Personal Capacity Analysis (PCA)

This personality test is inspired by the Oxford Capacity Analysis, a test originally developed by an American psychologist in 1955, Julia Lewis-Salmen. The original name of it was, the American Personality Analysis. This test was refined by Ray Kemp and Tom Morgan, UK, in 1959 and 1973. They gave the British rendition the name Oxford Capacity Analysis. A very similar test is used by the U-Man Corporation, a recruiting and headhunting consulting firm with offices in many countries. Also, another consulting firm, Profil Silhuet, has been using this or a very similar test in recruitment consulting.  The PCA is similar to the OCA test and its variations used in business. But so are many other tests. It does not use identical questions to any of the above, and the marking scheme is not identical either. The software driving the test is entirely original. It is copyright (c) 2004 by Nick Warren, UK.

This test is intended for use by Freezone practitioners.
The test is not intended as any form of or aid to psychotherapy or recruitment. It is intended for use by Freezone practitioners and their clients only. Other persons who may happen to stumble upon this test and wish to take it anyway do so entirely of their own volition and at their own risk.

Persons under the age of 18 taking this test are advised to seek parental permission. Other persons who are easily upset are advised that, in some cases, the results may be seen by some as troubling. You may prefer not to take this test.

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