Personal Capacity Analysis (PCA)

This personality test is for use by Freezone practitioners and their clients only. Click here to read our legal disclaimer and copyright notice.

Please note, the results of this test can be quite evaluative for a client. Some clients may become offended or troubled by the result if not done under supervision. The practitioner may therefore prefer to have the client take the test in the practitioner's presence and then the practitioner pushes the "Done" button to read the result. The practitioner can then go over the result with the client at a later date in a formal setting where the result can be explained and  client's questions can be answered.

1. At the start of the test there are two preliminary questions that ask for the test person's gender and whether the test person is at least 18 or not. These questions need to be answered in order to get the results. They are followed by 210 questions which are generally very easy to answer. A fast reader who has done the test before can probably get through it in under 20 minutes, but other people may find that 40 or even 60 minutes are required.

2. When answering the questions, click one of the five columns next to each question:
The first column is marked "Y" and means definitely so, yes, or nearly always yes.
The second column is marked "+" and means mostly yes, yes more than no.
The third column is marked "M" and means maybe, don't know, unsure or sometimes yes and sometimes no.
The fourth column is marked "-" and means mostly no, no more than yes.
The fifth column is marked "N" and means definitely not, no or nearly always no.
You, the test person, should choose the option that most closely matches your experience.

3. If your answer to a question now is different to how you might have answered in the past, the present answer is what is wanted.

4. Some questions may seem not to apply to you, the test person. For example there is a question that concerns whether you plan to have a large family, which older people may consider does not apply to them. If you come across a question which apparently does not apply, answer it as if you were in a position where it did apply.

5. When you have finished the test, click the button marked "Done" towards the bottom of the page. Click it just once. The result will be calculated and soon be given.

6. If you wish to print a copy of the results page, do so immediately when you get there. The results are not stored anywhere and you will not be able to come back to your results later.

7. We do not ask for your email address or any other information by which you can be personally identified.

These instructions are repeated at the bottom of the test page. If you need to refer to these instructions again, scroll down to find them. Do not use your browser's "back button" to come back to this page as it is possible that you will lose any work you have completed!

When you've finished reading these instructions, clink this link to go to the test.


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