fear,grief,apathy)
58. ATTITUDE ENTITY - mocks up attitudes (like/dislike, etc.)
57. MORALIZER - preaches at you & makes you feel guilty (?)

Group 7 - Social/Life Structure

56. MISOWNER - says that this universe isn't your creation so you can't touch it.
55. SHELL (FOCUS) - surrounds you & focuses things in on you
54. MEST ENTITY - be the life within mest
53. ANIMATOR - be the life in lower organisms
52. SYMPATHIZER - keep myself in sympathy
51. SOCIAL ENTITY - inspire ARC, comm, agreement, etc.
50. GROUP MIND - be groups
49. SUPERBEING - evolve by overwhelming individuals & making all become one.

Group 6B - Body Blockage

48. SICKNESS ENTITY - mocks up diseases in accordance with mest laws.
47. JAILER - keeps you in the body
46. SLEEP CENTER - dreams & has you rebuild things while you sleep
45. SOMATIC ENTITY - physical pains/sensations
44. BODY BLOCKER - keeps you from modifying the body state by postulate.
*44A PERCEPTION BLOCKER (may be same as 43 filter)
43. FILTER - filter out perceptions of entities, infinities, etc.
42. CRAVER - craving food etc.
41. COMPELLER (COMPULSIVE ENTITY) - needing bodies & food etc. for bodies.

Group 5 - Body Structure

40. RELAYER - relays body perceptions to you.
39. REPRESENTER - mocks up body perceptions (sight etc.)
*39A VISUAL ENTITY - composes pictures of reality that you look at instead of seeing directly
38. REACTIVE ENTITY - body reactions to the environment
37. BODY MACHINE - regulate body processes.
36. CELLULAR ENTITY - creates the cells
35. BODY LOCATOR - integrates cells, perceptions, etc. with space/time position
34. GE - manages the body
33. BODY GENERATOR - projects the body

Group 4 - Mind Blockage

32. SHIFTER - shifts attention into mest & off of theta
27. DEPRESSOR (see 106 discourager)

Group 3 - Mind Structure


Group 1B - Theta blockage

16. DESTROYER - arranges accidents etc. to keep you from finding out about this or escaping.
15. NARCOTIC ENTITY - keeps the higher self feeling drugged
14. INHIBITOR - blocks non-physical perception etc.
13. DAMPER - keeps you condensed to a point & in agreement, etc., holds you down.
12. PRESENTER - prevents manipulation of probability, resonance, cohesion, etc.
11. WRAITH - drains energy
10. SUBCONSCIOUS - hides things & convinces you to stay limited & obedient.
9. ABBERATOR - compels following the laws of cumulative charge, restimulation, etc.

Group 1A - Thetan Structure

8. FORMULATOR - inspires choices of strengths & weaknesses, likes & dislikes, etc.
7. INSPIRATIONAL ENTITY - inspires belief that everyone likes it here & you wouldn't want to leave, etc.
6. SEPARATOR - keeps you as an individual separate from your higher self, entities, infinity, etc.
5. RESTRICTOR - limits you to a located viewpoint
4. INDIVIDUALIZER - limits you to a single viewpoint, beingness, etc.
3. BENEFACTOR - gives you interesting rewards etc. for obeying the implant.
2. MOCKUP INVALIDATOR - invalidate anything which is not agreed upon.
1. INITIATOR - compel yourself to desire agreed upon mest, games, forms, reality, & existence.



(See the improved procedure for handling the big splitter implant given above and run that instead. This is one of the earlier routines I tried. - Sept 1996).

Apr 6, 1991

This platen runs out the splitter implant that divides you into a "Higher Self" for each of the penalty universe goals. These higher selves are unaware pieces of yourself from which you keep everything mocked up etc. The higher self viewpoints are quite busy but not self aware. If you slide into one of these viewpoints, its like being half asleep and in a trance (if you do slide into one, just blow BTs or spot being made to split a few times).

This should be run on all 64 of the positive penalty universe goals before attempting to run platen 2.

