This is a random collection of ideas from my research notebooks. Some of these may be of great value and others may simply be wild ideas with no basis in fact. I'm including these here as an inspiration to other researchers.

1. An implanted false datum: If you operated from two places at once, one of them would go out of control and become somebody else.

2. An interesting process: In this lifetime, what do you use to shift blame to others.

3. Aesthetics and Force and Intelligence may form an interrelated triangle (like ARC). The sum total would be theta horsepower.

4. Implanted false datums: a) there is a price for everything b) change is always painful

5. From some old implant: a picture of locking your memories away into a jeweled golden box.

6. If something is jammed into your space, your natural impulse is to mock it up so as to get control over it. This abberates into mocking things up compulsively.

7. The brain is capable of doing anything that a computer can do. Low on the scale, a thetan will use the brain to do a lot of his "thinking" for him (like using a calculator instead of computing something yourself). He looses all this if he drops the body and so he gets kind of dumb when he dies. His intelligence while dreaming or drunk gives you an idea of how much he is doing himself without the brain's assistance. Try doing things like practicing math in exterior locations far away from the body. Notice that even when exterior there is a tendency to put a beam on the brain and pull answer's back from it.

8. Upper Tone Scale: Wrath is above hubris and they're both way above cheerfulness.

9. We're all holding each other in a theta deathgrip. The "muscles" have been locked for so long that its hard to relax them or let go. Try running mockups of clamping down on others (to hold them in agreement with reality etc.) and letting go.

10. On each dynamic, you abberate yourself in the mistaken idea that it helps that dynamic. Parents will abberate themselves to help their children. Priests will abberate themselves to help God, etc. A thetan will abberate himself to help the body.

A Help process: What aberration did you mock up to help another? How would that help them? (run on 5 flows).

11. For an undesirable condition: "From where could you mockup (or postulate) that condition?". Also, "from where could you postulate that condition for another?".

12. An OT drill: "Spot (or select) an orientation point". "What could you align to that?".

13. To improve recall on a past life that you already know some things about and have some reality on:

a) "what would you like/dislike (alternately) about ... (previous identity)". b) "what would ... (previous identity) like/dislike about you".

14. A bit of a possible implant platen:

The goal to be admired <---- The idea of equality
being successful <---- being equal
being better <---- everyone is the same
being different <---- to be like everyone else

15. Childish behavior may reflect what was wrong with the early track OTs. We might be doing a bit of a repeat of our evolutionary history each time we grow up. If so, then running petty little childhood incidents and taking them earlier similar might open up the early track. But the PC needs to be up to conceiving of the early track mockups.

16. To run out the entry point into a game, you need to spot the goals, purposes, hopes, and dreams that you projected into the game when you decided to join it. This is what keeps it created for you.

17. Mistakenly believing the wrong datum that only MEST (and not thought) can affect MEST, you become MEST so that you can affect it.

18. Whatever you have, you get more of, whether good or bad. This is the law of gravity. The rich get richer. You keep injuring a hurt area, etc. What there is to be attracted goes to the strongest attractor, following the inverse square law. This was designed as a trap. You get too much of what you do have and too little of what you don't have. But the mechanisms respond to concepts and mockups rather than physical reality. If you can truly believe that you are rich despite all evidence to the contrary, then you will attract money, etc.

19. Sometimes you'll split off a piece of yourself and set it up as a sort of guardian angel. This is supposed to protect you or watch over you when you're asleep or unconscious or being implanted or whatever. It can help a bit, but it gets abberated on the button of "failed protect" and then begins to influence one to avoid dangerous things etc.

16. Process: Pick objects in the room and alternately decide to be upset/not upset with them. Also run on anger, hate, fear, jealousy, feelings of vengeance, etc.

17. Run mockups of people applauding you for choosing to have a particular disability.

18. The body is a symbol for a thetan in a game.

19. You can run a "grand tour" style process (like in CofHA) using Heaven, Hell, Between Lives Admin, and Earth as the locations to be in. Just do "be in heaven", "be in hell", etc. alternately. Don't put a lot of significance on it or on what you see because there's lots of dub-in and implants concerning these areas. Just flatten the process. You might turn on pictures or sensations of rushing down corridors or through tunnels. If so, just flatten the process. Be sure to continue the process until all your reactions to it flatten out.

20. Embarrassment is tied to early track where one might be ostracized from a game etc. Doing TR0 runs this because the game continues after the embarrassment is hit. We should probably do more on handling embarrassment as part of a grade on the general subject of invalidation. The basic embarrassment is to be identified as being out of agreement. You're naked when everyone is supposed to wear clothes, or you like hop-scotch when everyone is supposed to like football.

21. Crystals were commonly used as energy focuses, accumulators, etc. back in the magic universe. They are popular today among some metaphysical groups. It probably all goes back to the jewel of knowledge and later false jewel implants etc. I kind of like crystals myself, but I don't think its a good idea to get too deeply into agreement with physical universe stuff. And old trick was to get a thetan to put his power into an object, then break the object and convince him that he now had to be weak. For the crystal enthusiasts, I would suggest that they work at mocking up crystals rather than buying them in a store. Mockups of energy crystals and lenses can be a lot of fun, especially if you set them to vibrating. Use them to project or anchor or manipulate fields of energy. And remember to occasionally make the flows run contrary so as to retain your ability to disagree.

