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Self Clearing: A Handbook For Self Enlightment

This book "...is dedicated to making the tech available to everyone, Scientologist and non-Scientologist alike.

Unlike my previous book (the Super Scio book...), this one requires no prior knowlege of Scientology.

This is a do-it-yourself book that can be studied and used by anybody"

Other Languages

German: http://www.sgmt.at/pilot.html
Hungarian: http://www.szabadzona.hu/technology/self/index.html
Russian: http://www.tagil.ru/~sk/pilot/pilot.html

Take a look at a personal account. Two readers (R. and T.) share their Self Clearing Diary.

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Super SCIO: The Book of The Pilot

The mysteries of life and clearing are laid bare. A must read.

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Posting Archives

Find out about who is behind this 'Pilot' business. Read the messages that were posted by him to the newsgroup: alt.clearing.technology/alt.religion.scientology.




The Self Clearing Home Page

"Self Clearing is the practice of using mental exercises and processes to clear oneself of barriers and abberations (distortions) which prevent one from operating in an optimum manner." This is the home page that tells you all about it.


The REFORM NOW webpage

The ORG's Grades are out. Find out about it here.


Scientology Reformer's Home Page

Can you believe it? Even the Scientologists are getting disgusted with their own organization and want to see it reformed!




Guide to Confidential Data on the Net v1.2

"There has been a wealth of Scientology confidential material posted to the internet."

"These materials are still all over the net but they have become a bit harder to locate and it helps to have a list of what is there and some idea of the keywords that one might search for."


Master List of LRH Taped Lectures

"A thorough study of LRH materials is an important aspect of the Scientology religion for many of those who practice it."

"Although the orthodox CofS provides a list of LRH materials by year at their website, the list is incomplete because it omits materials that they consider confidential or otherwise wish to hide, and it also is missing data."


Level 0 Training Checksheet

"Ever since the modern grade chart was issued in 1965, the first level of orthodox professional Scientology auditor training has been Level Zero (also referred to as Class Zero) which is aimed at training a student so that he can produce both an ARC Straightwire Release (recall processes) and a Communication Release (grade zero communication processes) in the preclear."


Master List of Materials of the R6 Era (1963-1965)

"The Bulletins related to R6 (Routine 6 or level 6 - The research line leading up to the clearing course) were not initially considered to be confidential and therefore the issues were copyrighted individually. The recent posting of the copyright lists on the net makes it possible to build a composite master list of the materials of this period based on the old and new tech volumes, the old OEC volumes, and the master list of currently acknowledged non-confidential materials which is (or was) available at www.scientology.org."