1. Research Question

Before discovering this, I ran vast amounts of charge off of the penalty universes using platen 1 and other techniques. Next I started researching platen 2, but it was a real bear and difficult to run. Then I found this, which takes vast amounts of charge off of platen 2 and also off of the penalty universes.

This platen was much easier to run than platen 2 and produced tremendous gains. It will key out the big splitter implant (platen 2) although it does not erase it or restore full causation over split pieces of yourself.

The question is whether or not this can be run without first taking a lot of charge off of platen 1.

If you should try to run this without first running platen 1, only run one goal to start with and have a copy of platen 1 handy. If the goal gets over restimulated by this platen, use platen 1 to cool it down.

Another question concerns what sequence to run the goals in. I went through this just running from To Endure upwards to To Create, handling each goal in sequence. I did it that way because I had been fooling with platen 2 and that is the sequence that platen 2 must be run in. But I tried a few out of sequence and this platen will run that way. Since platen 1 runs easiest by taking the largest reading goal first, it might be easier to run this platen in a similar manner.

Therefore, the better procedure might be to assess the penalty universe goals for which one to run first (assess the 16 dynamics for largest read and then assess the goals for that dynamic) as described in the penalty universe key out rundown.

A compromise method might be to check each goal starting from To Endure and run this platen whenever you get a good read.

In any case, don't run this platen on a goal until you can get the goal to read well (at least a fall).

2. General Procedure

There are two separate actions which must be combined to get this to run. One is the actual running of the higher self items. The other action is to handle the 8 types of Blocking Entities which interfere with running this out.

The 8 types of blocking entities come from platen 2. Actually, there are 128 different types of entities laid in by platen 2, but only one group of 8 tends to interfere with auditing.

You must run the 8 blocking entities whenever you start session for the day, and in-between running each goal, and, if needed, in-between each pass through the higher self items on a goal if you run into interference that is keeping the items from erasing.

The higher self items for the goal must be flattened as a bracket. I.E., you spot each item one after another and keep going through the entire set of items rather than trying to flatten each item individually. At first I tried it the other way (flattening each item as in OT2) and it was very difficult and a great deal of opposition came in from the blocking entities. Calling one item over and over tends to stir up things. The bracket procedure avoids this and runs very quickly. Often the whole thing blows on the first or second pass through the items.

Other things can get in the way. The RS handling and the correction list given with platen 2 can be used with this platen if needed. This includes things such as items not erasing because they justify overts etc. However, these kind of stops only showed up for me when I was tying to flatten each item. I didn't need to use any of these extras once I started with the bracket version of the procedure. So have the introduction to platen 2 available for its corrective actions, but you probably wouldn't need it. Platen 2 also has more extensive procedures for handling the blocking entities, but they didn't generally seem to be needed to run this platen.

If the TA is up at start, only run blocking entities until it comes down.

Fly ruds or whatever to get an FN before starting the rundown. Thereafter, try to avoid using ruds at session start unless you know that one is out. Many basics on rud chains are either items that are late in the penalty universes or are earlier things that are heavily restimulated by the penalty universes. If you use a rud to get an FN rather than to handle an immediate upset etc. while you are in the middle of this rundown, there is a tendency to run into the penalty universe items at the bottom of the chain. If this happens, spot the goal connected with the item and spot native state for the goal a few times to get the item to key out. (this odd business of ruds continually running straight back into penalty universe items only seemed to occur while I was working with this particular rundown).

The blocking entities can suppress an FN, and they can drive the TA very high. Blow off a few of them and it will come right down into range.

The higher self can erase and the FN can be suppressed by blocking entities. If the needle gets very stiff, there may be too many to blow at one sitting. If the higher self items read as being erased, then they are. If necessary, take a break and then blow blocking entities and then check again for erasure. It should FN once everything is out of the way. Unfortunately, this makes it easy to overrun handling a higher self. If you do overrun, it brings lots of blocking entities into restim, so you will generally need a break and one or two passes through the list of blocking entities as well as rehabbing the erasure before it will FN.

The blocking entities can turn on a still needle type phenomena. If one turns on, check who's keeping it all hidden and handle them.