22. I had a strange dream once. I saw the waves of the ocean and tried to control them but could not. Then I saw a small pool with fine waves and tried to control them but could not. But then I used the powerful waves of the ocean to move the small pool and used the fine waves of the pool to move the ocean part by part and succeeded in both endeavors. On waking, my feeling was that I was remembering some teaching parable that I was taught in an earlier life.

23. An interesting process: "What did you choose to never know?".

24. Be + Do + Have Equals Games. This is like the ARC triangle and will run in most grade 3 processes. You can have a sort of "Operating Break" which is like an ARCX and it will assess on these using the same CDEINR techniques as an ARCX rudiment. These operating breaks can turn on heavy rage or refusal to act (e.g. laziness etc.). There is a heavy operating break in incident 2 and after people run OT3, there is a strong tendency to fly into heavy rages without adequate provocation.

25. OT Drill: Look at objects and see the space within them. Note that all solids are mostly space even in the ordinary physics definitions.

26. The axioms could be restated as postulates and then you could date/locate making the postulates. Probably best to do them in reverse order. For axiom 1 (life is basically a static), you would date/locate separation from the main body of theta.

27. The following can be run by simply thinking them and having the walls acknowledge you repetitively until they blow and you are no longer forced to agree with these ideas. Consciously decide that you no longer have to do it before ending off on each one.

a) I have to outflow so that I can inflow
b) I have to be located so that I can experience things
c) Problems have to be solved
d) I have to have a body to operate
e) I have to use energy to move things
f) I have to touch things to move them

28. A machine handling process from the 9th ACC: Mockup a point out there saying wrong times, places, forms, events, and identities and acknowledge it.

29. An OT drill to do when you are exterior: Hold a stable position and mockup noises, lightning bolts, horrible sights, etc. to scare you back into the body and you laugh at them and maintain your position anyway.

30. Eyesight: The eyes hold the object still (to keep it from coming in on the perception inflow) and pull in the image. So have the eyes keep objects from going away etc. Also have objects say "here I am" to the eyes. Another process would be to have the eyes keep images from coming in at them (duplicating not-isness).

31. A key question to ask about an overt is "Who did you justify that to".

32. A thetan can do an action which I will call "Historisizing" (which shows up in implants as the goal "To Historisize"). It is the action of pushing a history of something backwards from the present. You do it all the time in dreams. You're there first, then you mockup how you got there, etc. This was done in reality early on the track, and may be done in implants, and maybe done because of hypnosis, and probably happens when time is reset on Earth. Drill mocking up objects and then pushing histories back of them.

33. An implanted false datum: This goes on until you go out the bottom, so you should sink all the way down now and get it over with.

34. We can chart the abberative factors by dynamics:

a) pain is the 1D engram
b) loss is the 2D engram
c) failure is the 3D engram
d) implanting is the 4D engram
e) death is the 5D engram
f) unreality is the 6D engram
g) infestation (by entities) is the 7D engram
h) fragmentation (into split pieces of yourself) is the 8D engram

(calling these "engrams" is not quite right, but the pattern is correct).

Notice that these form a declining scale.

35. Expansion is power. Complexity is havingness.

36. Sometimes you protected yourself by putting out weak, old, ugly, or injured mockups in front of you to get others to sympathize. You put them in front first. Later you feel guilty and collapse into them. For each of these, alternately mock it up in front of you and have a wave of sympathy come into it until something blows.

37. You can take each penalty universe terminal and alternately get the idea that it is there and it isn't there. This will often turn on the perception or idea that there is a giant statue of the terminal in the city or a giant face in the sky above. Keep running the process until this blows.

38. Emotions are energy. Anger and below are black flows. Cheerfulness and above are white. In between are grays. Below zero (shame, blame, regret), the flows are invisible. Persisting in these flows turns your field black or invisible. To handle an occluded case with a black field, find out what he's afraid of or lost or hates. For an occluded case with an invisible field, find out what he's ashamed of or regrets.

39. An interesting process: a) mockup a wall. b) hide it. c) now mockup an image of the wall in the same place so that you can see it without as-ising it. d) hide that one. e) mockup another, etc.

When I ran this, I turned on and ran through ideas that the real wall under the image was horrible, dangerous, etc. Then an old childhood wall showed up (with nursery wallpaper - dumbo the elephant etc.) and I realized that I'd banged my head on it at about age 2. Eventually this all flattened and blew.

40. Good and Evil: Early on the track, the person got convinced that things should be kept in balance (this is a false datum). So he does some good and to balance it he postulates some evil at a distance. Mock up an object close to you and another that is far away. A book and bottle will do, or anything comfortable that doesn't have too much significance attached to it. Alternately mockup hitting the nearby object with a good flow while simultaneously hitting the distant object with a covert, hidden, bad flow, and then doing the reverse, hitting the nearby object with an overt bad flow while putting out a covert hidden good flow at the distant object.

41. Categorizing and quantifying things makes them persist. For example, an object in its true as-is condition does not have any size because size only exists in relation to other things. When seen at basic, it is neither big nor small but just is.

42. Aesthetics is involved with resonance. This is the partial but imperfect alignment of things. This includes similarities and differences, harmony and discord, one thing reflecting back on another, things duplicating each other at different speeds, sizes, etc. Poetic justice, for example, is aesthetic. Aesthetics consists of things being the same yet different.

