The general target is a restoration of truth, open communication, and care for one's fellow man.

1. Recognition that the subject is still on a research line. Redefinition of the State of Clear as being "no longer affected by the force in mental pictures and free from stimulus response reactive thought". Acknowledgement that this does not erase the grades of release or handle the basic problems, overts, and upsets which originally caused the being to decay. The OT levels are a gradient to allow the being to reach these on the early track.

2. Cancellation of confidentially. Re-emphasis of Scientology as a religion and abandonment of the viewpoint that it is a business with trade secrets. Termination of all legal suits except those necessary to defend the church from direct attack. As a matter of religious freedom, all materials should be easily available to anyone regardless of their status within orthodox Scientology.

3. Promotion of free and open communication. Cancellation of "Issue Authority" "Jokers and Degraders". Use of "mixing practices" only to forbid actual practice while trying to do a Scientology level at the same time. An end to the persecution of squirrels and psychs except for situations of actual physical abuse. A recognition that we have shared goals with many other groups.

4. Cancellation of eligibility checks for students and PCs. Restoration of the sanctity of the confessional, even for those who subsequently are labeled as enemies. Use of the FPRD only as a major case action for the purpose of case gain and not to gather data.

5. Cancellation of all policies on suppressive persons and an end to declaring people SPs. Use of "non-enturbulation orders" for the duration of training or processing as a last resort when a PTS condition cannot otherwise be handled. An absolute and total amnesty for all past actions (because we'll never sort out what was or wasn't justified). Subsequently, people are only to be declared as enemies if they engage in flagrant and unreasonable attacks against the church. People who disagree or blow are not to be labeled as enemies. Elimination of the use of "lower conditions" except in circumstances of outright damage and danger.

6. Establishment of an International Chaplin, a chaplin's division within OSA, and an expanded office of the chaplin within the organizations, all with the power to right wrongs, override policy as needed, and keep the orgs operating in an ethical manner towards their staff and public.

7. An end to all physical abuse, including cancellation of the RPF and an end to all penalties for lower conditions.

8. Intensive tech training, co-auditing, and solo auditing delivered locally to all staff as an exchange for the low pay and long working hours.

9. A steady release of new OT levels and a steady downward export of levels to the next lower level of organization as the new levels become the premier service for the top level orgs.

10. A cleanup and simplification of pricing. Ethical behaviour on the subject of money. Restoration of the policy "Only Accounts Talks Money".

11, Full reinstatement of the 1967 policy "New 2D Rules". Drop all rules against homosexuals etc. The Sea Org does have an image to maintain, so their staff shouldn't be wildly promiscious or throwing orgies, but they don't have to be more puritanical than what is currently accepted by the society at large.

12. Change from management by stats to management by good indicators with stats being a highly important management indicator.

13. Re-emphasize that policy is a guiding thing rather than an absolute (see "Theory of Organization: What is Policy").

14. More truth, more communication, more ARC. Less concern with PR. More compassion and less harrassment.


I would intend that amnesty to apply to everybody on both sides of the fence. One big reason that revolutions go sour when they win is that they take revenge on the overthrown regime. This is why things never change so much as they remain the same. The revolutionaries soon take on the color of those whom they deposed. You break this and many other deadly cycles by means of forgiveness. Christ was right. Forgiveness is one of the keys to getting out of the trap.