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The state of Clear 
   is the goal of Standard   
Clearing Technology


Grade Chart to Clear

Link to Abilities attained by Flows

Level (5)

 Grade name

Release name

Audited on



Ability Attained

18 Realization
17 Clearing
16 Purposes
Clear Clear   success-
ful CC
  A Being, who no longer has his own Reactive Mind
Clear Intensive If confirmed: Clear to determine if PC went Clear Engram 
Clear Int. specialist Certainty if Clear or not (4)
15 Ability
14 Correction
13 Result
Engram Clearing.  Grade 5 Engrams completion Engrams and other traumatic incidents Grade 4 ST 5 Clear. Or a well and happy being
12 Production
11 Activity
10 Prediction
Grade 4
Abilities (Service Facsimiles) Grade 3 ST 4 Moving out of fixed conditions. Ability to do new things
9 Body
8 Adjustment
7 Energy
Grade 3
Freedom Release Past upsets, change Grade 2 ST 3 Free of upsets of the past; ability to confront future
6 Enlightenment
5 Understandings
4 Orientation
Grade 2
Overts and withholds Grade 1 ST 2 Relief from hostilities and sufferings of life
3 Perception
2 Comm
Problems Grade 1 Problems release Help, Problems Grade 0 ST 1 Able to see source of problems and make them vanish
1 Recognition  Comm.
 Grade 0
Comm. Release Communication processes Recall Release ST 0 Ability to communicate freely to anyone on any subject
-1 Help Recall Grade
Self Analysis, Recall prcs. Determ. 
C/S (3)
ST 0 Knows he won't get any worse
-1 Help Recall Drug Rundown Drug RD completion Subjective effects of drugs, medicine, alcohol. Determ. 
C/S (2)
ST 0 Released from harmful effects of drugs, medicine and alcohol
-1 Help TRs and Objectives Objectives completion TR 0-9, Objective processes Determ. 
C/S (1)
ST 1 or 
Oriented and in present time re: MEST 
-2 Hope Cleansing RD Cleansing RD completion Biochemical factors Medical exam and OK to do it. none Freedom from residuals of drugs and other toxins and their restimulative effects
  Life Repair   Handles life areas (C/S Ser. 5).  Tailor made pgm by C/S. none ST 3 Awareness of truth and the way to personal freedom.
Level (5)
Grade name Release name Audited on Prere-
Class Ability attained



Notes (1,2) The need for the Recall Drug RD and Objectives at this point is determined by the C/S on the basis of the pc's exposure to drugs, medicine, alcohol and possibly other toxins.

Note (3) For a pc without a history of excessive exposure to substances, Recall Grade can usually be given as the first action.

The safest is to follow the steps, bottom up, and handle whatever is there to handle. But the consideration of availability of trained auditors/ case supervisors do play a role.

Note (4) The Clear Confirmation can lead to the determination, that PC isn't Clear. If that is the case, he is usually put back on Engram Clearing for further auditing and can be given a new Clear Confirmation at a later date.

Note (5) The Awareness scale is tentatively aligned with these Grades. It is an expression of that the general purpose of the auditing is to raise the awareness level of the pc.

There are a number of levels of Advanced Levels above Clear. These are not covered by ST at this point.


Attesting Actions and Grades



Each Grade is attested to by the pc declaring the full statement of the Ability Gained for all four flows.

The table given below lists the Ability Gained for each of the Grades below Clear and the State of Clear.

It is used by the Examiner when a pc is sent to Attest. The Examiner has the pc read the entire statement for the Ability Gained for that Grade (including all four flows) and must accept only the pc declaring the full statement for the Ability Gained. Each Flows statement is asked separately as a question to the pc: "Have you attained (ability stated)?" and should F/N at Examiner.





 Awareness of truth and the way to personal freedom.
CLEANSING RD COMPLETION Freedom from the restimulative effects of drug residuals and other toxins.
OBJECTIVES COMPLETION  Oriented in present time of the physical universe.
RECALL DRUG RD COMPLETION  Released from harmful effects of drugs, medicine or alcohol.

Knows he/she won't get worse.

GRADE 0 COMMUNICATIONS RELEASE Flow 1 Willing for others to communicate to him on any subject. No longer resisting communication from others on unpleasant or unwanted subjects.
Flow 2 Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject. Free from or no longer bothered by communication difficulties. No longer withdrawn or reticent. Likes to outflow.
Flow 3 Willing for others to communicate freely to others about anything.
Flow 0 Willingness to permit oneself to communicate freely about anything.
Flow 1 No longer worried about problems others have been to self. Able to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish. Has no problems.
Flow 2 No longer worried about problems he has been to others. Feels free about any problems others may have with him and can recognize source of them.
Flow 3 Free from worry about others' problems with or about others, and can recognize source of them.
Flow 0 Free from worry about problems with self and can recognize the source of them.
Flow 1 Freedom from things others have done to one in the past. Willing for others to be cause over him.
Flow 2 Relief from the hostilities and sufferings of life. Ability to be at cause without fear of hurting others.
Flow 3 Willing to have others be cause over others without feeling the need to intervene for fear of their doing harm.
Flow 0 Relief from hostilities and sufferings imposed by self upon self.
Flow 1 Freedom from upsets of the past. Ability to face the future. Ability to experience sudden change without becoming upset.
Flow 2 Can grant others the beingness to be the way they are and choose their own reality. No longer feels need to change people to make them more acceptable to self. Able to cause changes in another's life without ill effects.
Flow 3 Freedom from the need to prevent or become involved in the change and interchange occurring amongst others.
Flow 0 Freedom from upsets of the past one has imposed upon oneself and ability to cause changes in one's own life without ill effects.
Flow 1 Free from and able to tolerate others' fixed ideas, justifications and make-guilty of self. Free of need to respond in a like manner.
Flow 2 Moving out of fixed conditions into ability to do new things. Ability to face life without need to justify own actions or defend self from others. Loss of make-guilty mechanisms and demand for sympathy. Can be right or wrong.
Flow 3 Can tolerate fixed conditions of others in regard to others. Freedom from involvement in others' efforts to justify, make guilty, dominate or be defensive about their actions against others.
Flow 0 Ability to face life without need to make self wrong. Loss of make-self-guilty mechanisms and self-invalidation.


     Freedom from harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and 
     medicine and free from the need to take them.


     A well and happy being.
    A Being, who no longer has his own Reactive Mind


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