43. The first misunderstoods concerned objects and energies (real things and mockups) rather than words or symbols. These things are more basic. For an object, the basic MU would be concerning its purpose - this is the most important thing to find out which is not inherently obvious from simple perception. When you are confronted by a new object mocked up by someone else, you want to find out what it does and what it is for. There must already be some out-communication or you'd just ask.

Some objects hid their purposes, traps appearing innocent, etc. You'd misunderstand, think it was a nice thing, and get caught.

The first MU concerned the purpose behind the jewel of knowledge, which was intended to get us to trap ourselves rather than to enlighten us.

Misunderstoods on energy would be thinking nothing is there and getting zapped or thinking that something has a lot of power when it is really a dud.

44. You beat a more powerful opponent by ganging up on him.

45. Early on, the dynamics don't apply. There was only the individuals and groups and their mockups. The basic problem was always the individual Vs the group. Individual Vs individual or group Vs group are really games rather than problems. Its the imbalance between one and many that never resolved. But this conflict was also encouraged by the jewel of knowledge.

The jewel of knowledge had a sequence where the individual's mockup flickers and the group mockup persists. The group comes over and helps your mockup stabilize and persist when it flickers. And so you know that you need a group to survive. But this, like everything in the jewel, is a slightly twisted idea that leads to further trouble.

At the very top, there is no counting, and each individual is a full representation of theta. Grouping these does not yield any more theta. If the purpose is to add to the richness of creation, then you are better off with many individuals and no group alignment because too much alignment cuts down on the variety.

But as you slide downscale, various aspects of theta become blocked in each individual and that is solved by organizing the individuals into groups so that they cover each other's weaknesses. And that solution generates an entire array of new problems.

At this stage it is not possible to abandon these things because it would mean that each individual would need total confront of everything. So it has to be a gradient approach. But the gradient is towards stronger individuals and weaker groups rather than the reverse.

The short range ideal would be conglomerations of individuals who are not very well organized or aligned but who are in very high ARC and are very very mutually supportive.

46. There are early track games of trying to make a mockup interesting enough to a group to get the group to reinforce and perpetuate it.

47. One of the heavy aesthetic implants used during the reality wars shows you the glories of being the lone OT fighting against overwhelming odds and defeating thousands before you finally lose. This convinces you that you will always lose, and encourages you to go it alone, for the glory, instead of gathering up a few friends to help.

48. Faced with odds of thousands to one, the lone OT would sometimes solve this by splitting into thousands himself so that he would not be outnumbered. Because of considerations of quantity and majority rule (a jewel of knowledge idea) and mass agreement, it became a race to see who could become more different people. But it doesn't actually work because the split pieces all have the same blocked areas.

49. The aesthetic implants (reality wars). These were simply very aesthetic pictures which got you into trouble. They include:

a) The beautiful sadness of a thetan who couldn't resist trapping himself.

b) The thetan who stupidly postulates away his abilities and then can't postulate them back again (its a false idea). So you resist making the postulate, which eventually leads to making it compulsively.

c) The brave sacrifice of one for others.

d) Dying for the sake of honor

e) The myth of the great leader caring for all his citizens.

f) True unrequited, self sacrificing love. (this one causes you to postulate that the terminal will disdain you so that you can prove that your love is so deep that it can withstand rejection).


50. The mistake is in thinking that you are less than the whole. Thetans do not add or subtract, each is infinite.

51. Worry over accidentally postulating away your abilities or destroying something you love causes a thetan to setup a ritual and postulate that his postulates will only stick if he does the ritual. That way he wouldn't accidentally postulate something thoughtlessly. But eventually he gets banged around enough that he forgets the ritual and then he honorably keeps his postulates from sticking so that he wouldn't accidentally hurt anything.

Try mocking up various rituals, such as humming the star spangled banner, which you have to do before you move your hand. For each one, do it a few times. Then decide to move you hand anyway, without the ritual, and do so. Repeat this until you can turn rules like this on and off at will, and change them around as needed.

52. To really help people, you have to be willing to let others be bad. If you continually enforce goodness, you will create protest and bring evil into existence. You can help others to be good, but only by encouraging and contributing to their positive motions, not by trying to beat them into line.

53. Dynamics increase in complexity as you go from 1 to 8. The 7th dynamic has to be much more complex than the 6th. The 7th would hold the 6th in place and enforce physical laws. Our simpleminded view of the 7th dynamic as idle spirits and ghosts is incorrect. There is a lot happening on the spiritual level. Unfortunately, most of it is on automatic and out of sight.

54. If anybody ever gets real control over the between lives area, the right action would be to replace the implant machinery with educational pools. Teach truth. Between lives is when people are most receptive and anxious for answers. They have just died and they are out of the game and they are looking for help. The prison machinery takes advantage of this receptiveness to betray the person and kick them further downscale. We could turn this around.

55. The next level below Refused on the CDEI scale is entrapped or interiorized. When using CDEI to handle breaks in communication, below "No Communication" and "Refused Communication" would be "Trapped by Communication". When you get talked into something after refusing it, then you have been trapped by communication. The same goes for affinity and reality. This one is so low that you often loose sight of the ACRX and go out the bottom.

56. The next level of dormant beings to handle with Nots might be gotten by assessing the following and handling anyone that responds:

a) gone solid
b) no action after action
c) withheld existence
d) trying not to be
e) forced out of existence
f) hiding
g) non-existence
h) being elsewhere
i) being Mest
j) imploded

Always balance any Nots handling with handling the PC's own case or you will get a deterioration of responsibility.