There is a distinct feeling of the universe shifting around you when you get a higher self to dissolve (erase). The room may appear to jump. You can also get light versions of this sometimes on an item erasing without the whole higher self dissolving. You can even get this sometimes on blowing a blocking entity.

After running through a lot of goals, a type of blocking entity might fully erase and cease to trouble you. You will suddenly be aware of doing the blocking entity activity and feel a major shift in the universe and feel a lot better (and get a wide FN). After that, the type that erased will only show up very rarely. If it does read, spot it and it will usually blow by inspection or on the first question (if it doesn't, check if it already blew before continuing. Also watch out for protest, false read, or somebody else mocking up the item).



As a preliminary or corrective step or as a general cleanup, and between running each goal, the following list of blocking entities should be handled.


Whenever you get a read, have them do the following:

A. Spot being made into a ...
B. Spot being made to split.
B2. Point to the being you divided from (this step added Nov 1996)
C. Spot the first time you were made to split.
D. Spot making others split.
E. Who are you? (Me).

Generally they blow before you finish these steps.

Often, you get an early blow without realizing it and start running another of the same type whose back of the first one. But he didn't get the first question, so he doesn't blow. So if you don't get a blow after E, check if your running another of the same type and if so, go back to question A.

If this isn't the case and you still didn't get a blow, then have them "Spot the false data in the implant" (& first time you were implanted with false data & implanting others with false data). Then use "Who are you" again.

Note that you will get a read when the entity does each command above. If you don't see the read, feel around and get him located and get your TR1 in and get him to do the command.

When the entity blows, check for another of the same type.

After you have had a cog on and become cause over each of the 8 types, there is a tendency to find exactly one of each on each goal and have them each blow on being spotted. Once it starts going this way, it runs very very fast and tends to FN. But don't neglect doing it on each goal because opposition starts building up again if you do.

On rare occasions, entities of other types may interfere or cause trouble. These might be things like corrective entities, etc. that are listed in platen 2. If something seems to be hanging around or trying to interfere with auditing and doesn't handle on the above list, check if there is some other type of entity giving trouble. If you can spot the type of entity they are being, then use the above procedure. Otherwise, have them spot what they are doing, and then have them spot being programmed to do that and then continue with step B above. Generally this will let you blow them without having to figure out exactly what they are being or going through a long assessment of 128 types etc. If you blow one this way, check for another who is being the same thing and handle (often you will run through a bunch of them).

4. Procedure for running the Higher Self.

A. Spot native state for the goal and spot being pushed in, pushing another in and another pushing others into the penalty universe for this goal.


C. Spot being the higher self as a manifestation of the infinite (terminal). Repeat step A (native state) from the higher self viewpoint.

D. From the higher self viewpoint, spot the original split into the infinite terminal. Spot the mirror which shows you splitting into infinite copies of the terminal and spot becoming the terminal spread out to infinity. (note - this is a quick keyout of the splitter section of platen 2). If this gets restimulative, alternate it with step A (native state) until it cools down. You can also spot being made to split, the first time you were made to split, and making others split from the higher self viewpoint if necessary. (now you probably should have the higher self viewpoint point to the being it divided from - Nov 96).

E. Now run the higher self through the programming items that were implanted into it. Get each item to read, but don't continue to flatten the item after it reads well. If you can't get an item to read, try suppress and inval, and also try calling the previous item once (but don't overdo it). If still no read, go on to the next item.

The programming items are as follows:






If the needle goes dead on you and gets stuck and you go through a number of items without being able to get any to read, then abandon this pass through the detail items and handle the 8 blocking entities. Then start a new pass.

If any items could not be gotten to read while doing a pass through this, then handle the 8 types of blocking entities before doing the next pass.

Begin each pass from step A (native state). On subsequent passes, you can shortcut the steps but be sure to spot native state and the item in step B well enough to get them to read.

On the first pass for a particular goal, you should be careful to use the full statement (including the goal) on each item, but on subsequent passes, you can shortcut this, stating the prefix occasionally and then running through a number of end phrases as if they were all separated by commas (getting a read on each one).

