17 Apr 97



Mostly I'm just keeping a research journal which I'll issue eventually rather than putting out little bits and pieces of what I'm digging into. But this one seemed too good to sit on and I felt a need to put out a positive contribution to balance some of the pot shots I've been taking at the org in this last set of posts.

So here it is.


One of the first things I realized when I was getting trained and beginning to hear about implants on the tapes was that these things would obviously include implanted commands to kill yourself etc. if you found out about them. My reaction was to laugh at whoever designed those things and decide that I wasn't stupid enough to obey any orders like that.

So these things should be easy to shrug off (its been a long time and the implanters are no longer standing over your shoulder to keep rerunning the implant until you finally give in and let it stick). And I wouldn't worry too much about billion year old death threats.

But the implants do sometimes include this kind of thing to keep you from remembering the implant. I don't think that they actually had much success getting people to kill themselves. But they did get people to keep themselves from remembering by telling them that if they did remember, they would kill themselves. Telling somebody to forget is nowhere near as effective as telling them that they will die if they remember.

I have found what I think is the most common pattern for laying in suicide items. I think that this one is often tacked on to other implants as a sort of trailer to block recall of the implant. Sometimes they even used it at the begining and again at the end. It doesn't follow the same pattern as the implants it was attached to, so its easy to miss.

I think that this one was used well prior to incident 2 and has continued to be used recently and that it was also used at many individual points througout incident 2 and other similar mass implants.

Remember that you handle implant items by spotting each one a few times until you can laugh it off. The idea is not to auto-hypnotize yourself and lay the item in but rather to knock out any residual hypnotic effect so that these trigger thoughts have no further effect on you.

The pattern consists of a root phrase and an end phrase. The root phrases are:

a) "To know about this is to ..."
b) "To talk about this is to ..."
c) "To find out about this is to ..."
d) "To remember this is to ..."
e) "to think about this is to ...".

There may be more roots. Each root cycles through the following endings:

1) disbelieve it
2) forget it
3) be insane
4) be unconcious
5) be unaware
6) be sick
7) die
8) kill myself

In other words, the first item is "to know about this is to disbelive it". The final item is "to think about this is to kill myself". There are 40 items in all.

Implant items were never very powerful. Its the postulates that you made while being implanted or implanting somebody else. Items like this were designed to get you to postulate that you should forget the implant to protect yourself.



The Pilot