57. A good process:

For each dynamic, pick a few key things that represent that dynamic (such as sex and children for the 2D) and run each in the following commands (repetitively):

"If you could do something about ..., what would you do exactly?". "What would that solve?".

58. Another Nots button is that BTs were told to "stay there" as part of the packaging process in mass implants. This item is also at the end of each penalty universe, so it has some kick to it. You can add "told to stay there" to correction lists. You can ask "were you told to stay there?" and if so, you ask "do you have to?" until they get over the idea (if they insist that yes they do, you say "OK but do you REALLY have to?").

59. Some theta axioms:

a) Theta is basically a static with respect to the physical universe

Note that manifested theta (thetans) is not static with respect to itself, only with respect to created universes.

b) Therefore, the physical universe cannot affect or reduce theta

c) The physical universe can affect thought, therefore thought is not theta.

d) Theta creates and affect the physical universe via thought and the physical universe in turn reacts back against thought because it is the bridge between Theta and Mest. When these are at cross purposes, enturbulated thought results.

e) Theta encysts enturbulated thought and isolates it from itself. This thought continues to affect and be affected by the physical universe but it is no longer monitored by theta.

f) The only way to non-confront something is to encyst it. These things leak and also affect the physical universe so that it appears that the physical universe is trying to push your buttons, work you over, deliver motivators, etc. But it is really just leakage from your own encysted thought.

g) The apparent solidity, persistence, and unresponsiveness of the physical universe is due to encysted thought as is the apparancy of theta being affected by the physical universe.

The reactive mind is only the first layer of encysted thought. The current OT levels are more layers. None of these come close to addressing the encysted thought that lies behind the continuous creation of Mest.

60. The non-existence formula (find out what is needed and wanted etc.) needs two more steps. These are "determine how to produce" and "evaluate the economics and viability of the selected product". If its not viable, then repeat the "find out" step.

61. In a condition of emergency, you must not force the statistics up because it will obscure what is going wrong. Here you concentrate on finding whys. But if you sink lower and go into danger, then you have to force the stats up before you fall into complete ruin. You do this with the knowledge that you are creating future problems for yourself. When you get back up to normal, you must selectively and carefully cancel each order or solution that you imposed during the emergency and danger conditions, but you do this one at a time with careful observation in case one of them is a key factor in normal operation. This is exactly like erasing the postulates made during an engram. You may have to make them at the time so as to get out of trouble, but you must not thereafter hold them in place. It is this failure to review emergency postulates and orders that causes the accumulation of bank and aberration.

62. There are social withholds. The person mocks these up because he thinks that revealing certain things will ruin his communication lines. In a similar vein, there are defensive withholds such as hiding the fact that you are Jewish in Nazi Germany. There can be a pro-survival need to withhold and no overt in sight. This actually comes about because the PC has something that other people would consider to be an overt. For example, having been born Jewish was in and of itself considered to be an overt by Hitler.

But the withhold flow is itself restimulative and abberative even when there is a pro-survival need to withhold. So these things need to be handled. But you must not push the idea that there is an underlying overt. The PC is withholding in this case because he is already in heavy protest at what other people are saying is an overt.

One useful button to run on this kind of thing would be "Who would think that was an overt" and let the PC ITSA exactly which terminals were putting that there. Even in Nazi Germany, everybody did not swallow Hitler's party line. The PC gets a generality and thinks everybody is against him when its not really true. An even better question might be "Who mocked that up as being an overt" and let him spot source.

If you really do need to keep your mouth shut (lets say you're gay and the school board would fire you), it is much better done by simply not communicating something (this is not an abberative action) rather than actively withholding (which is an inflow and tends to be restimulative and pull in bad things).

63. Opposition or competition does not imply that the opponent is an SP or that you go PTS to them or that there is a third party. A third party is not needed to make two football teams fight against each other. There are games and there are disagreements and there are vested interests. The existence of a hidden third party is only implied by illogical hostility and fighting.

PTSness is your own case condition where you are allowing a terminal to manipulate you harmfully. Usually it is a situation where they are covertly hostile and you have not recognized it. But they might simply be dangerously stupid and succumbing and your mis-estimation of what they are doing is getting you into trouble.

Real SPs (there are very few) are people stuck in a case condition where they irrationally consider everybody to be enemies.

These things are not synonymous and one thing does not imply another.

If an auditor makes L&N errors on a PC, the PC will go PTS to him (this is stated by Ron). It doesn't mean that the auditor is an SP. It just means that he goofed up to the point where he has become dangerous to the PC.

Handle PTSness as a case condition. Make no assumptions about SPs based on it.

Identify your current enemies. But realize that this may be a temporary games condition and that it does not imply that they are suppressive.

Recognize the occasional real SP (like Hitler). But never do so on the basis that they are attacking you. That is an "only one" philosophy. They might simply be an opponent in a game condition. They are only real SPs if they attack friend and foe alike. When you see them cutting their allies throats, then you know for sure. In that case you can't make peace or reason with them or compromise because you will always be an enemy in their eyes.

64. An important list correction item would be "Were you answering some other question". This especially happens if you overlist. The person lists the answers, gets the right one, and the auditor keeps going. Then the PC decides that he must have got the question wrong and twists it around to something else that has charge on it. When you find out what he really was listing, you need to repair that list instead of or in addition to the question you thought you were listing.