Often the goal and the words "higher self" will each read within the item. This is not a read on the item, it is a read on the charge of the entire bracket of items. However, the item itself can read at the point where you spot the intention of the end phrase even if you haven't finished thinking the end phrase in words - this is a valid prior read.

If you feel a major shift while going through the items, check for erasure of the whole bracket of items (it might just be erasure of one item).

On erasure, the higher self will read as having dissolved and you can get a read on being "free of this". If erased with no FN, take a short break and then handle the 8 types of blocking entities and then confirm the erasure.

5. Inverted goals

Besides running on the 64 positive goals, this will also run on the 64 inverted goals. The inverted ones are a bit harder to handle, so you should run all the positive ones first with the following exception. If you really feel upset and angry at a positive goal and at people doing the positive goal and there is too much charge on it to run, then you have the inverted goal in heavy restim and will need to run it off first.

Negative goals run just like positive goals except for spotting native state (Step A). Native state is at the bottom of a negative goal (i.e., you go out the bottom back to native state) rather than at the top. And it is the positive goal that holds the negative goal in place. So you have to handle it as follows:

Spot "TO (negative goal) IS NATIVE STATE" at the end of the implant.

Look up to the very beginning of the implant and spot "To (positive goal) IS NATIVE STATE" there. (it might not read or be very real at this point but put your attention on it anyway).

Spot the implant messing up the positive goal so badly that you decide to abandon the positive goal and decide to HATE and GET EVEN. Spot these decisions as being part of the implant. (this is the positive to negative crossover - see the XOVER platen if necessary). Spot the negative goal as stemming from this.

Again spot the top of the positive goal (native state) as begin the start of the entire positive/negative sequence. Get the positive goal's native state item to read. If it wouldn't, repeat the above (especially spotting the crossover) until it does (if necessary, use the treadmill XOVER platen).

Once you get this to read, then do the rest of step A (being pushed in etc.). Note that it is always the positive goal that you're pushed into (and later you fall through into the negative goal).

Now continue running the higher self on the negative goal from step B onward. Whenever you need to repeat step A, simply spot the negative goal, then spot the positive goal as being prior to and above it and run step A for the positive goal.

All the remaining items for running out the higher self will run using the negative goal.

An interesting little note is the observation that a positive goal can be run on this without the negative goal going into restim. I.E., you can run positive goals one after the other as long as you don't hit one where the negative is already in heavy restim due to life. This would seem to be one of the very big gains from going clear. In late track, positive and negative goals are a mutually restimulative package that float together in time. In early track (prior to CC), the negative goal is a consequence of dropping out the bottom of a positive goal and abandoning it.



Jun 25, 1991

Note: the various procedures for running this have generally been superseded by the easier approach given in the write-up on Procedure HS (higher self handling). After running procedure HS and then clearing out each entity type (see the write-up on the Summary of Entity types etc.) it should be possible to blow this on each goal simply by running the first few items to FN and then doing the final processing steps given at the end. I have not deleted the old way of handling this in case it turns out to be needed in the future.

I originally ran through this on the first goal using a long procedure to try and handle all the entities that showed up in a thorough manner. In doing so, I spent much too much time on one goal and other things went into restim. So I cut back to a "fast" procedure to get through as quickly as possible without stirring up too much opposition and ran through a few goals that way. This worked well at first but again the unrun goals gradually built up more charge. Then I switched to procedure HS which gave me a fast destimulative pass across all of the goals. References in here to the long and the fast procedures refer to the two different ways that I used while running this directly before coming up with the HS procedure. It is possible that you might need to run through one goal completely just to get a good grasp of the incident.

The material in here should be known even when using procedure HS since this covers some of the unusual situations such as RSes and provides useful background data.


This is the original procedure:

Run for each penalty universe goal.

Check for and handle "guardians" (clusters similar to control entities) often. use: a) spot being made into a guardian, b) spot being made to split (& first time & making others split if needed), c) spot being implanted with false data (& first time & implanting others with false data if needed), d) spot native state for goal (if one is being run)(&being pushed into it, pushing others in, & others pushing others in, if needed), e) who are you.

