last updated 3 July 2011

POWER (Grade V) and POWER PLUS (Grade VA)

These processes are probably the worst in terms of causing restimulation to the casual reader. Power Processes reach all the way down to the bottom of the Grade Chart. When you read them you can't help but think about the process. If you ever want to benefit from these processes then ONLY get them read to you in session.

These rundowns appear very simple, but will be messed up by indifferent auditing. They must be run strictly muzzled. Excellent processes in the right hands.

PrPr 4, PrPr 5 and PrPr 6 (v1.01): Only get read this in session

PrPr4-6.pdf PrPr4-6.pdf
Size : 54.989 Kb
Type : pdf


Power Correction List (v1.01) - do not use for Power Plus

LP1.pdf LP1.pdf
Size : 49.111 Kb
Type : pdf


Power Plus (v1.01): Only get read this in session

(This is an audited action)

PowerPlus.pdf PowerPlus.pdf
Size : 57.159 Kb
Type : pdf

ROUTINE 6 End-Words

The first solo audited level. This is a strange but interesting process which consists of finding a special type of word related to a current non-optimum condition, then finding the opposite word. An excellent process when you are at the right case level and trained to solo audit.

Routine 6 End Words (v1.30)

R6EW.pdf R6EW.pdf
Size : 148.159 Kb
Type : pdf


L6EW (v1.00): Correction List for R6EW

L6EW.pdf L6EW.pdf
Size : 59.546 Kb
Type : pdf

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