On the last grade 5A process, we overlisted and I twisted the question around dramatically and started listing "What is my basic reason for existence" (because I thought they were trying to get me to discover that on a covert basis). This resulted in a real mess because the list would correct to the simple answer to the original question, but this other question was hotter than hell.

I don't know if my altered question is a safe one to use, but it had a tremendous effect on me. The trouble was that the original item that I got seemed to have tremendous significance and implications but I didn't really understand what it meant. The item was "To build spiral staircases", and I now believe that it was a lock item on "To Build Declining Spirals" which is an extremely early actual goal that I postulated during the reality wars for the purpose of doing in my enemies. This may have been the first abberated goal that I had on the track and it may have been the first time I decided to trap others.

65. Declining Spirals.

There are many games which are designed to act as declining spirals. The general types of declining spirals include the following:

a) Feedback: The less you lift, the less you can lift, etc.

b) Helpful: What aids your survival also inhibits it (drugs etc.).

c) Ethical (self-sacrificing): If the upstats always sacrifice themselves for the sake of the downstats, we have a steady decay.

d) Agreeable: If the high toned people always drop down to the average to stay in communication and agreement, then the average drops and the next group at the top edge feels that they should drop down to average etc. So the average continues to sink.

e) Validating: You are rewarded for being downstat / unethical. (nice guys finish last).

f) Powerful: Absolute power corrupts, so you cut your power back.

g) Cumulative: Later incidents build up on earlier ones

A useful process for spotting declining spirals that you are building for yourself might be "In this lifetime what do you use to make yourself worse".

66. Going Up The Pole

In regards to key-ed out OT, Ron would sometimes describe it as going up the pole. There you are, a worm crawling on a flatland, and somehow or other you climb up a pole and can really look around and see everything from a higher perspective. But eventually you fall off the pole and go back to crawling around again. But you remember what it all looked like.

I have thought back on the big key-ed out OT state I was in and the brief sporadic moments when I have gotten back into that state for tiny periods of time. On the one hand, it was marvelous. On the other hand, there was also a discomfort and I may have shut it down intentionally for this reason.

Its like opening your eyes for the first time. But you're underwater in a pool heavy with chlorine and it stings. Or its like your foot has been asleep and the returning circulation is painful.

So you wait expectantly for it to get better, but it doesn't. And finally you close your eyes again. Maybe you peek out once in awhile after that, but you see that its no better so you shut down again.

There is something wrong with the Mest here. Its unpleasant, maybe "evil". It doesn't feel right.

Its not that its too solid. Thetans enjoy solidity, it gives reality and havingness.

Its not that its unresponsive to thought. If you key out OT and really grab it, it can be manipulated.

There's an unpleasant vibration in all of it, not like normal Mest in earlier universes. Being fully aware here is like having chalk squeak on a blackboard or sandpaper rubbed over your nails. Its irritating. Like a continual implant.

This may be due to the nature of this place as a prison. The structure of the Mest itself may have intentionally been designed to be unpleasant so as to keep us interiorized and block OT states. Maybe the Hindu's were right in saying that the world was evil. But maybe its only this local area and not the universe at large.

One approach might be to drill doing mockups of objects that have unpleasantness buried within their atomic structures and reaching and withdrawing from them anyway despite the unpleasantness.

The real solution to being in a pool full of chlorine is to climb out of the pool. But if you do have to go diving, you can accustom your eyes to it on a gradient.

67. The Bodies Implant

There seems to be an implant that condenses thetans into bodies and makes a bodiless OT into a human. It may have been used in the theta-MEST wars. I get a date of 56 billion years ago on this one, but that might be an implanted date.

Its late on the chain and it seems to get mixed up with the amusement park implant and the crashes implant. This may be due to intentional use of material from other implants. Its even possible that these were subsections of this bodies implant. This implant also includes body builder, bubble gum, and iron maiden type sections as described in History of Man and the 1952 tapes. I don't have this one properly mapped out.

It seems to begin with going down a tunnel. Then comes an amusement park. There is very heavy interesting sensation which is meant to hook you. It includes motion and then sex and then eating.

Later you go through the bodies + sensations again and this time the bodies start to fade and the sensation dwindles away so that you make the bodies more solid in an effort to get the sensation.

Once you're thoroughly hooked and working hard to keep the bodies mocked up, they start blowing them up on you.

There's lots of deaths in the later sections and its a bit like the "crashes implant". You end up being very protective about bodies and feeling that you must have one.

68. A key process:

"What Lies Have you told yourself".
"What Lies Have you told to another".

69. You can draw pictures of the things you are afraid of. Color them in and keep drawing more etc. until the fear releases.

70. Sideways in a 4th dimensional direction is a "dark wall" with tunnels or arches running through it. Going through this after death to reach heaven or whatever is the light at the end of the tunnel.

71. If pain can be run out and then can't be remembered, and if you can't feel actual pain or receive an engram in dreams (except for things physically happening to the body while you're asleep), then pain is not real in the same way that the rest of reality is real.

72. The Mirror implant

To be good is to do evil.
To be evil is to do good.
To be strong is to make others weak.
To be weak is to make others strong.


73. A Full tone scale

The tone scale cycles through repeating patterns of action with less and less motion and power.

The following is just a first stab at it and is not quite right, but it might come close.