After a guardian comes apart, there may be individuals remaining, use acks & who are you. There also may be copies etc.

Also check for & handle machine entities (PMEs) with the usual techniques (spot being made into a machine etc.).

If TA is up (above 3.5) at start, only run guardians and PMEs and individuals remaining until it comes down. High TA can also be overrun, check for an entity who is overrun, have them spot going release, and ask who are you. If TA still wouldn't come down, rerun steps 1-3 below and then find more guardians etc. Note, the TA can be up slightly at start because of anticipating the next item. If the TA comes down on blowing guardians etc. but starts drifting right back up again in session, then its overrun, guardians will not drive it up while you are actually running a process. But they can push it up even during a very quick break.

Check for and handle these every time you resume, and also frequently during session, and any time the needle gets very tight, or if any somatics turn on, and after every item in the universe buttons section below.

Revision: In addition to guardians, there are also Oversouls, Restimulators, Suppressors, Holders, and Misdirectors which may need to be handled. The handling is pretty much the same. Have them spot being made into a ... & then run split, false data, and native state. Further revision: use the expanded list of types given in procedure HS.

Somatics are generally instigated by the guardians who get machines to mock them up. Handle the guardian and then the machine. Needle tightening up is either too much cross restimulation (auditing too long) or errors (which restimulate) or there is a restimulator or suppressor active. Trouble blowing ones who seem to have been handled properly is usually because a holder is operating, or one of the other types is invalidating them or something. If you start feeling disbelief, unreality, or start invalidating the existence of this implant (after running it successfully) then check for oversouls or suppressors.

The best approach might be to run steps 1 to 4 (1st section + group processing) and then go right to the specific sections on guardians etc. (near the end) and run through them lightly to cool down all these various entities. Then run the complete platen from the beginning thoroughly.



An RS while running this will generally be due to an entity with heavy overts.

a. Designing this implant?
b. Sentencing others to this implant?
c. Running this implant in on others?
d. Creating this implant (postulating the items or the implant universe into existence for use against others).
e. 3rd partying others to use this against each other?
f. Wanting to get rid of everybody?

Spot the overt and MWH and spot E/S if needed. Then find the earlier evil purp. It will be something like making others dead forever or getting rid of everyone. Since this implant is at the point where he went down into the Symbols universe, the evil purp will be around the time period of the late games universe (it will probably be after the treadmill since that is generally what is underlying the RS).

Then spot the overt prior to the evil purpose. It will be something like cheating on a game etc. which was only bad (not evil) but gave him a horrendous MWH. Note that it was still quite hard for people to really hurt each other in this time period since they were not yet locked into bodies etc. Or spot the prior confusion.

During this, you should see the RS get smaller and less frantic on each step (RS erasing). If it just turns off, he's probably dived out of sight and will show up again later.

If he doesn't blow when the RS clears, run some key buttons like spot being made to split or spotting native state or who are you until he does.

Deeper underneath this is the goal inversion items of "hate" and "get even" that were laid in by the treadmill. If you're not in the middle of running a goal, you can assess the penalty universes for the one underlying the RS and then handle the inversion (see the write-up on the treadmill). I did this on an RS while running platen 2 and it worked well, but the goal that assessed out was different from the one that I was running. When the being blew, fooling with the other goal left all sort of other stuff stirred up and caused cross-restimulation which had to be cooled off.

Note that it will not be your RS. The needle motion itself is due to a being jumping around pushing and restimulating all sorts of other entities in an effort to keep this from running out. He doesn't actually make the RS, its the motion of the crowd of beings that he's kicking around that moves the needle.


This occurs in an implant universe. You are not in a body being shown pictures or anything like that. It is a full reality being created around you. This occurs in a transition universe between the games and symbols universes. This is the implant that I have been calling the big splitter. There are many later implants which use items out of this or variations thereof. It is intentionally stirred up when you want to get rid of somebody or make them dead forever. A key restimulator is the prison planet implant used to sentence people to earth and also some parts of the between lives implants. But the other things are shallow locks on this and just get solid if you try to run infinity type items out of them.

