last updated 18 June 2011

Whilst the Expanded Dianetics lectures are not "confidential", you cannot buy them, and you are only issued with them on course on the Expanded Dianetics specialist course, the FPRD auditor course, and the SHSBC. They are part of a graduate course in Dianetics, to be studied only after having studied and audited NED.

These transcripts have been verified against digitized lectures, although in some cases the recording is unclear.


7203C30 (v1.00): Expanded Dianetics

XDN1.pdf XDN1.pdf
Size : 137.566 Kb
Type : pdf


7204C07 (v1.00): Expanded Dianetics and Word Clearing

XDN2.pdf XDN2.pdf
Size : 52.491 Kb
Type : pdf


7204C07 (v1.00): Auditor Administration

XDN3.pdf XDN3.pdf
Size : 55.236 Kb
Type : pdf


7204C07 (v1.00): Illness Breakthrough

XDN4.pdf XDN4.pdf
Size : 104.349 Kb
Type : pdf

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