Our earliest difficulties seem to involve inter-personal relations rather than creating or dealing with creations.

Although "to Create" has been popular in implants and penalty universes, this is all later on the track and we didn't seem to have a lot of trouble with it in the beginning. Our earliest troubles had to do with dealing with each other. This would stem from the jewel of knowledge which basically tricked us into conflict.

The earliest series of charged goals (actual GPMs ?) that I can find on the track seems to deal with ARC and may stem from the reality wars.

These goals are (approximately):

a) To Make Them Listen To Me
b) To Make Them Like Me
c) To Make Them Agree With Me

Note that the communication is an outflow whereas the affinity and reality are inflows, which would guarantee an imbalance and lead to trouble.

I suspect that at basic these goals are consistent from person to person. If so, that would imply some sort of implant.

There may also be a goal "To Make Them Admire Me" in this series.

Later come degraded or inverted versions such as "To Make Them Leave Me Alone" or "To Be Unobserved" etc.

There may be some kind of early aesthetic implant used in the reality wars to invert these. For example, a story sequence in which you succeed in making everyone like you and then they all cling to you and it becomes suffocating so that you start fighting to make them leave you alone.

I don't have this pinned down yet. The current handling would be to run more grade 3 (ARCXs) in the basic area. I think that this is coming up in my own auditing because I'm nearing erasure of grade 3 in the basic area.

I can already see that the earliest basics have to do with simple communication (grade 0), probably simple decisions to ignore certain individuals, and that these predate the reality wars and come from the earliest universe building period right after the jewel of knowledge. Notice that it is communication specifically and not the ARC triangle.

It is possible that the ARC triangle itself is an interlocking condition that stems from the reality wars rather than being a basic mechanic. Why should you go into agreement or get sucked into somebody else's reality just from talking to them? That would seem to be an aberration.

They might, for example, have shown you that it was basically unfair to agree with a creation that you liked if you were unwilling to talk to its creator, and so you had to raise your communication if affinity and reality were increased.

This strange idea of interlocked A, R, and C then leads to the implication that you could have your reality contaminated by talking to someone else (because reality and agreement will increase with communication). That's deadly because you then start cutting communications to protect yourself, and once you've blocked communications, then you really can get in trouble.

If Hitler had painted a beautiful painting, wouldn't true sanity include the ability to admire the painting while continuing to hate the man?

This is all slightly speculative because I still have a great deal of charge in this area and may be twisting things around or getting the details wrong. But the implications are immense and it would be unfair of me to keep this to myself.