Curious (full willingness as to being cause and effect)
Creative (tone 40)
Determining (absolute intention)
Sly (mysterious)
Driving Away
Regretful (mistaken)
Awareness of Failure
Abandonment (the hell with it)

Desire (wanting something to fill the emptiness left by abandonment)
Holding on

Thrill Seeking

Cheerful (you don't care anymore so you might as well have fun)
Mildly Conservative

74. The sacrifices implant

Recent (?).

the item is "To Sacrifice ___ for the sake of ____"

Each of the following 8 are placed in the first blank with each of the other 7 used as endwords going in reverse order. The very first item would be "to sacrifice god for the sake of myself". The second item would be "To sacrifice god for the sake of loved ones". The final item (number 56) would be "to sacrifice myself for the sake of god".

a) God
b) Freedom of thought
c) Material Possessions
d) Nature
e) Society
f) Others
g) Loved Ones
h) Myself

Note that these items follow the 8 dynamics.

Its possible that I have these in reverse order.

Take this to the point where you realize that you don't need to sacrifice one thing for another.

75. There is some oddball item which goes "You Can Only Create If You Are Asleep". I'm not sure where its from, but it seems to have some importance.

76. Some old implant, possibly from the reality wars, shows you that you'll miss out on things if you don't become degraded.

77. To turn on color in your perceptics, "visualize color without mass", "visualize mass without color" alternately.

78. Jewel of Knowledge: One sequence shows you one big being becoming many many beings that compete and then the winner absorbs all the others. So everybody must fight to get ahead because only one will survive. Of course this is a false datum.

79. Another subtle trap from the jewel of knowledge: You have to keep separate from and out of communication with others in order to remain unique.

80. Some ideas on split pieces of yourself:

a) On problems, you might be dividing and mocking up both sides

b) On overts, you might divide to separate from the responsibility (my hand did it, etc.).

c) You might suppress somatics by dividing from a piece of yourself in the area that hurts.

d). You are everywhere. You don't withdraw from areas. Instead you divide off that part of yourself that permeates those areas you wish to withdraw from.

These divides (at least some of them) are not aware of being aware. They are just singular awarenesses that are capable of doing. You are the one who observes doing at the same time that you do the action.

81. A process: Consciously mock yourself up with the opposite of one of your fixed ideas and handle what turns up.

82. The PC can't say he's wrong because he's been dividing off the "wrong" pieces of himself and burying them out of sight endlessly and they come in on him when he takes the viewpoint that he's wrong.

83. There is an implant like Fac 1 but much earlier (or maybe This is Fac 1 and its more complex that I thought). The implant hit each button of the chart of attitudes and knocked you down in that area.

For each button, a sphere of energy comes flying at you and when it hits, it bursts into an abberated reality.

The sequence on the button "I Know" is as follows:

You are in a super library. You know everything and know that you have read all the books and know about all the races in the universe etc. Then a strange being enters (with a triangular silver head etc.) and you don't recognize the race despite all your knowledge. It talks but you don't know its language. Then you open up a book to look the being up in it, but when you try to read you realize that you really don't know how. And then you realize that the being is of the most common race and is speaking the universal language but you don't know it. And then you realize that you don't know anything and have never read any of the books and that your earlier idea of knowing things was all dub-in. So you kill yourself.

84. In mathematics, some operations do not always produce results that lie on the real number line. The simple example is taking a square root where the possible data may include negative numbers. So the mathematicians set up imaginary numbers to handle these. They can be useful because sometimes you go through an intermediate imaginary stage and then get back onto the real number line, and those situations are often tremendous shortcuts in comparison with trying to do the same problem without allowing for imaginary numbers. So these numbers are sometimes very useful despite their non-existence in the real world.

Now consider operations (such as square roots) which can be done on either real or imaginary numbers. Note that the operation is the same. Only the data content is different. And some operations may shift between the real and exclusively imaginary sets of numbers.

Let's try and draw some metaphysical parallels. Of course this is purely speculative.

Dreams are different from "reality" and both are different from "mockups" in terms of the "data" (i.e. the objects etc.), especially as to source, quality, location, etc. But the operations are the same in all cases.

This means that you would do the same thing to levitate an object in a dream or mockup as you would in reality.

This is probably half true. Mockups are easier to handle than dreams and dreams are easier to handle than reality.

Also note that the occasional cross over between real and imaginary numbers (and the interesting operation of starting with real numbers, passing through an imaginary stage, and then getting back to real numbers again) implies the possibility that there is some back and forth crossover between mockups, dreams, and reality. If the parallel holds true, then there is much more sliding off of reality and into the imaginary than there is coming back into reality from the imaginary sphere, but some things do move back.

85. Based on the above, I decided to examine carefully what I do in a dream to levitate an object.

a) I decide that I can move it despite any considerations
b) I impose my will
c) Then it seems like I force something out of my ways to allow me to reach the space of the object.
d) then I permeate and grab the object.
e) then I move it.

The third step, of pushing something out of the way, is the odd one, which seems to be necessary although I'm not sure what it is that I'm pushing. I think that the thing I'm pushing away is within me, it certainly isn't within the dream.

In the real world, you may have to push something out of the way to levitate objects.

86. Inhibited creation is the basic on loss. You can only lose if you can't mock it up again.

The first inhibited create is an inhibition against mocking up beings.

87. In mathematics, we have what are called "fractile" patterns which are generated by performing a subdividing operation and then repeating the operation on each of the subdivisions etc. This is used in the chaos theory of physics. Things like snowflakes are fractile patterns (because the same thing happens to each piece and to each piece of a piece and to each piece of a piece of a piece).