This is later than the penalty universes, but prevents erasing them (the cloud of guardians etc. block it). But the penalty universe does have the basic charge on the goal, so run it first (platen 1) to get a key out. Then this platen will erase. After erasing platen 2 for the goal, platen 1 can be run to erasure.


As a preliminary or corrective step or as a general cleanup, the following list of entity types created by the incident can be assessed.


Whenever you get a read, have them do the following:

a. Spot being made into a ... (& first time & making others into ..)
b. (expanded procedure - spot doing ..., & earlier & first time)
c. Spot being made to split. (& first time & making others split) (add "point to the being you divided from")
d. Spot the false data in the implant. (& first time you were implanted with false data & implanting others with false data).
e. Spot "To (goal) is native state" (& being pushed into it, pushing others in, & others pushing others in).

If the same type shows up often, then use the expanded procedure (i.e., add step b) to cool them down.

A fast procedure is to simply do the assessment and indicate the read and then go on flattening platen 2. I.E., guardian reads so you indicate that someone is guarding the item and then flatten the item without trying to blow the being. They'll all blow when you erase the later sections of the implant, and they'll settle down & let you run it out (they are very interested and blow in droves on the later items) if you ack what they are doing and get them to stop. But don't use this shortcut if your turning on somatics or the TA wouldn't come down because it leaves a lot of guys hanging around half awake expecting you to erase the items soon.

Note that MACHINE in the above list was a catchall that would pick up others out of the 128 types in the rare cases where they were giving trouble.


1. Has an item been overrun?
2. has an item been left unflat?
3. has an entity been overrun?
4. has an entity been left unflat?
5. Is there an entity who is worried about the others?
6. Earlier Run? (as in OT2 procedure)
7. Slipped over onto another goal? (rehab the item for the goal being run).
8. Cross-restim? (indicate & take a break).
9. Is an active entity interfering with running this? (assess entities etc.)
10. Individuals remaining (acknowledge each to blow).
11. Invalidated an erasure?
12. Bypassed an FN?
13. Was there an error in running an item?
14. Is there an error on the item itself? (Misworded? Out of sequence? Missing item?)
15. Erased for some but not for others?
16. Goal keyed out? (indicate, rehab, & take a break)
17. Did an entity come back?
18. Did you put it all back? (indicate, rehab, & take a break).
19. Was a blow interrupted?
20. Is someone trying to replace an item that erased?
21. Is someone trying to replace an entity that blew?
22. Does someone have a MWH connected with an item?
23. Does an entity have an evil purpose connected with an item?
24. Was the same item left unflat in an earlier goal?
25. Was an entity handled using an incorrect type?
26. Was an entity mishandled?
27. Does the item justify an overt?
28. Is there something else wrong?

Note, this platen is flatten with OT2 techniques plus the handling of entities (as in III & NOTS). Correction lists from these levels can also be used if needed.

Fast Procedure:

Spot the item repetitively.
Spot doing the item & earlier & first time.
Spot item some more or confirm that it erased.

On first sections where the items are false datums that tell you how wonderful its going to be rather than doingness items, spot the item as a false datum instead of spotting doing the item.

Often you feel a slight shift as an item erases. Erasing an item does give a tiny FN, but it can be too small to register on the meter. If it has erased, checking for erasure on the meter will produce a read.


1. Section 1: Infinity

(the space is like being in a thin white cloud with nothing visible).



2. Temple

a. The terminal appears in front of you (spot this).

b. TO (goal) IS TO BECOME THE INFINITE (terminal).


d. The temple appears (spot it).


3. Spotting steps

Possibly this step and the following one (4 below) should be skipped when using the fast procedure.

Spot the following with intention, and broadcast it out to the crowd of entities etc. that started waking up while running the above.

a. Spot the false data in the implant.
b. Spot that you don't have to be the terminal to do the goal.
c. Spot that you don't have to do the goal to get the things promised (falsely) in the items in section 1.
d. Spot that you don't have to be the terminal to get the things promised in the items in section 1.
e. Spot that these items were all false promises and that you didn't get these things from obeying the implant.

