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 Link to: Open Directory to Freezone
Also, a very complete link site at: 

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Web books on different Clearing Technologies and other related sites:

Freezone America 
Has a big library for free downloads of related books.
Also an active Bulletin Board with knowledgeable people.
The download page
and here as well

Homer's Achieves
Many free downloads
The larger ones (BIG-FILES) take FTP software to download.

Online Link to some Meter suppliers
More about Meters

R. Hubbard books:

Search on Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard.

Also (an eBay site).

There are also special online book sellers, such as AbeBooks.
Get up-to-date info from a newsgroup.

Also: Andreas Grosz, Germany.
Buys and sells used Scn books. 

Other publishers:
L. Kin's books at Scienterra

Find a trained practitioner:
Email: FZAOInt, or check here.
or the Auditor Locator Map
Also: Open Directory to Free Zone

Finding a study group: 
Alt.Clearing.Tech - a news group

Objective Processes:  
A very complete site on this:

More Links:
IVy Magazine. Magazine published 5 times a year.
Free Spirit Magazine. Magazine published 2 times a year.
IVy's Link page


In case you can't find the latest edition of Clearbird's publications due to change of web address we keep the location up-to-date at these locations:

Google: Alt.Clearing.Technology (search on Clearbird)'s bulletin board (search on Clearbird)
DMOZ: Directory to the Freezone.

q Download Clearbird's publications from the web.

  • Road to Clear
  • Study Manual
  • Guided Tour to Standard Technology
  • Pro Meter Course
  • Auditors TRs Course

Clearbird's Main site:

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