Seeing so many groupings of three in Scientology, I looked for an underlying fractile pattern and came up with the following:

THE OPERATION: Starting from a singularity, it is subdivided into:

1. a pervasive aspect
2. a flux like aspect
3. a fixed aspect.

Beginning from an infinite nothingness (static), the pattern branches out as follows (I might not have it quite right):

0. Infinite nothingness (static) divides into:

1. Theta (identity, thought)
2. Time
3. Physical Reality

These each divide and their pieces divide as follows:

1. Theta (identity, thought)


3. Physical Reality

88. In tech 80 (1952), beautiful sadness was recognized as being a hot button. It probably goes all the way back to the reality wars. Other buttons of comparable magnitude might be:

a) glorious sacrifice
b) destructive knowledge
c) harmful play
d) degraded creation

Note that all of these are almost (but not quite) self contradictory when you consider them very closely.

89. Some definitions (speculative)

a) Individual: A localized manifestation of God
b) Personality: The stylized manifestation of an individual

Corollary: Individuals are infinite and eternal. They cannot be destroyed. Personalities, however, can be.

90. For fear, "Spot something in this room that you're not afraid of".

91. In repair of bad auditing, you should spot the postulate made at the time of the bad auditing.

92. A nice process:

a) What overt have you committed?
b) What problem were you trying to solve with that?

93. There may be yet another band of dynamics above the 16th. Some possible ones would be:

a) individuality (or identity)
b) affinity
c) communication
d) exchange
e) growth
f) perception/awareness

Note that these would be second harmonics above the 1st through 6th dynamics respectively. If there is a corresponding series of penalty universes, then they would use cloud forms instead of physical bodies for the terminal valence.

94. After a heavy secondary (incident of loss), a person may abandon a goal (or postulate one compulsively as a solution to the loss).

95. Some OT drills inspired by the 1st ACC:

95.1 Drill relaying viewpoints:
a) pick a location
b) imagine that you are viewing from it
c) pick another location
d) relay the view from the first to the second location and view from that second location seeing (or imagining that you are seeing) what is visible from the first viewpoint.
e) keep adding more and more relay points as above until something happens.

95.2 To raise your energy level, drill shifting viewpoints back and forth very fast over greater and greater distances.

95.3 Condensed space is less distance, which gives less motion which means less energy. Expanding space would increase energy. So drill alternately expanding and contracting a space.

96. Handling the status button:

a) How is status important
b) How is status unimportant (run alternately until cognition)

97. Proper handling of cycles of action does not consist of doing one thing at a time. That is guaranteed to be too slow and inflexible. You do need to carry cycles through to completion and you need to track the cycles that are in progress, it is not helpful to start lots of things that don't get done. If you do become overwhelmed or confused, the correct handling is to finish as much as you can and concentrate on one thing at a time until you get a handle on the situation, but that is not normal operation, it is a way to cope with overwhelm.

There are a number of important skills necessary to superlative handling of cycles of action.

First of all is the ability to nest cycles cleanly. You start action A, find that B is needed and begin that, then discover that C is needed as well and begin that and carry it through to completion. Now you finish up B and then go back and finish A. Notice that the cycles nest within each other. You need to keep track of this nesting so that you can finish things in an orderly manner and get back to what you originally intended to accomplish.

Then there is the matter of interleaving cycles. Some things take time and you can't wait for them to finish. You start something else, but keep an eye on the incomplete ones and push them along as needed. You also maximize efficiency by combining steps from different cycles whenever they can be done together. Watch a good waitress at a restaurant and you'll see what I mean.

The key note of this is how many incomplete actions can you keep track of without dropping the ball. This is monitored by your tolerance for confusion and randomity and your ability to put your attention on multiple things. You can drill things like mentally holding 4 or 8 corners of the room (see Creation of Human Ability) or holding a stable position in space (TR 0).

98. If we had a good anatomy of love, we might come up with some processes to key out loss.

99. When a person ARCXs, he goes out of communication and so he loses sight of what he has become ARCXen with, at least to some degree. This inhibition of perception results in the area becoming "blurred" mentally so that he no longer focuses well on it. The result of this is that he will begin to see things in terms of generalities instead of specifics in the area. This causes the ARCX to spread.

At basic, generalities stem from ARCXs. But eventually the generalities and ARCXs get so bound up with each other that the mere statement of a generality can bring about a new ARCX because it restimulates so many earlier ones.

Pushing through this "blurriness" and spotting specifics can cool things down and restore ARC.

100. All ARCXs do not stem from missed withholds. If they did, then we would pull the missed withhold as part of handling them. It should be obvious from the ARCX rudiment and the L1C ARCX handling list that there are many different sources that cause an ARCX. It has been wrongly said that the PC who ARCXs a lot does so because he has withholds. This is incorrect. The person ARCXs a lot because there is a more basic heavily charged ARCX of long duration underlying the momentary upsets.

This is the person with the chip on his shoulder. This ARCX LD (long duration) might, of course, stem from a missed withhold (because it is an inhibited communication), but that is certainly not the only possible reason. Lets say, for example, that you are busily exploiting somebody. That is generally an enforced reality. And it creates bypassed charge. Underlying it will be the basic charge of having one's own universe pushed out of existence while somebody else's mockups are jammed down one's throat. Of course such a person will ARCX easily. And they will do so without having committed any overts.