4. Group Process

Now broadcast the following commands (group processing) to everybody who started waking up (but don't reach for ones who have different goals who didn't respond to section 1 above).

a. Spot being made to divide by this implant.
a1. point to the being you divided from (step added Nov 96)
b. Spot the first time you were made to divide.
c. Spot making others divide
d. Spot the false data in the implant.
e. Spot the first time you were implanted with false data.
f. Spot implanting others with false data.
g. Spot being made to copy.
h. Spot the first time you were made to copy.
i. Spot making others copy.
j. Spot "To (goal) is native state" at the top of the original penalty universe (direct their attention to early home universe era). Spot being pushed into it, pushing another in, and others pushing others in.
k. Come up to present time.
l. Thank You.

Check for individuals remaining and use who are you & acks to handle.

Check for and handle any guardians or machines (or other types of entities).

5. Section 2 - infinite terminal

a. Next the items from section 1 are reused with the Infinite terminal in place of the goal in the item (as follows). As these items are given, the terminal (which is facing you) drifts backwards towards the temple and through the entrance, you are drawn along by it and enter the temple as well.

TO BECOME THE INFINITE (terminal) IS TO: (items a to j of section 1)

b. (at this point, the terminal is floating in the center of the temple and you are facing it)


c. At this point you slide into the mockup of the terminal. You do this by curving around to the right and sliding into the terminals left side so that you are facing back in the direction where you had been floating before. I.E., you end up looking through the terminal's eyes. As this happens you get the following item. Spot the feeling of turning and spot sliding into the terminal as you spot the item.

TO (goal) IS TO BE THE (terminal).

Note - there is a heavy emphasis on the word BE in this item.

d. Spot seeing the inside of the temple from the terminals eyes. Also notice that everything looked vague and dreamlike and now becomes sharp and solid looking once you have the eyes to look through. This is actually a trick built into the implant universe. The mockups are intentionally insubstantial in the beginning and are suddenly and dramatically changed to solids when you look through the eyes. It makes you think that you can see better with the terminal's eyes, but really you were perceiving correctly all along. Spot this trick at this point.

e. You notice that there is a sort of mirror on the temple wall and that you can see yourself as the terminal in it. Spot the mirror. Note that this is a trick and not a real reflection.


With this item, the mirror shows you splitting out to infinity. Endless copies of the terminal stream out in all directions. Actually, they are showing you a picture of the terminal splitting (and you think you are already splitting and start agreeing with the idea) and then they hit you with a wave of force that makes you split. Spot the false mirror image and the wave of force along with the item.


With this item, the "mirror" view pans backwards (as in a movie) and shows you the outside of the temple and endless copies of the terminal streaming off in all directions. Spot this.


i. TO (goal) IS TO BE THE INFINITE (terminal).

(long procedure: mockup dividing out to infinity and being the infinite terminal a number of times. Also have any beings who are awake spot doing this and spot the first time they did this).

For long or short procedure: run "Decide to be the infinite (terminal)" / "Decide not to be the infinite (terminal)" alternately to EP (end on the second command even if the first one FNs).

Long procedure: Now repeat the group processing in step 4 above.

6. Section 3, Universe items.

These buttons are also used in running the universe machines (covered in a separate write-up).

The following is for the long procedure, for the fast procedure, just run the items.

For each item, have anyone who is awake:
a. spot the item
b. spot doing the item
c. spot the first time they did the item.
d. spot getting others to do the item.
e. spot the item again.
e1. mockup doing/ not doing the item alternately.
f. spot the false data in the implant.
g. spot being made to divide.
h. spot being made to copy.
i. spot being made into guardians.
j. spot being made into machines.
k. spot being made into holders.
l. spot being made into restimulators.
m. spot being made into suppressors.
n. spot being made into oversouls.
o. spot being made into the infinite terminal.
p. spot "To (goal) is native state".

The above is done as a group processing step (from f onward, you can also use spot the first time and spot doing it to others if needed).

