As mentioned above, lessons imposed on you by others are never actually helpful and are often harmful. But there is another possibility which is that you are trying to teach a lesson to yourself.

You will find that you have left a bit of yourself up at a higher level, exterior to this and all of the later universes. I don't want to call this an oversoul or a higher self because the terms are often misused to represent some higher guiding spirit. Here I am talking about you yourself operating from a higher level viewpoint that is exterior to the local game conditions.

I have not been able to get much on this higher level viewpoint. For me, it is still generally outside of the band of self awareness, and therefore is not truly conscious or thinking in the fullest sense although it is aware and thinking in the mechanical sense (like a computer program that can think and manifest awareness but which is not self-aware or capable of arbitrary decisions).

I have had a few experiences where I seemed to wake up briefly and very foggily in this higher viewpoint, and I could remember a continual process of figuring and handling things without any conscious awareness. The perceptions and awareness were very strange and it seemed to me that I was busy thinking many things in parallel, but none of them were conscious trains of thought.

This higher viewpoint may be a bit of yourself that you left behind to lead you back out of the trap.

If you get the idea of looking at things from a viewpoint where you really don't care either way about any kind of survival on any of the dynamics, and your only interest is in guiding yourself out of the trap (which includes guiding yourself to full maturity as a being and to cause over creation), then you will have the viewpoint of this higher level. And it will be your viewpoint, not mine or anybody else's. Because we are not identical at that level. This is your optimum viewpoint, and it reflects you as a basic individual.

This higher viewpoint teaches you lessons, but it is lessons that you yourself want to learn. But you might not want these lessons in your current physical viewpoint. You have to shift to the view of a being who is aware of living a succession of lifetimes and who doesn't consider pain or death to be a big deal.

If the lesson seems reasonable from this multi-lifetime viewpoint, then it probably is your lesson for yourself. If, however, it seems like a push to get you to agree to some moral code or agreed upon standard of behavior, then you are probably dealing with an implanted lesson. The very fact that there are implanted lessons tends to indicate that there is a natural lesson mechanism that they are trying to abberate and use against you.

For implanted lessons, you run out the implant, or do mockups of the lesson until you can throw it away.

For your own lessons to yourself, you first need to spot exactly what the lesson is and acknowledge it. Then try to have the cognition that the lesson is pushing for. Once you have the cognition, the lesson has no further purpose and you will stop mocking it up for yourself.

From the higher viewpoint, you don't care if you have to die a few times to learn an important concept that you will need to get out of this trap.