Once a person is in a heavy ARCX, they are out of ARC and are very prone to committing overts and often feel justified in doing so. So you will generally find overts and withholds in the presence of a heavy ARCX. But it doesn't cure the ARCX to handle the O/W if it was not the source. Instead, you will find that they eventually start committing overts again because the underlying ARCX remains unhandled.

The correct statement might be that some ARCXs stem from MWHs, and some MWHs stem from ARCXs. These two areas do intertwine and either one might be the source. Find out which and handle it.

101. Taking a deeper look at the area of O/W and ARCXs, when others commit overts on you that you can't tolerate, it stirs up earlier charge. Since you are non-confronting what is being done to you, this charge is bypassed (e.g. restimulated without being looked at) and an ARCX results. So these things are two sides of the same coin.

You might mistakenly think that this gives you a license to ARCX whenever an overt is committed on you. But oddly enough, if you confront it and can have it and do not ARCX, then the attempted overt does not seem to be capable of affecting you, but if you make a big deal of it and prove how awful it was, you can get severely impacted by it.

If your confront and tolerance is very low, anything that people do becomes an overt on you and the bypassed charge stirred up can be enormous. And this bypassed charge is a killer and makes your life miserable.

In auditing, an overt is whatever the PC thinks is an overt. This applies both to what he did and what was done to him. If the PC feels that the act of wearing a blue shirt is an overt, and you are wearing a blue shirt, then you have indeed committed an overt from the PCs viewpoint and you have to handle it as such even though it was not an overt from your own viewpoint.

You don't handle this by forcing the PC over into your viewpoint where the action was not an overt. That is dead wrong. You handle it by cleaning up the charge that was restimulated and bypassed until he can confront the overt (at which point it ceases to be an overt against him and ceases to inhibit his survival). This doesn't mean he starts to like it or agree with it, it simply means that it ceases to restimulate earlier stuff and he can confront and handle it.

If the PC is complaining about the org, for example, and you can't find a missed withhold easily, simply ask if there was an ARCX, and handle it. It will be one or the other (ARCX or MWH). Don't ever assume that you know which one.

And its beside the point whether the overt is real or imaginary either from your viewpoint or in the physical universe. Let's say that somebody hits the PC with a baseball bat. You know it really happened. Its still only an overt if the PC thinks it was. And if he's nattering about it, then its either an ARCX or a MWH. And you can't guess which one even if you know what really happened. Maybe he did something to them first and deep down he feels that he really did deserve to be hit. Or maybe not. You see, it works both ways.

Its not a matter of right and wrong. Its a matter of confront and cause verses effect.

102. The story of Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge and discovering that they were naked rests on top of one of the aesthetic implants used in the reality wars. Notice how they were perverted by knowledge. The implant was intended to convince you that you had to not-know things to avoid becoming degraded. But the implant only works if you don't look thoroughly at it. It was their own considerations and the significance that they placed upon the knowledge that cost them their innocence and freedom rather than the knowing itself. One wonders exactly what Moses confronted and cognited on in the wilderness that brought him to power. I don't think it was as simple as the ancient writings would lead one to believe.

Maybe he begins by realizing that everything is created rather than being a mechanical manifestation. And asks who created it and finds an underlying creative force and chooses to be the manifestation of that force. And asks what is it and finds the answer "I am me". Then he looks upon a bush and sees the life-force burning within it and realizes the energy and power within all living things. And sees that it is the considerations engendered by knowledge that limit one (Adam and Eve) and puts those consideration aside (you can't levitate the rock because you know that there is gravity and believe in it). And faces an earlier lifetime when he tried to save lifeforms (Noah) and sees that it was a good thing. And contemplates ethics and runs more incidents until he knows that he can now act ethically in wielding power. That might be enough to make an OT who could level the kingdom of Egypt and free his people from slavery.

103. Any mental trap must contain the seeds of freedom. The barriers themselves teach you things if you confront them. If you would really comprehend the force of a river, then study dams. And realize that when a dam breaks, the force released is enormous. And it only takes one small hole to make a dike crumble.

104. A powerful process:

Mockup a way to waste identities (especially meaning your identities rather than other peoples).

105. Every time I made a new breakthrough, the bank keyed out and it seemed like everything could be aligned to and resolved by the thing that I had found. This happened with the penalty universes, and with actual GPM handling, and with the handling for split pieces of myself. Eventually the keyout and the excitement wears off and you see that the breakthrough handles some things and not others and you get back to work. I think this phenomena comes with the territory. On that basis, its understandable that Ron continually felt that he had finally found it and knew all the answers.

Right now I feel like the handling of split pieces of yourself ("point to ...") is the ultimate answer and resolves everything. But I have enough experience at this to know that that feeling will pass. Its simply a side effect of finding an important piece of a much larger puzzle.

106. As of this writing, the next point when they will make a backup copy of Earth will, I think, be on Feb 27, 1997. This would be in the middle of the night in China, around 9 AM on the East Coast, and around 6 AM in LA. The date and time are based on dating the 1957 reset and assuming that a copy is stored every 5 years.

I don't know if there will be anything that can be spotted but I plan to keep my eyes open. At a minimum, it certainly can't hurt to go around for an hour looking around and paying attention to things.

When they do make a backup copy, they will have to freeze Earth time for a little while (maybe the equivalent of 15 minutes) while they run a global scan. If you are in compulsive agreement with the Earth time flow, you will probably just hang there in a daze or dreaming. But if you can work up enough exterior perception and disagreement, you might see something or even slide lose of this trap. Its a good time for a jail break.