Then check for and handle any guardians or machinery or individuals remaining. Then take a very short break and then check for any guardians or machinery etc. again before either ending session or going on to the next item.

At first I had to handle a half dozen guardians on each item. If somatics turn on, check for individuals remaining or more guardians or machinery. etc.

If too much turns on, you can re-run the group processing in step 4 above, or run the entire platen from the top again.

After this section, the remainder runs off fairly fast and easily with only occasional guardians etc. turning up.

TO (goal) IS TO BE THE INFINITE (terminal) AND:





Revision: Subsequently, I discovered the higher self version of these items that is given in platen HS. Both the HS and the infinite terminal version given above will run on the same goal. The HS version would fit right after this. There also seem to be some lower self items immediately after the HS items. But this all showed up later. These HS/LS items seem to have been used in the implant that shifts you from the conflicts universe down to the magic universe. Either the heavy similarity between that implant and this section of platen 2 causes them to group together or the items actually were reused and are correct in both platens. See the write-up on the flat earth implant.

7. Instructions for the remaining sections

In the items in the subsequent sections:

a. spot the item a number of times until it either releases, erases, or stops reading.
b. Have anyone who is awake spot doing the item, & the first time they did the item. (if needed, you can use the full rundown given in 6 above).
c. spot the item again until you get an erasure, or just confirm that it has erased.

The following additional steps can also be done (long procedure):

d. spot being the infinite copies of the terminal and doing the item to yourself. (you want to become total cause over doing the item).
e. spot the item again and native state for the goal.
f. check if there is anyone still doing the item or if anything is still unhandled on the item and handle (as in 6 above)(unless you get an FN)

Use an abbreviated version of this on subsequent passes (including the previous sections). Eventually you want to simply spot all the items with an FN and no other handling needed (FNing platen). You need to use some judgment to avoid the extremes of grinding on the one hand and bypassing charge on the other. Too much grinding will cross restimulate the same items in others goals. If needed, check for and indicate cross-restimulation and then take a break to let it cool down.

By itself, the FN on erasing a single item is generally small. Big FNs and Cogs come from erasing big chunks of this rather than on each item. The FN on an item is quite visible if the needle is already loose and other things aren't stirred up (usually on the first item you run at session start), but as you build up a bit of cross-restim (other entities on this goal, and the same items and entities in other goals trying to keep this there and replacing it) it tends to stiffen the needle and these small FNs will not be visible. If the item reads as erased and you recheck the item for erasure at the start of the next session, it will generally FN. So don't invalidate an erasure just because you don't see an FN. You don't actually need to see the FN, but you do need certainty of erasure. So if you do invalidate it or you are unsure (Q & Aing with the erasure), then take a break and recheck with the needle loose enough to show a small FN, or jack the sensitivity way up (the FN will be there for a moment when you spot an item that has erased). This is due to the heavy cross-restim and opposition that comes up at first and should fade away after running a few goals (as your confront on the end phrases improves, it weakens the entire implant, not just the goal being run).

A feeling of something shifting or coming apart almost always means erasure. This is not quite the same feeling as a partial blow, but it is easy to confuse the two (especially as partial blows also happen occasionally on this procedure). If you're not sure, just check for a partial blow and handle (who are you?). Note that you can also get both a partial blow and an erasure. The shift on erasure basically feels good (you're shifting back towards reality) and doesn't persist as a sensation (you feel better oriented and more natural after it happens) whereas the partial blow feeling is disorienting.

You will often see things blowing on an erasure, but you can also see this before the item is erased so it can't be used as a guide (but it is a good indicator showing that things are coming apart).

If no read and no erasure and spotting doing the item doesn't read either, then something is blocking the read. If you've been running for awhile and the needle is getting stuck, then take a break and let the cross-restim die down. Otherwise, assess the types of entities and indicate whatever reads (i.e., Suppressor reads so indicate that a suppressor is blocking the item). You can handle the entity (spot being made into a ... & spot being made to split) or just have it spot the item. Generally the item will read again and you can finish running it.

If something seems wrong, use the correction list.