last updated 17 June 2011

LX lists should be handled in the sequence:

LX3 (v1.01) [attitudes] first

LX2 (v1.01) [emotions] second

LX1 (v1.01) [conditions] last

LX3.pdf LX3.pdf
Size : 11.644 Kb
Type : pdf
LX2.pdf LX2.pdf
Size : 11.413 Kb
Type : pdf
LX1.pdf LX1.pdf
Size : 11.223 Kb
Type : pdf


(v1.01) Modern repetitive prep-checking technique is fully written out on this form.

prepcheck.pdf prepcheck.pdf
Size : 17.569 Kb
Type : pdf


(v1.02) The End of Endless Int Repair Rundown is fully written out on this form. It is used to handle Int troubles on Pre-OTs as well as pcs who are not up to running a full NED Int Rundown.

EOEI.pdf EOEI.pdf
Size : 23.281 Kb
Type : pdf


(v1.01) The NED pre-assessment form

NEDpre.pdf NEDpre.pdf
Size : 21.554 Kb
Type : pdf

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